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This month's Giveaway is a paperback copy of the How We See It photo book featuring 33 female Google Plus photographers. Here are the rules to enter: 1. You must be a resident of the USA or Canada to be eligible 2. You must comment on my original post (plus ones only will not be entered)
3. Feel free to share this post, but link back to the original so that I can see who entered. #howweseeit

I will draw the winner of the book on Monday, May 14, 2012 at approximately 6 pm Eastern Time.

After two weeks this book has done extremely well raising over $175 for our charity the Thanks everyone for your support, and thanks to all the contributors for their wonderful images.
This book is a collaborative project of images from a group of 33 female photographers who are members of the social network, Google Plus.
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Wonderful pictures! I'd like to try for it. Hmmmm ...To duke or not to duke it out withe +Celeste Odono . That is the question :~)
Yeah. Put me in, please. :~)
I'm in, please! I just got 2 hardcover copies in the mail and they are so beautiful... I got them to give as gifts and want to keep a copy so much!
Please count me in as well. I'll be ordering 2 more but there is a dear friend who really wants a hard copy but can't afford it. I'd love to be able to present it to her.
Okay I'm in too. :) thanks Beth. 
Almost forgot about the giveaway this evening. Congrats to +linda stokes for being the winner of the paperback copy of the book. Linda, please drop me a message with your address, and I will get it in the mail this week. Thanks everyone for entering. To date 38 print and ebook copies have been sold, not including the 5 print copies and one ebook copy I purchased.
+linda stokes got your email and the book is sitting up at the front of the office waiting for the mailman to come and pick it up. Thanks everyone for entering.
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