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Imagine someone who's a fabulous role model, example of what we think of as good and virtuous. If not paradigm, then at least darned too example.
Integrity and honesty, right? So there's authenticity. Truthfulness.
Modesty? Sure, but not the "stink and sainthood" type. Confidence for sure, and maybe even assertiveness, but no sort of bully. Leadership yes, but //team// leadership. Not self-congratulatory.
Now think of someone who's more than just mean. More than nasty. Wicked? old-fashion word. Evil? I've always had trouble with that word as a term. But you get the idea. Gotta include sneaky and manipulative. Funny thing? "sneaky" can actually be done with charm. Especially for manipulation / exploitation ... like the charismatic cult leader.
Can we at least be clear about the continuum?
I wouldn't say all cracKKKers are the evil type. But I might say most are.
I woudln't say that red-necks are the evil type. But I suppose some are, maybe even many.
I wouldn't say that Joe and Jane Average are the paradigm of virtue types.
There. That. Whatever came to mind when you read that, whatever you thought when you read the Joe/Jane sentence ... that's my point.
The other stuff is "cognitive priming". To set the stage, so to speak. To create a context.
What we need to acknowledge is the sort of thing that Joe and Jane do. Not just broad strokes like "raised children" or "managed their" finances. Not even broad like "didn't abuse the people around them".
I mean the nuts and bolts.
p.s. that's the stuff of Zen. truly
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+Mikhail Lyubansky (In case my FB post got lost in the shuffle.)
Here's an example of what I do day to day on an ongoing basis ... sort of like media curation //but// with a very specific focus: discourse and civil society.
This morning half asleep I noted this on CBC Radio (which I have turn on at 8:30AM ... I have a knack for listening while half asleep!)
The Current: "Flight seating spurs dispute over religious beliefs vs. civil rights"

I attended particularly to Prof. Karen Busby** who repeatedly came back to "talking through our problems", which is where my project started in 1973. (Decades of spinning my wheels, Sir ... decades.)

I edited out 3 sections. One is to have the half that deals with Canadian issues, one is just Ms. Busby's portion, and one is paradigmatic of my work's aim:

p.s. I've been collecting snippets like the last for years. Snippets that state the need ... the need that is so very slightly addressed, and poorly addressed if ever address. Public Discussion on Policy Decisions ... PDsquared :-)

What is the role of discourse in civil society? in liberal democracy? in public policy? in law and legislation? in governance? Above my pay grade; all I did was //design a system and method to faciliate that//. (Yes, even down to the fine granularity of conflict arbitration between 2 individuals!)

** Karen Busby is a Professor of law and the Director of the Centre for Human Rights Research at the University of Manitoba.
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Deliberative Politics? I'm never positively certain ...
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If someone sees a problem and does nothing at all, what to call that?
"it's hard to imagine a reasoned public debate about controversial moral questions; such a debate is possible, and that it would invigorate our public life."

Michael J. Sandel "What Money Can't Buy; Introduction: Markets and Morals
The financial crisis had pitched the United States and much of the global economy into the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression and left millions of people out of work. Yet it did not prompt a fundamental rethinking of markets.


Despite their different ideological orientations, both the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street activists gave voice to populist outrage against the bailout.

Notwithstanding these voices of protest, serious debate about the role and reach of markets remains largely absent from our political life. Democrats and Republicans argue, as they long have done, about taxes, spending, and budget deficits, only now with greater partisanship and little ability to inspire or persuade. Disillusion with politics has deepened as citizens grow frustrated with a political system unable to act for the public good, or to address the questions that matter most.

This parlous state of public discourse is the second obstacle to a debate about the moral limits of markets. At a time when political argument consists mainly of shouting matches on cable television, partisan vitriol on talk radio, and ideological food fights on the floor of Congress, it's hard to imagine a reasoned public debate about such controversial moral questions as the right way to value procreation, children, education, health, the environment, citizenship, and other goods. But I believe such a debate is possible, and that it would invigorate our public life.

Some see in our rancorous politics a surfeit of moral conviction: too many people believe too deeply, too stridently, in their own convictions and want to impose them on everyone else. I think this misreads our predicament. The problem with our politics is not too much moral argument but too little. Our politics is overheated be­ cause it is mostly vacant, empty of moral and spiritual content. It fails to engage with big questions that people care about.

The moral vacancy of contemporary politics has a number of sources. [...]

see also “Something that Feels Authentic”: StoryCorps’s Dave Isay on Storytelling
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What if we're a bit distracted. or a bit too tightly focused. or a bit too goal-oriented?
What if we're that way all the time. maybe a combination of those, or something like?
What if we're in Continuous Partial Attention?
What happens to the truly social? what happens to our communities? to our society? to our culture? even to our civilization?
If individual person's life doesn't count ...
... what does?
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For me this is sitting around the campfire music.

