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Even though my Mom has been gone for over 19 months now, I can sure relate to this article. My Mom was not the easiest person for me to deal with, and the conflict, and head-butting over matters is one thing I definitely do not miss in the slightest.
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I am much less demanding and critical of my daughter than my Mom was of me. I operate on the principal taught to me by my Dad (very much still alive) of unconditional love. Speak up where it is needed, but allow one to figure out there way in the World. My Mom operated on the principal of do what I say or else I will make your life miserable. Which she tried to do many times, but I usually ignored it and went about doing my own thing most of the time. Occasionally, she did have good advice.
Mine is the opposite problem - I find myself oftentimes wondering why I am too much like my Mom and resent that feeling. Because my Mom is pretty egocentric and I do not want to end up like every conversation becomes a tug-of-war with her..because part of me wants to listen for cues so I learn NOT to be like her..but part of me wants to sympathize with her...because I can relate. Mine is definitely a "love-hate" relationship and I am learning as I get older..that I have no choice but to call a truce....;-)
I have a daughter. This article struck home and provided some good ideas.
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