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Where is the Android version? Why no love for Android Google?

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Here is a watchface I made a little while back. I call it MoonShine:

It has a nice parallaxe effect when you move your wrist around. Enjoy.

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Here is another picture of a user testing his watch for hint of red on pure black background. To his eyes it was fine but after separating the color channels of the picture he submitted as proof it was OK one can see there is red bleeding on the black background. Look at the light grey pixels showing on the red channel picture. See how those are absent from the green and blue channel pictures? Yep, this is because the black background in emitting some dim red. OLED display should no do this for pure black pixels:

RGB (original image):

Red channel:

Green channel:

Blue channel:

Did you notice that the watch display is not totally off when only displaying pure black on the Huawei watch? The screen has a slight reddish glow to it.

I noticed it last night while testing a night mode WatchMaker built watch face. Essentially here is how to reproduce to confirm if this is a watch AMOLED behaviour:

Use a free copy of watchmaker to create an empty watch face (pure black)
- Install the watch face on your watch
- Go in a totally dark room and let your eyes get used to the darkness
- Touch your watch screen to make it go in non dimmed mode.

The slight reddish glow should be visible. It  appear to be emitted by the entire screen. Almost like the red oled sub-pixels get energized just a tiny bit when power is applied to the display making it glow reddish. It is super feint. i could not even record it with my smartphone.

i might pull out my Canon DSLR and try to capture a photo of it this week-end.

i would appreciate if others could confirm what I am seeing. Perhaps this is just a defect with my watch or perhaps it is in all of them. I have never seen an OLED display do that before. It almost look like the bleeding that you can see on LED LCD but much more feint.

Note that I love my watch so far with the exception of this red glow in the dark. Hope a software fix can cure that.

Did you notice that the watch display is not totally off when only displaying pure black on the Huawei watch? The screen has a slight reddish glow to it. Any idea why? Is it possible that watchmaker is not sending a pure black to the watch and somehow keep it to emit some color near the black on the display?

I love the watch so far except for this one strange thing. I hope Huawei can address it via a software fix in the future.

Is there a way to call the Wear Weather app from watchmaker as a touch action? I must be blind because I can't figure how to do it atm ;-(

Here is something I think might be nice to add to watchmaker. It would be nice if watchmaker could offer a "Night" mode alongside the "Bright and dimmed" modes. The night mode could be triggered by detecting when the watch is charging. This would allow for the creation of night specific watch face for the watches or simply select to turn the display black while charging after x seconds.

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Skull feature found in a Valley of Fire mountain

I have a dumb question but can someone explain what is the benefit of Euphoria vs CM12? I saw a lot of post about Euphoria being available as a build for the oneplus but i am not sure I see what is so great about it ;-( Anyone care to share?
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