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I watched two people on my Twitter timeline react somberly when they realised what losing the flight following screen trace of #4u9525  meant for their family. Then I read 50 pages of Professional Pilot Rumor Network threads as cockpit voice recordings started to suggest a deeply unfortunate twist in the tragedy. There are many lessons for communicators to learn from the loss of the Germanwings flight. But I wonder how many in the FIR Podcast Community would consider monitoring the establishment of bogus social media accounts bearing the names of the aircrew members. Within a day of the mishap, two Facebook pages popped up purporting to be written by the copilot. Lufthansa did not seem ready to counter that eventuality. Lesson learned at this end.
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It's gale force rain when +Tom Murphy lands in Ireland for a bereavement. Tom is a first generation FIR Podcast Listener who deserves the sympathy of the FIR Podcast Community.
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I grew up steampunk and that's one reason why we grind our beans and head to the compost bin after coffee breaks. I hadn't considered the CSR dimension concerning office coffee docks until I dove into #killthekcup. The Vimeo video by Charles Wahl  is entertaining and made me think about the convenience of pods. 
K-Cups are accumulating in landfills at alarming rates.
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When I return to the States, I'm alarmed at how easy it is to slip into "awesome" and to adopt "so" as the syntax replacing the er-em pause.
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Bernie Goldbach

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I imagine +Dan York has a bird's eye view of how domains for .app, .cloud, .search and .dev are evolving.
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Missed this one, Bernie... to be honest, I haven't been paying as much attention to the "closed domains" issue.  Quite honestly, I think there are so many domains now... and will be even more in the time ahead... that if some of them are "closed" to only a company, well, I'm not entirely sure that matters.  We'll have to see if all of these new TLDs really are used by people.
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Digging around in IFTTT to find the recipes +Ruth Arnold used to circumvent the Audioboom login wall when sharing audio clips.
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IFTTT has a good cross-section of recipes for repurposing Audioboom.
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In case you missed it, new users of are "unlimited listening with a free account". The choice of those words are important, especially for those who crave either the record button or the ramblyboo genre.
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Although the testing could have been to make sure things could be removed from existing feeds..... like a certain podcast ;)
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I spotted a very sweet method from +Ryan Barrett aka @snarfed on GitHub at -- it extracts audio from YouTube or Vimeo for Huffduffer.
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As a long-time listener of @FIRpodcast, I am waiting for the "Oreo" category to appear in this G+ Community. As the faithful podgregation knows, good communicators have bags of tricks emerging from best practise with Oreos in the dark. For now, I'll file a very relevant contribution under the "Discussion" tab.
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I really like what Vince Vaughn and friends are doing to traditionally campy and cheesy photos. For the next three weeks you can snag them for editorial use too.
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I've used them all on my blog this week:
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I wonder if anyone has noticed Soundcloud, Stitcher or Audioboom gathering print journos as audio channels. The Irish Times is jumping feet first into online radio. In the US, the supply of talk radio is dwindling in local markets. The Boston Herald has been using its radio station since late 2013 and when news now breaks, Boston Herald reporters try to get it on the radio first before posting it online or to social media.
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Bernie Goldbach

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Pointing out to friends that the Dropbox filled with #febooary  audio prompts can be reached at
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After +Ernmander shared his test count, I started thinking about what it was like working on the moon. For you earthlings, there is no air on the moon, so that means sound cannot travel above the surface. When I banged my finger with the moon hammer, nobody could hear me scream. If I ever wanted to talk to Ernie when walking about on the Moon’s surface, I would need to use the radios in my air-filled helmet. So that lunar test count of Ernie's was very valuable--you needed to execute a test count before each lunar walkabout. 
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+Bernie Goldbach I love your insight 
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We visit the Woodland Villas in Parknasilla every three years. That's not frequent enough. Our 6yo wants to return for swimming, kayaking and hulu hoop lessons before the end of the summer.
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The Trustev team knows who you are and who is on the other side of the screen (or the counter) better than you can figure out yourself. And added plus: their espresso coffee pods are brilliant.
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Our 5yo wanted to adopt a rabbit and our 2yo wanted to take home a goat. They had more fun in Glendeer Pet Farm than they do in Fota Wildlife Park, primarily because of the hands-on time they got with small furry friends.
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We have held several office parties in the restaurant downstairs, enjoying excellent service from courteous and efficient staff. Pizza for lunch is a good bargain and during the summer, you might get it served outside on the cobbled area in front of the hotel. The most charming spaces are inside, including comfy leather chairs in the pub area and seats for couples along the wall of the restaurant. I wish we could bring a baby stroller into the restaurant but the stairwell makes it impossible.
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We enjoyed the grounds and the spacious surroundings kept the kids occupied while six adults ate and drank in Jack's Bistro. The Innovation Centre downstairs is well-engineered with soundproofing, data connections and creative spaces. Although I enjoyed the service standard and the quality of pasta in the bistro, the rest of my family thought the portions should have been larger. That said, we're going back for a longer walkabout some weekend during the winter.
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Our two kids enjoyed their two hours and liked the outdoor garden on the roof the best. Some of the hands-on demonstration areas weren't working so our 5yo missed out as a TV presenter and as a castle maiden on stage. She also wanted to ride in the Audi but couldn't wade in among all the enthusiastic boys with the same idea. It's less expensive to eat in one of the cafes outside than inside the venue so we came a half hour early to do that. I read the comments in the reception book before entering the space and learned about some of the snags that might exist. During our visit, things went well. We'll return for another two hour (exhausting) session and with the cousins next time.
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