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Bernard Lopez

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This Month's Best Music Videos
Check out This Month's Best Music Videos on Pause.
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Bernard Lopez

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Chic with Nile Rodgers is back!
John Morales
Chic - Il'l Be There -John Morales M+M Mix Re-Touch 1
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Bernard Lopez

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#disco  from 1976 by the American R&B trio of brothers and sister known as Whirlwind.
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I love old and rare disco
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Bernard Lopez

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Do you know Eastern-influenced #Disco  songs? What comes to my mind "Hills of Katmandu", the great Italo classic by Tantra... Sound a little like Indian music... Do you know any other examples? Click over to the link below to see over three pages of discussion and example tunes with videos...!
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Bernard Lopez

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Love the Rick. 
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Have him in circles
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Bernard Lopez

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The Magzet is a magnetic audio quick connection that wants to change the way you use audio jacks on all your devices. Instead of being tethered t...
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Bernard Lopez

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This performance by a group of talented children will leave a big smile on your face. Just wonderful to see young boys and girls teaming up to play their hearts out with such discipline and determination. I can't wipe this stupid grin off my face :-)
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Bernard Lopez

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The controversial recent history of Charlie Hebdo.
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Bernard Lopez

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Don't Stop the Dance [Special Remix] b/w [Instrumental] (UK 12")
EG Records (UK) / 1985 / FERRX 2 
12" single 45 rpm vinyl record

Producer: Rhett Davies and Bryan Ferry
Engineered by Rhett Davies
Mixed by Bob Clearmountain
Additional re-mixing: Bruce Lampcov
Writers: Ferry, Davies (A, B1); Ferry (B2)
Photography: Stevie Hughes
Artwork: Cream
(C) 1985 EG Music Ltd. 1985
(P) 1985 EG Records Ltd. 1985

Side A 
1. Don't Stop the Dance [Special 12" Re-mix] 5:52

Side B 
1. Don't Stop the Dance [Instrumental] 4:24
2. Nocturne 4:40
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Disco songs & records of the '70s and '80s @
My name is Bernard Lopez and the creator of, which I started in 1996 to share my love of '70s/'80s Disco and dance music with fellow vinyl record collectors, DJs and fans of the genre.

In addition to publishing the above site, I currently work in Washington DC as a web editor for a large government website related to public health. I've previously worked for the U.S. House of Representatives in concert with press secretaries and staff in the daily upkeep of several hundred Member. Committee and Caucus websites mainly on the Drupal CMS platform.

As you'll see by checking out my posts and comments, my interests are far and varied. Everything from:
  • web development, 
  • web publishing, 
  • Mac OS X, 
  • audiophile (Magnepan 3.6R speakers, B&K MC101 Sonata preamp, B&K ST202+ power amp, Teac VRDS-10 CD player and VPI Scout turntable with Dynavector DV20XL), 
  • collect vinyl records and CDs including 3" CD singles
  • foreign and independent films, 
  • wide range of music genres, 
  • road cycling and long distance bicycle touring , 
  • hiking, 
  • collecting diecast bus models , 
  • photography, 
  • and driving just to get lost and discover new places, 
If you share similar interests then please add me to your Circle and interact with me here on Google+.

Thank you,
Bragging rights
In 1997 I rode my bicycle solo from New York to Chicago to discover the real me. Story at
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology
    Web Development..., 2001 - 2001
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