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Trump supporters insist that tens of thousands cheered the Twin Towers falling. It's a lie and this group uses that as a test of membership and loyalty. You object? maybe ... maybe not.

"Fascism" is word. It has a meaning. It isn't fiction. Grow the fuck up, for fuck sake.

For sure one thing: Red-necks have failed us. They're letting cracKKKers run riot in the Republic.
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What I've always known: getting along with your sort means siding Trump. And Putin. And ISIL. And the psychopaths running the show.
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Compulsive behaviour consumerism has a huge "benefit": no thinking required; mental laziness.
Materialism => unhappiness
see also "The Poverty of Affluence" and "The Importance of What We Care About". and also "What Money Can't Buy" ("Justice" with professor Michael Sandel​)
You can have stuff upon stuff, but it still won't fix everything.
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Your yuppie nature has destroyed the whole of my life.
CracKKKers don't fucking care what "truth" is about. Sad: turns out neither do you.

You can't stare down Taliban, let alone Da'esh, because ... simply: you're just what they say you are. What you do and how you do it is what they use as recruiting tool.
If you were actually committed to social justice? the emancipation project? liberal democracy? you could roll over them like a tank over a rotten melon.
You don't. So: you can't handle Da'esh. Not even Taliban. Not even the cracKKKer bullies in your daily life.

Your life tactic has been "Just ignore them" ... meaning "Let someone else deal with them" ... meaning "I don't care if they fuck others over, so long as they don't fuck me over.

In the end? Da'esh and Taliban and shit-headed cracKKKers are inspired by you. Inspired with contempt.

Me? "Why do we do anything at all?" is the door. You don't care about that.
You don't care about honest, authenticity, integrity. You don't care about justice. You just want more fortune cookies and more high-sugar / no fibre garbage.

When cracKKKers guffaw at Trump's fascistic pornography/mind-fuck it's you they have in their mind.
You are the center of their world. In the worst possible way.
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p.s. if you bothered to come up with 2, 3, 5 answers to "If we value "true beliefs, why do we?" it would turn out that a) 3 of 5 would be clap-trap bullshit while b) your crap would shed no light on the human experience.
As persons you consume between 20 and 150 times as much as other world citizens. And as individuals ... you're pretty crappy.
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Can't budge Assad?
Alternative scenario: when Chile demanded just return from decades of copper mining we ("democracies" of N and W) handed their govt to fascists, then let the fascists slaughter civil society. When someone is a mother-fucking sonofabitch psycho sadist? in that case "democracies" of N and W tread careful.
When there's decent disagreement? you're dead meat.

Yuppies know just how nasty they are and always have been. Is why they make such a show of truth and justice: to cover their daily corruption.
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"The destiny of the Syrian gov't lies in the hands of the Syrian people" says Putin, while vowing to support Assad's army.
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Trump know what right-wingers like.
p.s. moments ago I typed how psychopaths know just how to appeal to people.
BTW think that yuppies are lazy and self-indulgent? look at good.old.boy red-necks. Feckless bastards have given up on society.
The presidential candidate's mockery is "outrageous," the reporters' employer said.
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I've been using "tab sets" for years. (Multiple tab sets in multiple windows.) Really a pleasure.
p.s. using "Bookmark All" we can save an entire set a single meaningful slab.

"I have 227 browser tabs open, and my computer runs fine."
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Why cracKKKers love Trump? lots of reasons.
1) he's racist; they love that.
2) he swaggers; they love that.
3) he hates liberalism. they see that as heroic!

p.s. if you don't see that yuppies actually //are// "limp wristed liberals" you haven't been paying attention. It's far worst than that. Yuppie culture is the culture of corruption. Just think of them as accountants and managers and lawyers for the mafia. (Which in fact is what they are.)
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As usual, Putin's Russia lies about attacks against Turkmen along the Turkish border.
Kleptocrats there, cracKKKers in USA.
Pathetic ...

While yuppies shrug, cracKKKers will celebrate Putin and Donald Trump.
Right on schedule, the new fascism. Sure wish you all had proven me wrong in some way.
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Right-wingers' support for Trump? "He's a businessman; he knows how to get things done."
Like Hitler. And Mussolini. Like Stalin

Those are the folk yuppies have "ignored" ... anything for a buck. And fuck decency, fuck integrity, fuck justice.
Right-wingers are twisted and ignorant while yuppies ... fuckin' yuppies ...
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Trump mocks disability; cracKKKers cheer.
Trump denies mocking disability; cracKKKers cheer.
That isn't fascism? really? fuckin' kidding?!
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I do reality testing.
"Why do we do anything?" doesn't interest you. Ok. Case in point.
Do "true beliefs" have value? Ohhh yaaa shurrr ... now you're ohhh soooo clehvar.

The moment you can pop up  with "Teacher! Teacher! Ask me, ask me!!!" you're hot to trot. While in fact / actually all you have to offer human kind is your favorite bumper-sticker slogan.
Nothing about the topic interests your or moves you (That's where the reality testing comes in.) except as opportunity to strut as you show off how you figure cheap //crap// is hot shit.

Do we value "true beliefs"? all I get from you is either contemptuous silence or grade-school high-sugar / no fiber garbage.
And you figure out society is gonna prosper ... that's frighteningly stupid. You figure out culture is nurturing and wholesome ... frighteningly deluded.

Lots of //good// reasons to care about things. Including beliefs that are true ... or comforting ... or useful.
You're just as compulsive as pigeons pecking at a screen, in confident anticipation of a bit of sugar snack.
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BTW this shiet matters.
Because you won't bother with "Why do we do //anything//?" you can't deal with cracKKKers. Which ... here's the punchline ... that suits you. Because you're lazy and complacent and self-satisfied .. and greedy and dishonest ... you (in your own stupid selfish way) actually profit from indulging cracKKKers.

You avoid conflict with sociopaths by letting them go bully someone else, and you benefit from associating with psychopaths ... by sucking up. ("Sycophant" ... don't know it? Note which words you don't know. Selective attention. You're far more //corrupt and dishonest// than merely ignorant. Or stupid.)
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How is it that psychopaths are so successful, evolutionarily?
Simple: you suck up then pretend to be sucked in. #PersonalityPolitics
As a people who is spineless, you don't encounter the limitations that might arise from principle and integrity. Similarly, you celebrate posturing over authenticity and honesty.
Yuppies support the corruption of society because it profits them; yuppie nurture psychopaths because it gives them a thrill.

You figure there's going to be some good outcome to your way of life? So, really ... no sign of sanity, at all.
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My name is Bernard ... and yes, that's French, so please do call me ben.

CMC since '72; compulsively tech_doc
@ITGeek | @bentrem
Bragging rights
'68 was on the bus, playing bass w/home-built Fender Bassman; driving motorcyle, running ham shack, smoking ... cigarettes (Export A green!) 14 was a good age!
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