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Gather Witness Contact Info:

Your smartphone is an amazing tool in this situation. You could have witnesses text you their information. You can use your voice recording to get a statement also. However you do it, make sure you have a full name, physical address, and phone number for as many witnesses as possible.
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Collect as Much Evidence as Possible:

Take pictures with your smartphone, or ask another witness at the scene to do so if you don’t have yours with you. It’s easy to take pictures, and the more you have the better, so take as many as possible. Shoot a video and record your own narrative of how the accident happened. Consider recording a statement from a witness.

Make sure you have clear evidence of:
License plate numbers
Company markings on the vehicle
A picture of the driver’s license if possible
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Call the Police, But Be Mindful of What You Say:

Someone may do this for you. As you’re helping other accident victims, you can ask one to call the police also.

When you do talk to the police, avoid making any statements that may be misconstrued. The trucking company’s attorneys can twist your statements to make you look completely or partially responsible for the wreck and minimize, or eliminate, their own liability.

So, don’t say:
“I’m sorry for…”
“I didn’t see the truck.”
“It all happened so fast.”

Give the police the facts only. Be very clear and concise with your statements. The best response is almost always quick and to the point.
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Get Everyone to Safety:
The most important thing to do is check on all of the occupants in your car, especially if any of the occupants are children. Then, make sure you check on any other person(s) – including the semi-driver – involved in the crash. Only move other injured people if there is an imminent risk to their safety. You don’t want to move them because – if they have serious injuries – you could make them worse.
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This month we want to give you some helpful information on what you should do if you are involved in an accident with a semi-truck.
It sometimes feels like truck drivers don’t think they have to share the road with you, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, because they have so much weight and momentum, these large vehicles cause more severe injuries and vehicle damage than the typical accident.
What should you do to make sure you gather a fair settlement if you find yourself involved in a semi-truck accident? We’ll give you several tips to help you if you are ever in an unfortunate incident.
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Additional Mistakes That Workers Often Make in Workers’ Compensation Cases also Include:
Failing to meet vocational requirements such as seeking work that meets your work limitations. You must apply for work and interview with prospective employers if your doctors say you can return to work.
Not filing the right forms. You shouldn’t assume the employer will file the forms for you.
Not being prepared for the hearing. If there are hearings, you do need to understand how to prove the extent of your medical injuries, that you’re complying with the workers’ compensation requirements, and that your injury or illness was work-related.
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Seventh Mistake That Workers Often Make in Workers’ Compensation Cases:
Employers have the right to hire nurse case managers to monitor your medical recovery. It’s important to remember that these managers do work for the insurance company and are hired by them. There are limits on what nurse case managers can do. An experienced South Carolina work injury lawyer can explain these limitations.
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Sixth Mistake That Workers Often Make in Workers’ Compensation Cases:
If you don’t follow through with the doctor’s recommendations, the employer may try to terminate your benefits and cease paying your medical bills. Failure to follow the advice can hurt your recovery in addition to being used as a means to end your claim. An experienced South Carolina workers’ compensation lawyer will help arrange for you to get an independent medical opinion or to see other doctors if the treating doctor isn’t working to help you get better.
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Fifth Mistake That Workers Often Make in Workers’ Compensation Cases:
Tell the doctor everything that was affected by the incident. When you don’t disclose all of your injuries up front and instead choose to disclose them later, it can look like you’re trying to claim more workers’ compensation benefits than you’re entitled to.
That said, be sure to let your doctor know the full extent of your injuries and pain when you’ve suffered from a work-related injury. For instance, if you fell and hurt your leg but also experience pain in your arm, let your doctor know.
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