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What I run on my System76 Lemur.
Fedora is one of the largest Linux communities in the world. But it doesn't have quite the name recognition as Ubuntu. Even among many who know of Fedora, the distro has a reputation for being hard to use. Is this true, and if so, why do so many people continue using Fedora year after year?…
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This is quite the example of how we may want to approach closed source software.
What happens when you combine closed source software, a black box, and radioactive elements? Is it what you might expect? Read more in this interview!
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The more I use Android, the more it seems that doing anything involves connecting to an online account (with Google being the biggest of all). This is what I did about it.
Over the past several weeks, I made a big change to the way I use my Android phone. I decided to go Google-free. As it turns out, giving up Google is possible, and the experience isn't nearly as bad as you might think. This is a look at what I'm still able to do without relying…
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A good review of the Asus Chromebook Flip. I got mine today, and it's crazy how similar this thing is to the Chromebook Pixel. The two look and feel like siblings—one just happens to have cost under 1/4th the price!

So far I'm beyond happy with this machine. It's amazing how far things have come since the age of the netbook, and even the time of the Pixel's launch, where a laptop/tablet hybrid like this costs only $280.
Lately I've been on the hunt for a good dual-purpose device. Part tablet, part laptop...something I could grab first thing in the morning when I'm going through email and quickly add stuff to our todo list for AP, see what's going on in team chat, and other things of that nature. I've been doing most of that from my tablet and/or phone, but trying to do those things quickly is just cumbersome on those devices. 

Naturally, I've been considering a Surface Pro pretty heavily, but I just can't justify the price for something that's going to end up being a supplemental device that I don't actually need. The base model Surface was also intriguing, but if I'm going to get a Windows device, I want it to be something powerful and useful. 

While I'm still trying to figure out if a Surface Pro is a good fit for both work tablet and laptop, I picked up a Chromebook Flip. It can do basically exactly what I've been looking for, and it does it all for $280, which is a damn-sight cheaper than any model of Surface. 

I got the Flip yesterday, and I wanted to share some of my initial thoughts here. 

First off, I've been using a Chromebook (Acer Chromebook 13) as my main laptop for close to a year now, so I have my workflow and apps down in a Chrome-only environment. That's another reason the Flip made sense for me. 

What I didn't realize when I ordered the Flip is what a freakin' impressive little device it actually is. Right out of the box it's got a premium fit and finish - it feels like a high-end micro-laptop, not a "cheap Chromebook" like I was expecting. It easily feels better than my Chromebook 13, no question about it. 

From there, it keeps getting better, too. While only 1280x800, the display is surprisingly good; again, better than my CB13. Smaller, yes. And lower res, yes (my CB13 is 1920x1080), but it's so much easier on the eyes. The Acer is just washed out, where the Flip looks very good. Like most of the reviews out there said, when you use the Flip in tablet mode, it becomes clear that the res is a little low. Still, it's not a dealbreaker (to me, anyway). 

One thing I was worried about was the keyboard. I assumed that since this is basically a modern-day netbook, the keyboard would be trash. Nope, not at all - it's actually fantastic for such a small laptop! I can type on it basically at the same speed as my full-size desktop keyboard. Things have definitely come a long way since the days of the netbook. 

Anyway, here's the thing that I'm most impressed about with the Flip: performance. I'm absolutely baffled at how snappy this little thing is. Of course I opted for the 4GB model - you'd be crazy to get the 2GB model just to save $30. 

Compared to my Acer CB13, I'd say the Flip is actually faster, which I never expected. The processor seems to be pretty optimized for this kind of thing, where the Tegra in the CB13 kind of...isn't? Taking random looks at my system stats with Cog pretty much confirmed that for me, too. Basically, the processor seems to be more efficient at everything - it loads things quickly, and idles as soon as it's finished working. I don't often see that sort of reaction from my CB13, and it's running all the same stuff the Flip is at this point. They're both on dev channel, too. I like to live on the edge. 

So, as far as Chromebooks are concerned, I'm absolutely blown away by the Chromebook Flip. The build quality is crazy-good, display is very usable, it has a solid keyboard and trackpad, and the performance is surprisingly awesome. 

The real question is: is this the solution for my dual-purpose device? And for that, I don't yet have an answer since I just got it. I figure this little "experiment" will potentially give a handful of different results:

-I will love it and decide this can be used as a full-time tablet and laptop (not sure how likely that is, though).

-It will confirm that I do indeed want a Surface. 

-It will be a great supplemental device and I can spring for the new Dell Chromebook 13 once it's available - keep the Flip as my take-everywhere, super portable machine, and use the Dell as my main laptop. I really think this is the most likely option. 

-Maybe something else. Who knows. 

Overall though, I'm super happy with my purchase, and I think this is a great little Chromebook. If you've been thinking about buying one, just do it. Don't even think about it any more. 
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The longer I write about Android and use Chrome OS, the more wary I become about keeping all my eggs in my basket. Definitely keeping an eye on what +Bryan Lunduke is doing here.
Just to see if I can do it, I'm removing every trace of Google in my digital life. Easier said than done.
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+Jamaar DeBoise​ this article might interest you based on past conversations
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Help a fella out.
For sale: a mint condition Motorola DROID MAXX Developer Edition. It's only a few months old, always used with a screen protector. Comes in the original box with a free Incipio hard case. It's bootloader unlocked and rooted, but I can reverse this if you want. Works with Verizon or any international GSM carrier, though your mileage may vary for LTE support. 

$300 for a great device. I'd keep it, but I need some holiday cash. I'll ship anywhere in the continental US for free, or worldwide if you pay for shipping. PayPal only. 
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same question above
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This is one issue I would love to see more tech innovators try to solve.
Last month, Nest made quite a few people upset by announcing plans to brick their Revolv smart home hubs. The company no longer wanted to support the product, so it decided to pull the plug for good. Here's a great example of the risk that exists in using products that rely on remote services provided by untested companies.…
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See? These cables are Benson-approved.
+iOrange-E Official USB Type-C cables are on sale today with coupon codes. Thanks +Android Police!

#USBC   #USB   #TypeC  
Any USB Type C cable will fit into a compatible port, but that doesn't mean they're made equal. Googler Benson Leung (and here you thought the headline was... by Bertel King, Jr. in Accessories, Deals, News
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I guess?
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Hi Bertel, I am looking for writers for my site I wondered if you would be interested? and no this is not a scam lol I really am looking. thanks shane
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Want. All of it.
According to the EPA, the average electric bill for residences in the United States was $110.21 in 2013, which means households were spending over $1,300 a year on electricity. That really adds up. It also means there's a huge demand for fossil-fuel-based power providers, who in turn add a significant amount of pollutants to the environment.…
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Solar energy is pretty good, i hope someday the solar powered TVs, fridges, and cars are  widely used. 
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Sharing this video a co-worker made because 1) I agree, and 2) I couldn't agree more.
NEW VIDEO: Why are female nipples illegal?? will my nipple be in this video?? who knows?? #freethenipple
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When I read posts like this one by +Michael Crider, I know that I am in the presence of greatness.
Android Police presents a fictionalized account of the creation of the Verizon Ellipsis 8 tablet. Basking Ridge, New Jersey, November 5th, 2014 Verizon Wir... by Michael Crider in News, Verizon Wireless
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That....was simply sublime. Thank you for sharing fine sir. What a great read. Sadly its probably closer to the real world decision making at Big Red. Definitely why we stopped giving them our money. My partner decided we should go with TMO. At the very least their CEO gives us good laughs. LOL. Happy holiday weekend to you guys. 
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