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Millions of Americans oppose SOPA and PIPA because these bills would censor the Internet and slow economic growth in the U.S.. Two bills before Congress, known as the Protect IP Act (PIPA) in the Sena...
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Bert Pearce

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Jake Phoenix originally shared:
Find the cure.
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Bert Pearce

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Artist Dowling Duncan redesigns America's paper money, giving each note a different length & color and assigning meaningful imagery that relates to its value.
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Bert Pearce

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Oliver Seidel originally shared:
AMAZING art. 3.2 million ink dots {by Miguel Endara}
a must see.
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Bert Pearce

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Greg Santos originally shared:
Tahrir Square, Cairo 11/21/11
Christians protecting Muslims at prayer.
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Aaron G
Aren't the Coptic Christians the ones that keep getting the shit beat out of them? I'm not familiar with why these guys need protection, guess i havent watched enough of the news
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Bert Pearce

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The Verge originally shared:
As usual, xkcd nails it
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Bert Pearce

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Leodor Selenier originally shared:
:: Traditional Art
Xavier Collette

Once upon a time the story of a little boy born in a small kingdom, known in Belgium (or flat country, according to a local minstrel).
This little guy was a feature, he loved creating imaginary worlds and escape through stories filled with strange creatures, and he liked, above all, take his pencil, his pen, the pen, indeed, any what went through his hand to draw and scribble.

Growing up, the line became more precise, and some people thought it was pretty good, to give life to these characters. He drew everywhere, on his school notebooks, tablecloths of the restaurant, nothing was spared. Then, over the years, although this need was always there, he gave up his passion to “learn”. Stories of sine, cosine, natural logarithms, the theorems of Pythagoras, Thales, the rule of the Hospital … all those words scary, haunting the minds of students hating math, pleased him.
A course that took him to the edge enginering studies …

Official Site:
Meet +Xavier Collette at Google+

Special Thanks to +sarin nhek for guiding my eye’s on these magnificent art by Xavier Collette! {hug}

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Bert Pearce

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Great visual. Looks like we need to lower the "family spending" and add new jobs to the income AND increase the workload of the current main "family income", aka taxes. Cutting spending is good, but doesn't pay off the credit card any faster.
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The thing that seems rather clear to me is that we need to increase the family income. And we do that by increasing the tax revenue. And coincidentally, in the real world, if they would increase revenues, then real families would have increased income. Seems like a no brainer. It's clearly a parallel.
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Bert Pearce

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Werner Getzmann originally shared:
Geklaut auf Facebook von +Arnaud SADOWSKI
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love those photos got those in an email once.
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Bert Pearce

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Funny Pictures & Videos originally shared:
I have no idea who created this image. But good grief, it's powerful............
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Bert Pearce

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Geoff Lehr originally shared:
I think I need to start worshiping Randall Monroe
Permanent link to this comic: Image URL (for hotlinking/embedding): Search comic titles and transcripts: RSS Feed - Atom Feed. Comics I enj...
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Right!? It's such an amazing visualization. I was particularly blown away by the wage worker vs. CEO then an now comparison.
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Bert Pearce

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Just got a tracking number for my copy of @JustinUtley's new album "Nothing This Real"! Check him out at!
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