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We never forget that it is YOUR wedding, we spend time getting to know you as a couple so we can understand what makes you tick.
We never forget that it is YOUR wedding, we spend time getting to know you as a couple so we can understand what makes you tick.

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"I am so clear on the way forward I’m literally bursting with excitement to get going! I am now proud of my business and I know I can so do this – this in itself is priceless.”

When Cass contacted me in March she was looking for guidance on her wedding planning business. Although established in 2012 she felt the brand didn’t reflect her as a person or indeed her ideal clients. She felt our mentoring service was exactly the type of support she needed. During our first few Skype sessions we delved very deep into who Cass is as a person and who her ideal client is.

"Before I started working with Bernadette I was a little lost and so unsure of the way forward and what to do next! I was not confident at all and this really showed in the vague packages I had on offer."

Please click the link to find out more on our mentoring service

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Having an understanding of who your ideal will be when launching your business in the wedding industry. Filmed for the +UKAWP

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I know we don’t have many scorching hot days but as we’re in the middle of a little heat wave I thought it was time to pass on some top tips on keeping you and your guests cool.

Cooling Drinks – don’t under estimate how many soft drinks will be drunk on a hot day, yes your guests will still want the champagne but they invariably will want a refreshing and cooling drink in between. Think abut pink lemonade or cooling spritzers like Rhubarb, Orange & Ginger or Strawberry & Lime.

If yours is an outside ceremony have bottles of chilled water under guest seats, legally you cannot have anything alcoholic at this time.

When its time for dancing put a container with ice and bottled water near the dancefloor so guests can continue to stay rehydrated.

Ice Cream – One easy way to cool guests down is by offering them ice cream. This can either be at the welcome drinks or consider having it directly after the ceremony. In the past I’ve organised ice cream vans and trikes to be waiting outside the church for client weddings.

Click the link to read the full article, photo by +Simon Carr Photography

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Why you need to create a wedding budget

No one enjoys talking about money, but you need to set the goal posts right from the start to avoid problems down the line. Knowing how much you’re working with will help you set your priorities for spending. Not only will this help you with your wedding planning but it opens up honest communication which is essential when married. Personally, I feel no one should start their married life by being in debt. It isn’t vital to have an elaborate wedding. Have a wedding that you can afford. So what is that amount to you?

The average UK wedding is £20k but you can spend considerably less or more. Open up the communication with your fiancee and family so everyone is clear what budget you are working to.

What money you have saved so far?
What are you planing to save leading up to the wedding?
What monetary contributions are family giving (if any)?
Once you have done this you should have a sensible, comfortable total figure to work to. This is your wedding budget, it is important to refer back to this throughout the planning process to see if you are under or over spending in certain areas. Without producing a budget from the outset, it is very easy to get carried away and spend money unnecessarily.

Decide where your priorities lay with your wedding. Is it vital you have a stunning historical venue, or perhaps a high energy band is more where your priorities lie? If you need to cut costs then think about what is really important and where money can be saved. Sit together with your fiancee and discuss what your dream wedding would look like, if money wasn’t an issue.

Think about how you want to feel, and how you want guests to feel. Then each decide upon one word to describe your wedding, this is different for every couple, it could be fun it could be elegant. Once you know the feeling you want to convey and the one word to sum up your wedding, it is easier to set your priorities. It can also be equally important to think about what isn’t so important for you. You can refer back to the “must have” and “dislike” answers. This will help you make sensible choices according to your wedding style and budget. and not just because something looked fabulous on pinterest 😉

Click the link to continue reading my top tips xx

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If you are organising a garden party this summer then you might be wondering where to start. Regardless of whether the party is an intimate gathering or a much larger celebration, the planning fundamentals remain the same. The longer you have to plan the party the smoother the logistics will be.

Invite those you wish to come so you have an approx.. idea on numbers. You then need to decide how formal or informal the party will be. Do you envisage a sit down meal complete with place settings? Or will this be more casual with a BBQ and casual tables and chairs?

Depending on your numbers you might need to consider a marquee structure , even if the party is informal you need to plan for weather contingencies. Pop-up gazebos are fine for small numbers but no good if your party is 40+

Think about what furniture you need to provide for guests. A formal sit down meal will require tables and chairs, whereas a casual BBQ might just need garden furniture. You need to think about what furniture is needed both for eating and relaxing. If you don’t have enough of your own you can hire some in easily.

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If you’re planning a UK wedding from abroad, it can definitely be a little more than overwhelming when you look at the process for getting legally married here. We have one of the strictest marriage laws in the world, and it can be easy to feel daunted by the prospect. So I’ve put together a little how-to overview to walk you through it all.

The first thing you need to do is find a venue – explore the type of places you might like to hold your celebration in and start your search. When you give your notice of marriage with the local register office, you will need to give the information about your chosen venue, and if the venue changes after you have received the authorisation to marry, you have to start all over again. So you need to get the venue locked down.

UK law recognises both civil and religious ceremonies. In England and Wales, a marriage can take place in either an Anglican church or other religious building registered for marriage. Civil ceremonies can take place at a register office or approved venue and may not contain any religious content.

If you want to keep your ceremony and reception in one place, look for venues that have a civil license so you can get legally married there. Alternatively, you can book a venue just for your reception and hold the legal ceremony at the register office itself.

Giving Notice & Paperwork
To receive authorisation to marry, both of you must have at least *seven full consecutive days and nights residence in a registration district before you can give your notices at a register office, which means you’ll be in a hotel nearby your chosen venue for a week.

To continue reading what paperwork you need to give notice please click on the link to take you to our blog post

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Couples always want to incorporate little touches into their wedding. Usually, a lot of time and thought about the guests is put in. Here are some thoughts about those little touches, just for you to be aware of.

In this blog post we talk about including your dog as ring bearers. Beautiful collars can be purchased from Cupid Collars

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Dessert tables have become a staple feature of modern celebrations. I’m seeing so many more clients opt out of the big feature cake and instead go for a gorgeous smorgasbord of tasty treats. Perfect choice for the couples who aren’t good at making choices for their wedding but also fabulous for party clients as we can really theme the display in flamboyant ways, which we can’t always do for weddings!

So how do you make your dessert table stand out and Insta-worthy?

Pop on over to our blog for our top tips

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Everybody says it and everybody is right – your wedding day goes by so fast. For so many couples, all the hard work, stress and effort that went into planning their wedding ends up pretty much wasted on them because there wasn’t enough time in the day.

In this blog post I talk about how to ensure you have time to actually enjoy your wedding day.
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