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... talking integrity to greedy cowards. Yoiks ... quite a challenge!

Syria, Mali... on and on.
A building is on fire. There are children inside. What do we do?
#LiberalDemocracy and not #Greed.

"Jobs being created, and they all require more skill." --ThomasFriedman (@tomfriedman)
Ok, Disruption.
But what are those new jobs creating?! My yuppie cohort will finance the construction of #GlobalGulag with their unreasonable appetite for luxury goods. (Primo pet food ... disgusting!)
#Injustice #Inequity
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A pretty big step towards #GlobalGulag: manufacturing? sure: hand assembling hi-end luxury watches, and hi-end luxury leather goods.
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Finally! The sort of air-strike I've been waiting and hoping for:
Da'esh convoy caught out in the open; 150-200 vehicles destroyed as they attempted to flee Fallujah.

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Sophistry: "I don't know who I am."
Authenticity: "I had a glimpse of who I was, and invested in exploring that."
Sophist: Kill this one.

I'm not saying you're going to go to hell.
There's no way the hell you imagine exists.
If there was? yaaa, you should end up there.

p.s. What "funny"? you'd never ask.
Guess who trained in "end of life" stuff. Yup.
When reality makes itself //clear// ... and at the end we'll both agree that reality is a biatch ... guess who'll be asking if you want a life chip. or if you want the channel changed ... or your pillow raised.
Been there. I remember.

Imagine this: you've been shitty persons for decades. And when it comes to the plane of final combat?
I ain't selling hot-dogs. Never will.

Lemme adjust your hat. So the light isn't in your eyes. Since you're about to go blind. And then lose the ability to breath.
Here ... lemme adjust your hat.
Relax. You're already suffered. (That's the Zen part of it: empathy/solidarity.) And you've already lived what we all of us agre is your life.

Now? Well ... now it gets real simiple.
If you get thirsty ... and want water ... you can't do that anymore. If you're still here pretty well, you'll let someone know.
If that person understands empathy ... which you have never done. (See what I mean about "Judge, but don't condemn"? someone askes for fucking water you give them fucking water. Disagree? C'mere ... I have a statement to make.)

Can't reach for water is pretty much primitive. Things starts sinking in.
Piss pants? shit pants? bla-blah, bad weekend.
Can't reach for water when parched? Ah ... existentional. Phenomenal. Primitive. Primordial.

At that moment? Life opens itself.
And we see what we pissed on. We see what we shit on. We see what we turned away from.

That's bad news? oh? heh
You have a profound view of comprehensive wisdom ... and that's somehow good news?

How's this: you are stabbed in the heart and there you are going on with "Wow, that 'stabbed in the heart' shit really sucks."
Who got stabbed? Who thought it sucked?

Simply this: you're pissed drunk on the alcohol of sophistry and //most of you// are alcoholics.

Oh gee. Breaking news: fucked up people will perpetuate the culture of injustice.
Oh. Ohhh. Ohhh stung! Stung to the heart!

fuckin' yuppie kidz
join the human rice some time. it's called history
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We can make sense of life.
You don't care to.
You really are /that/ fucked.

Ghastly, sharing a planet with you
Even w/o reference to social justice.

How come yuppies have shit for brains? how come cracKKKers have shit for brains?
You make up some excuse (attacking me, for example ... that's easy) in order to dodge the question. Which is what you do. If it isn't "silly and trivial" it's "OMFG who the hell can answer that?!! Cuz that's what you do: evade / avoid / escape. Cuz you have no confidence. Cuz you have no reasonable self-esteem. Red-neck short-form: you have shit for brains.

So you every hour of every day of etc etc etc for the whole of your life evade important questions.
While you piss in my face. Cuz I actually drill down into that stuff.
Cuz somehow I ended up with something other than shit, for brains.

So I wonder: how come my neighbors have shit for brains? they're fucking other neighbors' lives. they're fucking their own lives. they're fucking the city's life ... and the county ... and the state/province ... and the nation ... and the whole fucking world. And they have no cue because /drum roll now, please and thank you/ they succeed in escape/avoid/evade. And why do they do that? see above, dumb-ass.
Punchline? you fuck my life. I look into that. And instead of being cracKKKer yuppie, I actually make sense of things.

