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Barcelona - Magic fountain during the day.
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And the last of the clean up spheres - a view from Montjuic castle in Barcelona
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And lets not forget the #casabatllo in #Barcelona . Another sphere that should be out there - not hidden away on my computer.
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Here is a photosphere of an abandoned space station I did on my last trip to space with the "Mandelbulb 3D Space Program"

#mandelbulb3d +Mandelbulb Fractals #digitalart #photosphere +PhotoSphere Galerie
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+Bernd Kronmueller Not sure who or what happened but i sent you a invite to the Photosphere community  You are not showing up as a member in the members list.
Please we would like to see your work again.
Im perplexed on how you were banned since your name doesn't show up in that list either
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Hmm, I have tried the 'straight lines' projection for a courtyard panorama in Cologne. I guess the problem was the raw material. The panorama was done handheld so not really straight to begin with. But it gives a new perspective.
Thanks to +Markus Matern for confirming that I was on the right way.
I loaded the equirectangular image into PTGui and aligned it in a way that one side of the courtyard was (more or less) exactly in the middle of the panorama editor.
Than I changed the projection type to rectangular and set the horizontal field of view to 90 degrees.
This way I created my first image and then I increased in the 'image parameters' tab the yaw value by 90 degrees for the next 3 images.
The resulting images were then just put together next to each other to get this result.
Not perfect in my case but I will try and work on better raw material first.
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I think the result is quite nice! :-)
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First try of a #photosphere   with a home made 3m pole - well when I say home made I mean a extendible paint brush pole with a nodal adapter on top .
This is the small airport and the aviation museum at Caernarfon airport in #northwales  
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Nice one -  and thinking about it - I quite often lug one of those little ones around with me - this way they would actually be useful - hmmm - need to think about it.
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Bernd Kronmueller

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Forgot one - at the top of the stairs of the magic fountain just in front of the museum of arts of Catalonia. Everybody was waiting for the sun to go down and the light show at the fountains to start. Something you should not miss if you are there.
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And lets not forget the not very well know Arxiu Historic de la Ciutat de Barcelona - doesn't get that many visitors because most are just passing by to get to the cathedral.
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Has it been one year already? Yes, last Easter holidays we went to #Barcelona and there are still photospheres unfinished and unpublished - disgraceful!!
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Couple of weeks ago we had some proper fog hanging over the Menai Strait. This is quite rare because that means there was hardly any wind and the fog lasted for nearly half the day.
So here a picture of the Menai bridge being swallowed by the fog.

#monochromemonday +Monochrome Monday +Monochrome World +Leading Lines Monday #leadinglinesmonday +Moody Monday #moodymonday
#metallicmonday +#MetallicMonday 
(sorry for not mentioning the curators but I need to rush out)
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Very nice!  
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Panoramic photographer and log file analyzer
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It is me, the one living in north Wales, trying to take some pictures and making them into panoramas.
Well, that is what I would like to do for a living but really I am looking through masses of log data to find errors. Now if that isn't interesting I don't know ;-}
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Live in North Wales and like it (most of the time except for the second part of 2012 because of the weather)
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