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I've been riding this hobby horse for 4.5 decades ... since I read Hesse's "Magister Ludi" as a teenager. (Gawd but the 60s were bleak! No wonder so many of my cohort tuned in and dropped out, later to become yuppies i.e. opportunistic careerists.)
I found glasperlenspiel as inspiring as the notion of "Library of Alexandria".

What I came up with: #ParticipatoryDeliberation . It isn't just about optimizing or even "satisficing" so much as finding an agreeable solution/resolution ... which entails the realization that folk who disagree with us can often be will intentioned and not entirely wrong-headed :-)

  is how the academics have cast it, so as to avoid any change of acknowledging my existence as a human person.
But that term works too.

Being passive consumers is recipe for doom. We (me and mine) in the 60s knew it. It was no huge insight: it's just common sense.

p.s. see Philip Mudd and "High Efficiency Analytic Decision-making" ... not the method I'd promote, but bang on / very substantial.
I was thinking about how TED talks fit into moving us forward in a democratizing fashion. The talks were and are for an exclusive audience, but the decision to put them on the Interwebs abruptly wrenched their effects in a public way. Today TED lectures' severe time restriction and widespread use in the classroom are a force for helping us all understand how technology enables change on a global front. +Marc Abrahams might consider it appropriate for an award since TED features people doing funny things like Hans Rosling's sword swallowing act in addition to putting global health into perspective with economic policy.
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* "Decision-making"; A collection of TED Talks (and more) on the topic of decision-making.
* Also from TED:  Playlist (8 talks); "How we make choices"
* from Financial Times: "No need for a TED talk – three videos on making decisions, reading minds and motivation | Business blog."

p.s. my cohort blathers about technical communications (by which they actually mean writing marketing brochures) as they blather and devalue everything in their surround. "Technical communications"?! I do it ... which evidently counts for naught.
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Gotta luv red-neck humour.
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I feel this way all the time with some people.
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I think I'm gonna get shed of my long hippe hair.
Gonna keep my 2 long dreadlocks, but ...
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Look at that: I talk about getting rid of long hair and #TB ties the game.
#CHI #NHL #StanleyCup
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I've worked so hard to not cause trouble while being a productive citizen, contributing as I can.
But I'm going to be elbowed aside (as usual) this time because someone stuck a "Schizophrenic" label on my forehead.

I bookmark this sort of item. I blog about this sort of item. I even buy books on the topic.
But I'm a flake that everyone feels a need to ignore.
I see a pattern. And that becomes evidence that I'm also paranoid. /sigh/
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And I fail because of my long hair and full beard? nope ... I fail because so many folk who are making decisions are arse.
"Go with your gut feeling"; Magnus Walker at TEDxUCLA
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Philip Mudd?
77 White St, New York, NY 10013, United States
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If folk care so much about actual, effective democracy, how come 99.5% of citizens do absolutely nothing?
Once upon a time maybe many folk (most?) read Letters to the Editor in their local newspaper. Betcha even that doesn't happen.

What I'm working on: a method/technique/system, discourse-based decision support for #DeliberativePolitics  as well as a dialectical approach to #OpenSource in academia that doubles as a method for teaching critical thinking.
No demand-pull.
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You paying attention?
And then you figure I'm talking nonsense ...
... because you can't think for more than about 1.3 seconds.
Can you ponder that? Nope.
How come not? see above.
You can't think.

Meanwhile, ISIL is recruiting and earning hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Why don't you worry? Simple: you're confident that you can thrive in a fascist society. That's how deeply corrupted you've allowed yourself to become.

Empathy ... solidarity ... compassion ...
... you can only just barely manage to walk and chew gum.
How's //that// for a bummer?
How's this for a bummer: you're going to destroy the biosphere itself.
And you can't grasp that. Because ... see above. I need to remind you again? evidence of just how stunned you are.

"Bummer" hardly touches the reality.
The Fall of Ramadi . Bottom Line Up Front: • The Islamic State is understandably jubilant at its capture of Ramadi; the loss is a real blow to the Iraqi government and will set back the development of an effective national army. • The Islamic State will try to threaten U.S. personnel at al-Assad ...
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"Surf the web from a taxi in London" ... while hundreds of millions and billions struggle to get some fresh water to drink.
Insane much?
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Want evidence that red-necks are not cracKKKers? that you slander them? the way cracKKKers slander you?
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Amazing ... Twitter is stopping me from tweeting.
@TheFader- Oh! and there you are! :-)
p.s. in my FB post I included how your site is amazing full of good stuff.
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"Counter-culture" is not what I've thought of as what would save us ... from my perspective such as Ad Busters give folk a false sense of accomplishment, but this article really makes a good presentation:
From Mad Men to FKA Twigs, Alex Frank unpacks the week that counterculture went up in coke.
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