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#HeadsUp - #Trump campaign is SPAM-bombing the universe ... begging for money.
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I've often wondered about the capacity of @CharlieRose.
I miss Tom Snyder.
Security is about not losing. Not Trump-style "winning".

I come back to the fact that I'm 62. And have been defeated (by you) every step of the way.

I miss Tom Snyder.
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Quasi-KKK men with assault rifles on the street love Trump.
Crypto-fascists in uniform love Trump.
Uncle Sam has gone psycho.
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I can understand better now why people take up hobbies / vocations that take up all their time, engaging them entirely with something that draws them away from society in general.

For decades I've tried the opposite. Bummer. No, not "life". Life is not a bummer. You. You are a bummer. Collectively. And you. You are bummers, individually.
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I don't have to imagine what fortunes I might have made with some mythical success.
I was there. I pushed your society and culture away.
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As I have said FOR DECADES:
You think you're clever and precious when you ignore bullies.
You helped them. They're here. Right now.

As usual, you would condemn/reject if I wrote what cracKKKers think.
Fuck Dems. Fuck Libs. Fuck yuppies. Fuck Catholics and Jews. Fuck these and those and them ...

Can you not even add 2+2?
But I'm wrong for being apoplectic every day. (There. You had an honest thought: I'm wrong cuz I upset you. And I'm wrong about fucking yuppies? Gee golly: fucking yuppies say I'm wrong to say "fucking yuppies" about fucking yuppies. Hilarious / tragic.)
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What bums me out? after all these years (decades) of some folk talking good sense ...
It's very as though you have shit for brains.
Do tell.
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Have him in circles
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My god but yuppie Dems are lame.
"Changing hearts and minds" sez Clinton.
How about "Restore faith in civil society and government"?
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#Liberalism - Since I was a little kid I chastised you for just ignoring bullies and their buddies.
Now we have Trump. And his buddies.
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In the #Reconquista, why Jews felt the need to flee from the advancing Christian armies?
Seems Christians and Muslims have been both blood-thirsty.
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#Syria - Al Nusra name change / split from Al Q'.
Change in direction? orientation?
Could be game-changer. Hope hope!
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What part of liberal democracy says "We don't care you're offended/pissed off, we're going to do X anyhow."
Rejected, feelings boil over.

For example, you've been depressing me for almost 5 decades now. Of course that colours my work but it has //never// been reason/excuse for me tossing in the towel. But "boil over"? as anybody who reads my writing (Real f'in likely!) would know: bitter resentment erupts. Not "You're ignoring me!" but rather, "As you destroy our community, our society, our civilization and even our planet, you deafen your ears!"

In any case the only reason personality politics have taken over (to the great advantage of the psychopaths who are pulling the strings) is that folk feel that they are not being listened to. So they celebrate anyone who actually spews their shiet.

"More policy; less personality" might be my motto, but underlying that is "To validate a person's feelings and to promote subjective narrative".

Yes, what you feel matters. No, what you feel is not a great basis for policy decisions.
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How foul are craKKKers?
Trump supporters spread tainted meat: they would lie and distort about Putin and Russian capabilities.
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My name is Bernard ... and yes, that's French, so please do call me ben.

CMC since '72; compulsively tech_doc
@ITGeek | @bentrem
Bragging rights
'68 was on the bus, playing bass w/home-built Fender Bassman; driving motorcyle, running ham shack, smoking ... cigarettes (Export A green!) 14 was a good age!
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