The new One Channel brings new decisions of where to drive traffic to your Live Event on YouTube.

Marketing your public live event is imperative to gain viewers and keep your Production Cost Per Viewer at a minimum. 

You should always consider what URL and how many different links you should promote for your live stream. And make sure all producers and promoters are coordinated with the correct live event address. 

You can no longer 'feature' a live stream on the front page of your YouTube channel the same way you did before.

Some options of where to drive traffic for your YouTube live stream include: 

➪ the Watch Page URL.
This is the origin or source URL for all videos and live events on YouTube. This is a YouTube formated page that you do not have control of. The naming convention is:
The video id is generated by YouTube and unique to the video. 
Any savvy user can drill down to this page regardless if it is embedded in your domain page or from your channel. 
The challenge with this URL is that it is a source URL auto generated by YouTube. So you don't have exact control of it. For example, If you build the live event, get the generated ID, market the URL out to the wild and then find that the URL needs to change, maybe because the live event wasn't initially built correctly - then you will need to create a new event and market again.
As well if your archive URL is different from the live event URL then many will be directed to "this live event has ended" message after the event concludes. 
The Watch page offers many features to the viewer such as description, comments, sharing, transcripts and certain analytics. 

➪ Your YouTube Channel address. This is beneficial if you want viewers to know more about your channel and other videos. However, right now there is no featured - front and centered live video playing any longer for existing subscribers of your channel. You can feature the live event as a trailer for non subscribers and it plays automatically. But for subscribers you will need to setup a row or list called Live Now which displays the thumbnails of any live event that is broadcasting - If the live event is set to Public.
The first live video in that Live Now row or list, if public, can be displayed from a single URL which is mentioned next.

Generic Live URL This URL will automatically point to the Watch page of the first live video in the Live Now row or list - if it is currently live and has already started AND the video is listed as public and not unlisted or private. 
The naming convention is{YourChannelName}/live
It might be a challenge to utilize this link for pre-marketing - because if the event has not begun then the viewer is directed to your channel home page. 
Reconsider using this link if you have more than one live event occurring at the same time. That generic link directs to the first live event listed in the 'Live now' content list.
Variations to this are to provide the URL to a playlist link - where the video in the playlist is the live event URL.
Also you might consider providing the URL to the content header link - such as Live now or Upcoming events
With as dynamic as YouTube has been in the last many months you want to be careful with these URLs as the parameters might change - and why I'm not going to list them - just hover your cursor over the link and note the URL. Although the layout that these direct to might not be optimal there is added control if you don't want to drive to the watch page or are unable to embed your player.

 ➪ Embedded Player hosted from your domain web site. This option gives you a lot of control over the page content. You build a web page that you host on your servers and embed the YouTube live video player on that page. You can add other frames and additional branding and customise considerably. This option also gives you another viewer statics option because you can look at your web server log files to get traffic metrics. 

 ➪ YouTube Branded Channels and 'Gadgets' many large productions with large ad campaigns can have their channel custom branded. Often these customizations include links to external web sites, multiple network login for comments (such as from Facebook and Twitter along with Google), and other options.
The benefit is that the user is driven to the home YouTube channel URL and can see the event front and center and are more likely to subscribe. These custom branded channels can be very creative and I'm always excited to see them when they are announced. They are almost always the top featured live events from
If your event is large enough then talk with your partner rep about your project.   

Things to consider about all options: 

Will your archive URL be the same as your live event URL? If the video is under two hours then it is very beneficial to maintain one URL through the life cycle of the live event. 

After you list your event as Public then it will be listed under

Viewer engagement: Consider if YouTube comments will be enabled. They are easily viewed from the Watch page. But there may be some frame implementations on an embedded player page that you host.  

Generally, consider trying to keep the initial promoted URLs active links through the life cycle of the live event: pre event promotion > live event > post event archive. 

Try very hard to build the live event correct the first time so you don't have to re-market a new link. 

What pages are you driving traffic to for live events on YouTube? 

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