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A stream of unfair comparisons listed here from Microsoft's market share to iPhone/Android distribution. Pretty interesting insight on the topic. 
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“Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure… than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.” 
- Theodore Roosevelt
A very good article on the differentiation of what constitutes a creation, an innovation, an invention and a novelty, and how they should be viewed. It may be good to use this post to demarcate between these terms. #innoveracy  
Illiteracy is the inability to read and write. Though the percent of sufferers has halved in the last 35 years, currently 15% of the world has this affliction. Innumeracy is the inability to apply ...

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1. 你穷,是因为你没有极度渴望成为成功的野心!
2. 你穷,是因为你没有燕雀缺乏的鸿鹄之志!
3. 你穷,是因为你无法战胜自己内心的怯懦!
4. 你穷,是因为你缺乏变不可能为可能的勇气和巨大决心!
I totally agree with Jack Ma on this. Most Singaporeans I know fall into the first category (1) & (2) including some of those who are deemed "government scholars". They blame everything and not bother to keep themselves competitive on the market. You have to believe that you can make the impossible out of the possible, even people might think you are crazy and insane. That's what distinguished between very successful people (1%) and the rest of them. What we should learn is that our success can only be achieved by making our own fate, our own luck and not dependent on who/where we are, who our parents are or who we know.
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The biggest problem for any startups and corporations hiring in Southeast Asia is hiring. One major issue which every founder or industry leader faced is the lack of information on candidates. One can blame it on culture that Asians are not vocal in calling out incompetent people. The only people who I have seen vocal about calling out this lack of information are not from Asia: Steven Goh (CEO, mig33) and Thomas Clayton (CEO, Bubble Motion). So, what I want do in the few posts on this topic is to encourage local entrepreneurs to share information about hires and be much more vocal about incompetent hires, particularly, those with pretty CVs crossing several household names but are truly useless in my view. #hiring   #startups   #southeastasia  
We need to be more transparent in hiring here in Southeast Asia. I am sharing an approach on how to make this more transparent using the moneyball approach.
I am currently building a mailing list to write to those who want to know more or get more interesting information from my blog. If you like what I have been writing, please subscribe to my blog here. 
For those who have a hard time figuring out how to compensate your employees properly on stock options or equity, you should take a look at this post for good advice. #startups   #equity   #compensation  
Three things about hyper growth for #startups:
- You need quick learners.
- You need people who are very comfortable with change.
- You need people who can roll with ambiguity and improvise.
Here’s the question which I am being asked by many people who want to apply to accelerators or planning to start up new businesses. “Should I be the sole founder or find a co-founder?” The answer is not so straightforward. Most accelerators often preached the need to have co-founders and tend to drop applications by single founders. 

Does that mean that you should not attempt to be a single founder? In this essay, I take a contrarian view that you can be the single founder if and only if you satisfy a set of conditions.
  #startups   #singlefounder  
Should you be a single founder or find a co-founder to join your startup. If you satisfy some conditions, being single founder is a possibility.
Got this interesting article from my wife. We had one of our dinner dates, and I did convey which cultures I love & hate negotiating with in business.....   #negotiation   #culture   #business  
A Pragmatic Idealist on Technology, Media & Entrepreneurship. Angel Investor & Fine Dining Critic
A pragmatic idealist on technology, media and entrepreneurship. Angel Investor & Fine Dining Critic. You can read my personal blog:
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