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I have to say that I think this new four column layout is rather busy. Also, the amount of whitespace in the bar to the right of here is rather jarring and takes away from me seeing the content. Shame really.
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I had no idea what anyone was talking about until I maximized my browser, haha.
I read that comment...then I I'm like wahhhhhhhh o_o
Wonder what they'll do with mobile UI ... and I'll check out this new desktop UI.
They said they were going to use the whitespace for future features. I agree with you, though. There's too much and it should have been tweaked until they needed it. Overall, I like the design. But it needs a little refinement.
yeah i like some of it, but it's weird that its so ... empty
It seems like it has a lot less whitespace than the old view actually... messages are off to the side and there's no central focus or viewpoint, just a bunch of randomly-dropped gadgets. :/

...we are about to turn into Facebook: "Oh no they changed the layout now it sucks :c "
I honestly think there are a bunch of modifications they could make that would make it better. I honestly liked it much better when the post was the center point of view because it just felt better for reading longer posts. Seems like they want to discourage that now.

As for this turning into Facebook "I hate this change", I don't think that is going to happen. I think the Google engineers need to test and play around with different ideas to find one that best fits their brand and what they are trying to convey.

I don't think this is necessarily it, but I could be wrong :-)
I agree, now it feels like they're trying to put the focus on links to spam your friends with invites, rather than focusing on the actual content actually being posted. The layout is so awkward now :(
on my laptop at least, the white space ain't bad (1280x768). Though I don't think the actual content isn't being focused per say. My reasoning is because from what I saw earlier on my 1920x1080 screen, it just shifted to the left since I'm used to seeing it on the center. Quite possibly though, I suppose I would think it a bit odd to see lots of white space unused if I was a first time G+ user. I just reacted earlier cause it seemed appropriate at the time xD
I will admit, the #usesforwhitespace are getting pretty funny. Maybe Google engineers will take the hint?
So finally checked out this new desktop change. The whitespace doesn't bother me, but I'd rather the "content" be on the right and "buddy list" on the left. Scrolling my "content" on the left while trying to find the stupid scroll bar on the far right hurts my brain. :p
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