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Keep in mind: Fundamentalist Evangelicals (who as The Elect live in hope for global war so that some extraterrestrial power can Rapture them at the End of Days) proclaim that science is no more than personal opinion.
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This society is a sham. In every way, justice and fairness and decency are being ground into dirt.

65%+ of US citizens see that they have not benefited from Trump's tax cuts.
44% of US citizens approve of Trump's performance as President ... that's up 4%.

Reason and rationality have no traction. Marketing 24/7 ... period.
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Ever why you confusticate things? compulsively?

Don't watch even 5 minutes of WWE. You might understand right-wingers. And, of course, understanding is the last thing you want.
Don't ponder how "science is just personal opinion" means that right-wingers don't care about facts and logic and truth and rationality. Again, there's the danger of understanding something.

Bottom line: right-wingers' psyche is all about punishing others. Creating enemies that they can attack.
But of course I've wasted my time talking about that so many times ... I guess that's what makes me such a happy.go.lucky sort of guy.
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Wow ... something I "invented" when I was grade 3 (so that's 1963) ... first time I //ever// come across mention of something similar.
"Sun Compass"? Sure, why not.

Dial in the time, along with the date. Level to horizon and shoot the angle of the sun. Presto, orientation of N/S E/W.

What I realized Alas! was that it would also need latitude. /*shrug*/
Still a fun idea!

cues to 0:40s
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If science is true, how come we're still dying of cancer?

Scientists line up to profit from the scams they're running.

dang, I should have gone this way decades ago ... sure beats trying to make sense!
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Now Trump is mind-fucking anybody who doesn't love the blood-drenched aristocrats and royalty in Saudi Arabia.

And [R]epublicans will keep the Senate because pseudo-lib pseudo-prog pseudo-Dem free-loaders won't bother to vote.

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For the longest time I've seen my life not as failure but as defeat.
The only way to get traction with you is to play into your worst features and your worst appetites and your worst inclination. Which is to say: to do what pleases you.

So I am defeated.
No, I won't go to hell just to get your attention.
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Right-wingers love the way Team Trump lies to them about the things they care about. And they show that love.
Yuppie-types have always been manipulative and deceitful and so when they say they care ... they don't, really. And that will show.
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What is the stuff I call "yuppie culture"?
Trump is a pig who lies and cheats, but gets elected to the Oval Office.
Kavanaugh is self-righteous and obnoxiously biased, but gets appointed to SCOTUS.

Still don't give a damn?

Putin is fucking us over. No problem.
Kim is fucking the entire planet. No problem.
China is developing what I've always called "global gulag". Business as usual.

Now Saudis set the new standard: 15 man hit squad fly to Turkey equipped with a bone-saw and assassinate a reporter inside their consulate.

The economy is good, for some, and that's all that matters.
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"Policy comes out of principles" ...
Gee, maybe I was trying to ring a gong and be polite by writing about my cohort as "opportunistic careerists"? Yuh think?

Polite doesn't work, vulgar doesn't work, what works? salt/sugar/white flour/fat ... that's what works with you "people".
Fun and pleasure. Or profit. Yaaaa, profit. Profit always gets your attention.

Why is the planet screwed? because a) you're burning through non-renewable resources like you were suicidal (which, deep psychology, you acatually are ... self-loathing / guilty conscience) and b) because you never think and/or act like mature adults ... while wasting huge wealth.

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