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For no reason walked West on 102 Ave, parallel to Jasper Ave, instead of heading straight for the bus stop. Then S to Jasper, then of course E towards 100 St.
Now I'm the kind who gawks. I rubber-neck. I look around.
*OMG Bistro Praha! I knew that the original location had burned down years ago, while I was away in NS. I did //not// know that they had re-opened in this new location.
For the sake of tradition, had to drop in for wiener schnitzel ... so I did just that :-)
(Brought half home in doggie bag!)

What moved me to write this? music from that time ... late 70s. (My Technica turntable cost ?what? $150 / $175 back then. That's what, $500 now? and my AR speakers ... can't even think about it.)
Why? for what? for the music.
Here's voodoo: JJ Cale came to mind. I found his albums on my HD. I looked through them. 1 tune caught my eye. Sooo good! I uploaded it to my server and ... guess what. I already had.

This 1 tune so resonates, still, from late 1970s, that of all his tunes, this is the one I would choose to upload ... the //same// tune I choose years ago!
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Q: what if we had the draft.
With all volunteer, why do folk car about things military?
With the draft ...
... you'd give a fuck.
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Ooh ... like ice tea w/lemon? made a pot with "rooibos" leaves, a type of green tea.
Ooh ... looking forward to hot weather!
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Funny: almost a cricket stroke, "Eric Young Jr., Braves leadoff man, bunts ball out of infield" and gets to 1st.
Atlanta Braves centrefielder Eric Young Jr. proved against the New York Mets on Thursday that a bunt doesn't have to bounce short to be effective.
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OMG a) double-strength espresso coffee; b) half-cup milk, steamed; c) sugar to tasted; d) 2 tablespoons really good powdered chocolate.
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This espresso / steamed milk / cocoa is so good that my beer has been sitting there untouched all this while.
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/SCHWEET!/ Gotta get the soundtrack / live recording. Wow ...
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Heads up: I followed tracks (traces? cookie crumbs?) and found
I think it's still streaming live right now!
It is! 1,650 watching at this very moment:
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How's this for clehvar.
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Daniel Ellsberg did what he could when he realized how wrong things were. (We supported France bringing colonialism back to Vietnam and ignored Ho's Declaration. We signed a 1954 UN document then refused to allow democratic election in 1956. What part of that makes sense to you?!)
Me? I did what I could ... I could only spike my guns ... so I spiked my guns.
[Snowden] is the quintessential American whistleblower, and a personal hero of mine, Leaks are the lifeblood of the republic and, for the first time, the American public has been given the chance to debate democratically the NSA's mass surveillance programs. Accountability journalism can't be ...
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Bernard “ben” Tremblay

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I quite naively equated Automation Dependence with Target Fixation because they both result in loss of SA. But actually they're nearly opposites ... complimentary, if you will.
In the latter, it's tunnel vision. In the former, it total fuzziness. Both disconnect the person from the big picture.
|Fly the Plane|
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Event starts: Fri Apr, 24 2015 7PM ET | 4PM PT
Program and Schedule:
Peace & Planet. Mobilization for a Nuclear-Free, Peaceful, Just, and Sustainable World. Facebook · Twitter. Secondary Menu. About Us · International Planning Group · Endorsing Organizations · Call to Action · Contact Us · April 24-25 Conference · Conference Program · Speakers · Workshops ...
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