Effective Production Methods of Live Streaming Conferences and Expos on YouTube. 

The Consumer Electronics Show is one of the largest expos of the year in Las Vegas and CES 2014 has the most #YouTubeLive  coverage than before - coming from producers such as +TechCrunch and +Engadget 

If you are considering a live stream of your multi-day conference then think about broadcasting it as a 24/7 webcast over the duration of the event. This format method of using one live URL over the duration instead of multiple URLs (one for each day) can be a successful method of producing your event. This method is often used for music festivals and can add efficiency to marketing strategies. 

Production formats might feature a news desk with various live segments and floor reporter interviews. As well as pre-built package roll ins. When the show floor is closed then playback highlights through the night with teasers of what's coming next. 

Additional exposure can be achieved by feeding the broadcast to hotel dark channels where attendees are staying - this will enable guests to watch the live stream on their hotel room televisions. 

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