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The right has plenty of reason to lie. Trump is //such/ a pig/. (He bragged loud and clear after meeting with Kim. But actually fuck all came from it.)

That's reason. That's not excuse. It's just rationalization. That isn't justification.
That's citizens with hard-core right-wing views choosing to cheat, just like Trump cheats.
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Trump wonders if Cohen taping him is illegal.
Trump doesn't know the law about phone taping in New Your? how very, very unlikely ...
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Must be recognized: middle class and especially upper-middle class are wealthy.
In my #GlobalGulag prediction "upper" will move some way further up the ladder while mid- drops to lower- and those below will drift down into chronic underemployment and those below into abject poverty. (Not starvation, no ... acute malnutrition / little access to clean water / nearly no access to health care.)
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Do right-wingers have any sense of dignity?
If so ... why are they denying the horrid, ghastly abuse of children at the border with Mexico?!
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Dear Mr. President -
"Too tough" would be as you described it: walking up to Putin and screaming in his face. Which is what you say was demanded by mainstream press.
1) that of course is not diplomacy, and
2) that is not at all true; this is one more of your ridiculous lies (to which your cult members cheer).

And the "too soft" you talked about, which you report the mainstreet press has condemned ...
1) it is not diplomacy to be a lap dog, and
2) the mainstream press is pointing out that you're actively working in the service of Putin and the Russian mafia. Which, we figure, you are doing in the hope of yet more mafia cash flowing in the direction of your failing businseses.

Trump's supporters cheer dishonesty. They celebrate ridiculous exaggerations. They congratulate Trump for being incompetent and even corrupt.
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It seems folk aren't thinking this through.
"They broke into the office of one of my personal attorneys. And it's a disgraceful situation. It's a total witch hunt."
If Trump supporters / right-wingers celebrate that sort of hate speech, then ... it follows, does it not? that they'll celebrate the hate speech that Putin's mafia is rolling out?

So really, Trump supporters / right wingers are supporting efforts //against// the stability of the nation.
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We need to ask right-wingers: how do they feel about being lied to? how do they feel about the American public being lied to? how do they feel about Fake News?

"Some fools in mainstream media wanted me to just walk over to Putin, on stage, and scream in his face." --Donald Trump; PotUS

Trump loyalists are deeply corrupt. Whatever they say is gospel truth. Whatever he says is Revealed Wisdom. Anything from mainstream media is toxic propaganda and hate-speech. Anything from operatives from Putin's mafia ... that's very special stuff.
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From a discussion in +Versus:
What I settled on for building social cohesion is based on #DiscourseEthics ... discussion as though the others' values counted, as though just what the other person cared about mattered.
(From December 2008 ... fully 10yrs ago: - GP-101 That complete silence reaches back some decades.)

From theory of knowledge and truth-finding I proceeded as though there were 2 strategies. One worked great for the scientific method, where every conclusion or truth-statement leads to other arguments and other questions, and the other rested truth on a set of facts or beliefs the community agrees on.

Is welfare a good thing to do? immediately, an energetic backlash.
How about letting people starve on the street? how about homelssness? (Incident response to the homeless costs //much/ more/ than providing housing.)

When we drill down far enough (which is where technology comes in ... method and technique) we hit something that feels pretty damned solid. Which is to say, most of the time solid enough to suit most people.
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Yup ... a website down-playing the effects of Russian mafia meddling. (see * below)*
Materially misrepresenting actualities. Who do we see peddling #FakeNews? zealous right-wingers.

Just as Trump exaggerated the search of Cohen's offices, so here the authors minimize / dismiss the claims of interference.

"Even if, as is alleged without evidence, an army of Russian bots (even bigger than the notorious Israeli army of bots) was besieging social media with its nefarious slanders against poor innocent Hillary Clinton, this could determine an election only in a vacuum, with no other influences in the field."
(Notice the anti-Israel jab?)

Nobody mocks Trump like that on "main-stream". (Perhaps a panel guest now and then.) But that mocking only sets the stage for the big lie:
"Even if an army of Russian bots was besieging social media with its slanders against Clinton, this could determine an election only in a vacuum" is utter nonsense.

Thousands and perhaps tens of thousands of fake accounts. Many tens of thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands of propaganda items. Milions and millions and millions of reTweets and repetitions.

In one analysis of hashtags, from an acct with over 1M followers, one tweet picked at random was RT'd more than 250,000 times

* That was an article from UNZ dot com, which describes its mission this way:
"The handful of columnists and bloggers whose work I am herein providing represent merely the smallest slice of the enormous range of unconventional ideas"

Interesting that their Twitter stream is automated / bot-driven.

p.s. This review of the site: " Extreme Right, Propaganda, Conspiracy, Hate Group". Another site points out that among the pretty plain-vanilla stories (I mean those you'd expect from a right-wing zealot.) there's a stream of material that's violently against Israel, and some that's blatantly anti-Semitic.
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When does this becomes hate speech?
Important to notice that Trump sets the standard for dishonesty.

His lawyer's offices were broken into. Well ... no. Not broken into.
His lawyer's offices were broken into and documents were stolen. No. Not broken into, and not stolen.
His lawyer's offices were broken into and documents were stolen. An incredible outrage. No!

The FBI had a search warrant. Cohen has made clear that the search took place simply and without any conflict.
But Trump wants to create more tension, to give rise to more indignation and outrage.

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