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#ThinkPiece via New America (
Here's the conservatism of Edmund Burke at work: "While such straightforward populism speaks the growing angers and anxieties, it has little to offer as a workable roadmap. Reforms work best when they work with the grain of our political system, rather than against it."
"The answer, in short, is more politics. In "Political Dynamism: A New Approach to Making Government Work Again"** Lee Drutman makes the case for political dynamism as an affirmative vision of politics, and lays out specific reforms that would create the conditions for it."
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"Kings will be tyrants from policy when citizens are rebels from principle." --Edmund Burke
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Imagine having a discussion with someone who's truly a bitch. "Try to have" would be more correct. Cranky bullshit arguments.

That's what it's like trying to have any sort of meaningful discussion with citizens, typically. Unless you're speaking in bumper-sticker slogans about what they already agree with, what pleases them. In that case instead of a worthless brain-damaged argument you'd get a session of worthless brain-damaged "mutual admiration".
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Bernie Sanders New Hampshire Rally before Saturday Night LIVE (2-6-16)
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Alas, had this thinking been put into practice years / decades ago. No ISIS, perhaps no Al Q and Taliban. Perhaps no 9-11 ... who knows how much evil we avoid when we opt for the good.
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Where have my friends gone.
RATM here has such a fine, substantial, hard-edged late 60s vibe ... so the energy has not died ...

Such a doom society you created, and are supporting.
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Waiting for SB50 game time I turned back to Dewey and found a lovely point in this passage:
"The bankruptcy of the notion of fixed goods to be attained and stably possessed may possibly be the means of turning the mind of man to a tenable theory of progress - to attention to present troubles and possibilities."

"The more striving the more attainments, perhaps; but also assuredly the more needs and the more disappointments. The more we do and the more we accomplish, the more the end is vanity and vexation. From the standpoint of attainment of good that stays put, that constitutes a definite sum performed which lessens the amount of effort required in order to reach the ultimate goal of final good, progress is an illusion. But we are looking for it in the wrong place.

... the nineteenth century misconception of moral achievement - a misconception only inherited from the traditional theory of fixed ends, attempting to bolster up that doctrine with ·aid from the "scientific" theory of evolution.

The doctrine of progress is not yet bankrupt. The bankruptcy of the notion of fixed goods to be attained and stably possessed may possibly be the means of turning the mind of man to a tenable theory of progress - to attention to present troubles and possibilities."
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Reasonably, being practical, "attention to present troubles and possibilities" has always been recognized (by lucid practitioners, at least) as endless, if not pointless.
Fact of the matter: knowledge is fractal ... infinite regress ... for every new answer, 2 new questions. And meaning? same, but more-so.
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What if instead of Large Hadron Collider, I provided you a Large Concept Collider?
Would you then provide me enough to live on decently?
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+Marie Fillon - Reported for SPAM and BLOCKED for being a mindless idiot.
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Big Bang Theory never fails to remind me: life is not necessarily a dreary heap of tasteless frustration.
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The thinking that lead us to fumble Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now Syria is the thinking which moved us to over-throw Chile and slaughter civilians in Central and South American.

"Just one more genocide"?
Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday accused Russia of bombing women and children "in large numbers" in Syria.
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"[F]ootball fans know: as fun as it is to watch the offense score, it is defense that wins championships. The same is true when it comes to terrorism. Smart foreign policy makers should know that a good offense is no substitute for a good defense when it comes to preventing terrorist attacks."
Unfortunately, the allure of offense is irresistibly in Washington these days.
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A short, sharp description of the greedy ambition that drives yuppie culture ... here, in the bowls of junk-food designers:
"when they're on the job food scientists and marketing people are so focused on their work of being successful that they tend not to see anything sinister in what they're doing."

"When they talk about the allure of the food, they hate the word addiction: but they'll use the word "craveability" and "snackability" and one of my favorites, "moreishness." In this context, I think the argument that personal responsibility is main culprit in overeating to be kind of disingenuous."

"But when they're on the job food scientists and marketing people are so focused on their work of being successful that they tend not to see anything sinister in what they're doing.
I tend not to see the processed food industry as an "evil empire" that sets out to make us intentionally obese or otherwise ill. They can rightfully say that no single one of their products is responsible for the obesity—not even soda, not even potato chips. The problem lies in their collective zeal to do what companies do—which is make as much money as possible by selling as much product as possible. So all of their energy goes into making their product as attractive as possible."
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"We know ourselves by acting with others."
"Know ourselves" ... is that a goal with folk now days? Mebbe no longer.

What if individual citizens actually aren't concerned about making the best decisions when it comes to policy? what if people are more concerned about "fun", and about profit?
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My name is Bernard ... and yes, that's French, so please do call me ben.

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