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In the near future, everyone can have her own TV broadcast. Amazing!

Hawaii blogger Ryan Ozawa describes his experiences with broadcasting live.
Meerkat App Review: Ludicrously Easy Livestreaming
I'm falling in love with the new Meerkat app, which combines the instant and social strengths of Twitter with the wide potential of live video. Though the implications for breaking news are compelling, Meerkat makes livestreaming so easy, you're just as likely to see and share everyday moments.
#meerkat   #livestreaming   #ios   #apps  
Yesterday, I streamed live video of my drive home from work while a dozen or so people watched. It was pretty mundane, while at the same time, pretty remarkable. I was checking out a new app for iO...
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Bert Kimura

Announcements  - 
For Week 6 (Feb 17), reply to this post with a link to the blog post for which you have submitted comments relating to technology and data tracking for personal health benefits.

For detail, see the course web site:
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Bert Kimura

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For your info. Our 647E class is designed along the principles described in this thoughtful article written by a fellow graduate student at Stanford.
How we should be using technology to help students learn:
8 solid, actionable tips for using tech in ways that actually improve the classroom.
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Bert Kimura

MOOC Experience  - 
MOOC WATCH! Post a comment indicating which MOOC you will be observing or participating in for 8 weeks. First-to-post has the rights to observe the designated MOOC. Include the MOOC TITLE and homepage URL in your comment.
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I will be participating in two MOOC courses: 

Intro to Point-and-Click App Development by Udacity
(4 weeks - 6hrs/week - at user's pace)

Reconciliation through Indigenous Education by University of British Columbia 
(6 weeks - 2hrs/week - Starts Jan. 27th)
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Bert Kimura

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It IS cold in Hawaii!
Hawaii breaks 122-year-old record for cold temperature. Tourists seen ordering Mai Tais with no ice. LOL
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Bert Kimura

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A very important step taken by the Gates Foundation in leading the way to make academic research free and open. Publishers of academic journals have stolen the rights from authors, like myself, who published papers before the Internet even existed. Such papers, if available online, may be downloaded today for $30-40 USD.

Academic research contributes significantly to societal knowledge. It serves as the foundation for new research that ultimately leads to new products and technologies such as MRI, synthetic polymers, and food preservation. The fact that much of the research is publicly funded by national agencies speaks strongly to the value of such research to society. 
All research that the foundation funds will soon have to be free for everyone.
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Bert Kimura

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Nature has existed for billions of years and diversity is a key factor. The principles of diversity may be a key to the survival of corporations, cities and communities alike.
A rare and touching discovery off the coast of Panama: an infant member of a newly-identified sloth species that has evolved in isolation for almost 9,000 years. A #SlothNamedVelcro airs on Wednesday, Nov. 5 on NATURE.
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Bert Kimura

Discussion  - 
As we are talking about Makerspaces this week, here's a perspective from Dr. Jackie Gerstein regarding some thoughts are maker education activities.
This coming summer I am getting the opportunity to teach a maker education camp for three weeks, half-days at a local elementary school.  The descriptions for the three one-week workshops are: Circ...
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Bert Kimura

Announcements  - 
Billy Meinke showed me The Noun Project, a cool collection of icons available for use under Creative Commons licensing (author attribution). The icons may be useful for your multimedia artifacts or as visual cues incorporated into your case studies.

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Bert Kimura

Class Blog Schedule  - 
Post a comment regarding your preferred five (5) publishing dates for your individual contributions to the class blog. Drafts are due on the following dates:
Week 3 - Feb 2
Week 4 - Feb 9
Week 5 - Feb 16
Week 6 - Feb 23
Week 7 - Mar 2
Week 8 - Mar 9
Week 9 - Mar 16
Week 10 - Mar 30
Week 11 - Apr 6
Week 12 - Apr 13
Week 13 - Apr 20
Week 14 - Apr 27
Week 15 - May 4

For details, see the Week 2 topics page. Dates will be assigned on a first-to-post basis and a schedule for the semester announced on Jan 28.
This week we explore and experience learning in terms of the shift from students as consumers to students as creators. Creativity, such as user remixed videos, blogs, websites and other multimedia ...
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Got it, mahalo!
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Bert Kimura

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Produced in Japan with typical Japanese precision and use of new technologies.
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💛 姿 :D
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