I'm afraid our society / culture / communities have quite lost touch as individual persons with our roots.
FWIW I set out to be shaman. But the way folk have fucked up the world ... full time activist is the only lifestyle that made sense.
Houda Amel Arfi
Terakaft-imidiwen sagdate Ahi
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#PTSD Ever had that nagging feeling that you were supposed to do something, didn't do it, then forgot what it was?
Have that every hr/day.
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I'm working on an open letter to the new anti-terrorism unit in Edmonton. Here's first cut:
23:45 14APR2015
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Do folk really wish for this?
Do folk actually yearn for this?
Is this something that orients people's lives?
Do they actually pay attention to this for more than the 5-15 seconds it takes to read this?
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+Lyliane Colson and you are now Blocked, Banned, and Reported.
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Something I got from another tradition.
Say you have a dream about a tiger. A nightmare. Being attacked by the tiger, and cornered.
The tiger is in no way real. The feelings / emotions / panic / physiological response is entirely real.

p.s. I just got a call from my case worker. A glitch in my taxes. Apparently some of my income had not been taken into account. Long story short, apparently I had gotten $650 too much every month. For 7 years. And that would have to be paid back. And my monthly income reduced by that amount.
$120K ... at -$150 it would take me 800 years.
And since my income would be reduced, I'd get a gross of $1.5K / month. But living expenses here are high: $1050/month. So I'd have $450. Minus $150 for repayment. Which would leave me $300 month. Forever.

Panic. Terror.
Very real.

Punchline? clerical error. I had never received the funds that they saw in their paper work.

Dry mouth? heck, dry heaves ... like coming up to the surface from deep water ... truly a shocking decompression.
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Human nature ==> behavioural economics?
"Thinking about tax withholding and refunds in a different light suggests a course of action that may be more likely to help lower-income households improve their financial situation. Overwithholding—choosing to withhold more than you will owe to get a refund—is a wildly successful savings program."
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A note to Mental Health Matters:
Membership "pending" :-)
Truth? honestly? True //social// means folk are self-motivated and responsive. "Social" as in "social" media means using people like popcorn, or ... best case ... fortune-cookies. $3.75 for 2lbs.

Yuppie culture is in the process of imploding because it is essentially ersatz. The same way we can detect psychopath, so we can detect "yuppie". Nobody can be comprehensively false. It's almost impossible.

"Nice" people ... toxic.
The culture of #Like ... toxic.

And here I am, pondering "Edmonton Police form a counter-terrorism unit".
I was in the army. Does that count? pfffffffffft
I was infantry. I would have died for liberal democracy. Does that count? pfffffffffffffft

I was arrested protesting at G7 Finance Ministers. That counts. Will that put me on the list of potential terrorist? probably.
If I "sat in" on Jasper Ave, would that put me on the list? probably.

IMF/WB demos, thousands on the streets. WTO protests; thousands on the streets. Heck, anti-cruise protests in Edmonton 1983: does that put me on the list? probably.
And anti-apartheid activity late 1970s? and East Timor demonstrations mid-70s? and Chile over-throw protests early 70s?
Will I be on the list of terrorists? probably.

Who cares. CSIS has had my file forever. (See? just then? /click/ suddenly I'm paranoid, suffering from persecution complex. see how it works?)

My only point: I'm never off duty. I've been out of uniform since mid-SEP 1973, but I'm still on duty. In my military culture, mission is sacred. Sacred as in vow.

And huh huh this is 11:30PM after a pretty good day.

My membership to a social group? "Pending".
If I did something bad, the consequences wouldn't be pending.

"Nice" people make excuses.
Good people relate to actualities ... because they're open to reality. And honest. And authentic. They have integrity.

The people around me? toxic ... to my warped mind.
So? So I just want to do my work. To help civil society.

Here. Now presidential candidate, then SecState made our mission statement explicit:

p.s. those are notes I made for myself. Information is what I do. It's a craft. A calling. An avocation. Civil society ... yuh know?
First bit is for context; meat starts at around 0:10. 0x:xx ... ... setting the stage; 0:28 ... expectations of what we can control; 0:50 ... statement of context (SitRep?) 01:04 ... framing the problem ... 01:40 "best information" "pulling writings from various commentators" ...
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Imagine how a con-man would schmooze you, or the way a charismatic psychopath would charm you.
Isn't that pretty much daily life for most folk most of the time?
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