No escape. (That's an in-joke; ask me about it, please do.) No avoid. (Quite the opposite. That is the Queen's essence of infantry: no avoid.) And no evade. Fuck no! how the hell is a good person going to do reality-testing if s/he is in "evade" mode?!!

You didn't notice, did you.
"Do reality testing" ... you don't. You check the plausibility of your FUCKING FOUL BULLSHIT and then carry on kissing ass / sucking up.
So again: how come you got shit for brains?

Long/short: fear of threat ... and hope of promise.

Confusion => passion / aggression | desire / revulsion.

We can make sense of life.
You don't care to.
You're /that/ fucked.

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Language works pretty well.
Not brave. Not courageous. Not heroic. Makes sense, right?
Cowardly. No ... not synonymous. Different.

I don't much talk about what I find when I push people's buttons. I don't talk about that stuff much at all.
I go over the top because that way what I say is less hurtful. Truth is far more hurtful and over the top spew. Wrapping truth in spew is a way of getting the idea out there without hurting individuals.
When I talk about how my yuppie cohort are greedy and grasping, opportunistic careerists ... that fits not many persons very well. And those who it fits? it's vague enough that even they can just blow it off. And that's what yuppies do ... even when the sophistry doesn't fit them perfectly: deny. That's their knack: the more true something is, the more they will be engaged ... in their denial ... plausible and not so plausible ... terrified of reality, which is their root misery.

You can't tell someone who's terrified of reality that they're terrified of reality. Because that would just become yet more terrified.
Ironic? not sure ... something like.
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#SharedKnowledge - What's the referent to "ureasonable". Normally, anybody can have wrong "facts". Unreasonable? clinging to false facts.

I have never ever before been so broken. I've been in worse shape, I've for sure felt worse than I feel now, but ...

Is it unreasonable for me to say that it's hopeless? that you're going to dismiss discourse in favor of sugar-candy popcorn? Is that actually false?
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"Economies grow best when everyone has a chance to succeed." --PotUS
What I've seen: cynics and careerists alike sand-bagging others.

Why I never talk about liberal democracy? because those who people my world are more like bots than like responsible persons living civil lives.

I should be ostracized because I'm so bitter? How's this: as with nearly all decisions and concepts, you figure what you want (to blow me off, or fuck me over) and then contrive some plausible argument.
You //don't// live by reason and logic. You //aren't// reasonable.

How much do you spend on pet food and cosmetics? how much do you squander killing yourself with the convenience of junk food?
I don't see reasonable people doing their best. I never have.
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"We've got to stand up against slander and hatred." --PotUS
My #1 point: you indulge bullies (sociopaths) and go along with psychopaths ... for gain. For position and for prestige and for power.
You'd have been successful careerists in Hitler's Germany. And today you'd do well under the regime of Putin's Russian oligarchy.

Fish or cut bait ...
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What's more than sad? tragic?
You do really cliche shit with others while thinking that you're oooh creative and spontaneous.
You're nasty.
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Why do you choose dishonesty?
Hope of gain? Fear of threat?

#RedNeck: Your shit stinks. My shit stinks. Our shit stinks.
#Yuppie: My shit does /not/ stink! And I know it does but if you draw attention to that fact then fucking die.
#CracKKKer: My shit stinks. Fuck yooouuuu!
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CracKKKer VS RedNeck
I figure someone's a fucking idiot? I check. #RealityTesting .
KKK? condemn / sand-bag / back-stab / torpedo / sabotage.

p.s. Are the yuppies in my cohort just acting brain-damaged? to support their opportunistic careerism?
Contemplate the alternative. They're all congenital idiots? Thinking that ... are you a congenital idiot? or just pretending to be brain-damaged?
Bottom line: they do the same as cracKKKers. (see above ... dumb-ass)
Greedy, grasping, manipulative ... false.

"Guile ... mendacity and guile!!" --Big Daddy
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My name is Bernard ... and yes, that's French, so please do call me ben.

CMC since '72; compulsively tech_doc
@ITGeek | @bentrem
Bragging rights
'68 was on the bus, playing bass w/home-built Fender Bassman; driving motorcyle, running ham shack, smoking ... cigarettes (Export A green!) 14 was a good age!
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