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Bert van Uitert
Technogeek. Law Student. Runner. New Dad!
Technogeek. Law Student. Runner. New Dad!

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This is Classic Jennings. Love it!
It was so fun making this! I hope you find it as entertaining as I did!

If you like it, please "Like it" and make sure to share it!

Just loaded Office for Mac 2011 SP2. Digging full screen Excel and PP.

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Miraculously, I actually covered some of these principles in Property earlier this semester.

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I was looking up synonyms for good. What is wrong here?

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This is one of the better ones. Wonderful

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A friend of mine wrote this awesome Android App! It was just released yesterday.

If you have an Android phone, or know someone who does, it would really help him get established if you would download either version of his app and then leave an honest feedback on the Android Market.

If you don't have a droid phone, you can still help by posting this link to your facebook status or by going to the link and clicking the "+1" google button.

NBA was supposed to start today. . . . . oh well
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