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Pick who to blame:
* the down-trodden, poor and ill-educated
* the well educated and wealthy
* "stars" like Trump and Putin.
(B and C. FFS.)

Who doesn't care about truth? yuppies and cracKKKers.
Who profits from lies? cracKKKers and yuppies.
Decades I've watched you suck up.

How to know you're off the bubble:
"Winning the argument" counts for more than know what the facts are, in reality.
Like cracKKKers. 

You never give a damn.
Me and mine: "Social justice 3rd world means justice here. And that means decent, healthy lives and healthy community."

You never gave a damn.
Ignorant parents in the 1950s, self-indulgent yuppies in the 1970s, and then ...
... and then yuppies kids ever since. 

Have you always chosen not to care about honest discourse? or was it compulsion?
You're plenty nasty. And mean-spirited. And greedy. So ...

Fact: while cracKKKers have been drifting to alt-right and while red-necks remain AWOL I have always called for clear voice of conservatism.

Clear, sensible public discourse is the single antidote to lame-brained yuppie culture.

+John Nash - Head of CPAC at the conference declared alt-right ("Anti-semites, with nazi salutes" etc etc etc) to be a left-wing fascist organization.

Your people have lost their minds.

p.s. For years and decades I've been on the record calling for good strong clear voices of conservative thinking. While fools (FOOLS!) drag down the whole society.

Human nature - When you accept a bully's dominance, you come up with bullshit to hide that, to justify.
That's what has happened under Trump in USofA.

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#ThinkPiece - Fabulous article about John McCain in the new era of Trump-style "alternative facts".
"To McCain, these are red-line issues. No matter how much he likes the prospect of deregulation, the compromising of America’s sovereignty was pushing him closer to the barricades."

"The Trump administration’s viability rests on the support of a Republican Congress, and what John McCain is doing, carefully but with growing fervor, could shake its foundations."

Concerning Roe V Wade, Norma McCorvey aka "Jane Roe" is being cited by KKK uh-000ps I mean right-wing cracKKKer sources as now being against abortion.

On international TV she just layed it out: 4 square; 10 commandments; Thou shalt not kill.
"No abortion under any conditions?" "Under no circumstance." "In no situation?" "It isn't about situation. Abortion is killing."

Within moments: "If the woman's life is in danger we'd do whatever we could to save both her and the baby."
Moments later: "That really depends on circumstances."
Moments later: "In some situations it becomes decision by the father and the pastor and perhaps the family." "And not the mother? not the woman?" [long pause] "If the woman is capable of making that sort of decision then yes."

I'll say Ms McCorvey is a good person why? Because unlike folk like +John Nash who stick to their toxic crap no matter what, she was honest and actually ... in the end ... showed how honest people can be conflicted about what folk like Nash turn into bumper-sticker slogans.

In my theory of everything: while Nash says I'm British, and a leftist (Alberta born/bred libertarian ... 412yrs in North America) fact is that I localized one major problem:
cracKKKers like Nash ... legions of fuckwad yuppies ... the endless conflict of the dialect ... And? But? But there are somehow no red-necks to stand the ground, defending sanity and thoughtfulness and rationality and integrity and honesty and decency.

+John Nash You would quote that good woman. And you'd do so while distorting her story, and her words, and her thoughts ... and her life.
You and your cracKKKer friends are toxin; you poison the village well.
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