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Bernard Tremblay

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My take away from 60 years with you? It's all about suck up and kiss ass.
You figure you can stand off Putin? maybe you just don't figure. 
You don't get rewarded for "figure". You get rewarded for lick dick.
60 years.
I haven't jumped off a bridge. Yet. But you're disgusting. (Get that bit? you're disgusting. you're disheartening. you cause mental damage. FFS. WTF.)
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Bernard Tremblay

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"The source of that inequality has changed, as the past thirty/forty years have been dominated by the financial class and rampant executive corruption, but the American economy has always required inequality to function. ... The post-WWII period is notable for the lowest levels of inequality in the modern era, but the drivers of that prosperity (the GI Bill, construction of the highway system, low-interest home loans) deliberately left black people out, and the moments of robust public investment that have benefited racial minorities and women have always been followed by a resurgence of concern over government spending and “state’s rights.”"
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"Russian markets have been rattled by the tensions with neighboring Ukraine, where Russia annexed the Black Sea region of Crimea last month. The main stock index tanked 10 percent in March, wiping out billions in market capitalization. In the first three months of 2014, the ruble lost 9 percent against the dollar, making imports more expensive, while spooked investors pulled about $70 billion out of the country — more than in all of 2013."
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Bernard Tremblay

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I'm really sad that nobody (in nearly 15yrs) has been at all interested in my work. Bloviating cracker? kewl. Let's look at that.

In contrast to the totally toxic "Birds of a Feather" dynamic of WWW (It's actually low-grade cult behaviour ... totally suppresses individuality and rewards conformity.) "discourse" is about showing interest in other persons' internal process.
Payoff? individuals start appreciating their own internal process. Which you don't. 
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Final / last lump-sum payment and now I'm free and clear of student loans.
Painful ... but it's a relief! 
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... long years of hard work :-)
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Bernard Tremblay

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I wonder: do baby-boom / yuppie women of a certain age relate to the term "crone"?
My X did, but she was a real special sort. #CoHousing 
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"We asked former home secretary David Blunkett and other experts how to involve #peopleinpolitics. Here's what they said."
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"'democracy' remains an incredibly positive notion. The contemporary problem seems to be that large sections of the public want 'democracy' but without the 'politics'."
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The armies of the North declared: slavery was wrong.
As a young man I would say: Putin's fascism is wrong.
To every generation ...

Yuppies want immortal life in wealth.
Human beings are not insane.
Have a thought. Go ahead ... do it ... have a thought.
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Bernard Tremblay

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How does leading a successful bourgeois life make our community better? Guess what ... it doesn't.
Consume more. Consume more. And yet more. 

Who honestly thinks that only drug addicts are junkies?

Putin has a very clear view of the human experience. He's probably more correct than you are. Because ... somewhere along the way ... you figured that duck / evade / escape / avoid was the secret of survival.
And it is. For lower mammals. But not for persons. Persons are different.
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Bernard Tremblay

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You have References on Evaluation of Citizen Engagement Initiatives?
see @Participatory's listing: 
"any help with identifying other relevant sources that I may be missing would be greatly appreciated."
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My name is Bernard ... and yes, that's French, so please do call me ben.

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