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First part of a series dedicated to the current state and possible future of the Vocabulary Commons. Feedback welcome from all gardeners and stakeholders lurking here ...
The philosophy of LOV in a nutshell is the Philosophy of the Commons. This is actually consubstantial with the Semantic Web, and with the Web, and before the Web to the whole history of human knowledg...
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I'm very interested in the following-up post ;-)
Hi +Bo Ferri No surprise ... and maybe you are wondering if you will be quoted among the (good) LOV Commons gardeners ... In any case I will look forward for your feedback!
+Bernard Vatant well I don't think so, since the majority of the ontologies where I am a co-author are lacking a bit of the "community support" and utilisation in datasets (since they are not backed by a big funding project or other similar things to raise huge attention ;) ).
Point taken, but I'm not sure things are that simple and that big money is the only key to popularity and re-use. Anyway it figures we will need another post in the series to investigate the reasons of re-use.
of course not, however, sometimes I have the feeling that people start re-using the wrong thing ... ;)
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