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Trump will do worse and worse til he's reined in.

Don't think of right-wingers as working for change.
The entire right-wing world-view is about punishment.
They don't want to implement actual solutions: the want to displace bad consequences onto those who they don't like.

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Think of how right-wingers used problems with immigration and border legislation as excuse to abuse children.
As our society moves into a period of ever more serious problems and ever more dire situations ... do you really want right-wingers and Emperor Orange running the show?

Where are conservatives? get them speaking!
Where are red-necks? get them kicking cracKKKer ass!
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Ever notice the toxic sneer that's so typical of right-wing zealots' comments online? (Maybe you never have. Maybe you're one of those who think it's a dandy good thing to just ignore most of material reality, while ignoring most everybody who doesn't please you, paying attention to only what is fun or pleasant or profitable.)
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Do borders need to be secure? of course.
Donald Trump says that Democrats are treasonous. They are traitors who value gang members and cartel operatives more than US citizens.
Donald Trump is a traitor. Right-wing zealots who celebrate his slander are traitors.

And meanwhile yuppie-types who have forever sucked up to bullies and villains and psychopaths just mew mew mew ... because they have destroyed themselves as persons, from decades of willful ignorance, daily perjurty and petty corruption.
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According to Donald Trump, American citizens who side with the Democratic Party are treasonous saboteurs who want gang members and cartel goons to cross into unhindered into the USA.
Right-wingers who celebrate the Orange Pig are not fascists? how do you figure?

According to Donald Trump, blood-drenched head of the Russian mafia and kleptocracy Vladimir Putin is a fine fellow who just wants to be a friend to AmeriKKKa.
Right-wing zealots, white supremacists, neo-nazis ... not fascists? I think you're missing something important.
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$22 for avacado on toast with crumbled feta ... and $4 for coffee.
You think I've been kidding about yuppies?
Yuppies ignore bullies. You ignore yuppies. And now right-wingers take over.

Would I be so far out of line to call you bitches?
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What everybody has always ignored, from fear. Or greed.
Bullies treat people like dogs, or lower. Psychopaths like Trump use people as objects, tools to get whatever they want.
When Trump is abusive, the right-wing zealots who make up his cult ... they cheer. They celebrate him.
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How truly malign are right-wingers and [R]epublicans?
US Senate had written and passed a comprehensive immigrant plan.
Speaker [R] Paul Ryan blocked it from the floor of Congress.
Watch: Emperor Orange will continue shrieking that it's all Dems' fault. And zealous members of his right-wing cult will continue shrieking that Democrats are communists and traitors.
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How really sick are right-wingers? They again cheer when Trump says child abuse is due to Dems' legislation. They again celebrate when Trump describes the kids abduction as a visit to a summer camp.
Meanwhile MeLaNia "My husband is Vulgar Bully in Chief" Trump is mew mew mew mew will be re-united real soon now.

And "good" people have for decades been practicing how to eat shit. Soooooooo nice they are.
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How foul are right-wingers? In big capital letters on the back of Mrs. President's coat:

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