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39d 19h 12m 2s, its funny how things change... used to be up times in years, showed you were serious... today when I noticed a service that was 39 days running, i knew that meant it was at least 5 releases behind.... #nodejs   #aws  #releaseManagement

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#nodejs   My mom has been telling me for years listen... finally it pays.... massive cut in #aws  bill by using subscribe and keeping local data in node with #redis ... might as well do it for #consul  too.

#iamsocial   #rantsunday #jenkins I need mysql_config_editor, which means mysql5.6, which is in my cbs.Dockerfile that is FROM: jenkins, on my 4th google search (reading top 5) i find something worthy of c/p....

Bang, working... and I auto accidentally went jenkins 2.0, which 2.0 is so 2005 but selling UI improvements, I have gone win98... softer pastel, ftw

#1 why are the arrows the are supposed to be quick nav impossible to click at high speed, lets start with like 8x bigger.

#2 if i am looking at jenkins, its because something is broken, why am I 12 clicks deep to see the console log, lets see the last 50 lines...

#3 changes seems critical too, why not, just for free, on the homepage... maybe the slackbot link wouldnt be so disappointing.

nawp, 8 links to permanently remember that this bad day happened.

at least #ChuckNorris is keeping it real.

#nodejs   #php   Thu Apr 25 02:21:04 2013 -0600, we started the journey replacing our PHP solutions build form 1999-2009.... today we migrated the last of our PHP clients to our new solution and turned down our PHP environments... RIP PHP, now #flash  just needs to die, and we will be in the 2005 i imagined. ;)

#formula1   #hybridera  The goal of 5 seconds a lap fasters isnt the right goal; this year the cars are 3 seconds faster and that has had no major impact on the racing.

Instead of looking at the single lap time, it is the race time that needs to be looked at. If the race times are longer, the cars on average are going slower, then the drivers are not on the limits; and not close to making mistakes. Errors at that level are what separate the men from the boys.

If you want a better show, make the average lap much faster and add laps to the race. Pushing the cars harder and adding laps will add drama with more failures, more strategy, more pit stops. Lets aim for a race distance of 400km (instead of the current 300). What fan would complain getting to see 33% more race. You need refueling.

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F1 cars more efficient then modern electric cars, mostly because of how the electricity is generated. Just another reason to love F1; green can be awesome.

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3 cool things I found this weekend:

1) npm couchbase - as a replacement for memcache/redis AND mysql? #couchbase #json 
2) iron-node: console.log.bind fails, but apply works, and reducing memory footprint.  #javascript #node
3) mysql_config_editor and mysql --login-path to make "mysql: [Warning] Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure" go away. #mysql 

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As soon as someone hacks this thing so I can drive, i have found my new ride...

npm install -g updtr && updtr - was a nice find yesterday, instead of fumbling around with npm outdated |awk |grep|awk|grep|sed | npm i blah@superversion.

quickly check which things can be upgraded and which break.

#node #nodejs #npm
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