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FIR listeners who are disappointed with iTunes occasionally forgetting an FIR episode might want to try the TuneIn radio app. Simply searching "For Immediate Release" delivers the current show and the option to download many others. However, I haven't been able to use this option to see much more than the main show.
Search results for for immediate release - listen online to music and talk radio.
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Hi Bernie. Another option that works well for me is Google Listen. I've used it for quite a while, and it rarely fails on me.
I keep Listen subscriptions inside a Google Reader folder so I have a way of reconstructing a list of subscriptions. I was surprised to see FIR on TuneIn because that service is normally associated with radio stations.
My Android podcast app -- BeyondPod -- has a Google Listen category. I easily update all my Listen podcasts at once. Very nice!
I think it's important to let people know it's often more efficient to use an app that has evolved long after iTunes was invented. I think dozens of FIR listeners could share stories about how they stay up to date with FIR by using listening apps that work better than syncing with iTunes.
I have been using the "Podcasts" app within iOS 6, mostly so that I am acquainted with its quirks. It has worked okay.
I mentioned this in my audio comment last week, but I downloaded and having been using the Pocket Casts app (http://pocketcasts.com/) to listen to podcasts. I love it! I found the native "Podcasts" app waaaay too buggy to be useful.
Some of the highlights of Pocket Casts:
1) It sends me notifications when new episodes are available
2) I can choose to download and/or stream podcasts when off WiFi
3) I can play different podcasts at differing playback speeds (I'm used to Shel and Neville at 2.0x speed, for example!)
4) I can search for and subscribe to new podcasts

The app is available both for iOS and Android
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