The big news yesterday across the media landscape was President Elect Donald Trump’s press conference. The most notable, and most discussed part of this event was when Trump summarily ignored a CNN reporters request to ask him a question. He simultaneously told the CNN reporter that CNN is “Fake news”.


The corporate media’s predictable response was to state just how wrong this was. Some pundits called for solidarity against Trump opting to shut out a fellow member of the fourth estate.

While there is merit to their outrage of not being able to question the President-Elect, there is also room to point out that a healthy share of what happened yesterday is their fault. Please allow me to elaborate.

During the course of the entire election the corporate news outlets, to include CNN spent an great amount of time training their cameras on Donald Trump. It is estimated that by March of 2016 (according to the New York Times) that they spent so much time doing so that he easily outpaced the coverage of every other presidential contender.

He had more airtime than all three of the Democratic candidates combined. He also had more airtime than the rest of the Republican contenders combined.

It is estimated that by March of 2016 Donald Trump received 2 billion dollars worth of free air time. In terms of free media alone, he received more free air time than the entire field of contenders whether Republican or Democrat. Let that sink in for a moment. One man received more publicity that the other 17 candidates combined, regardless of party.



To add insult to injury CBS executive Chairman, Les Moonves basically came out and said that focusing on Trump was good for their bottom line even though it wasn’t in the best interest of America.

He stated the following:
“ I’ve never seen anything like this, and this going to be a very good year for us,” he said at the event. “Sorry. It’s a terrible thing to say. But, bring it on, Donald. Keep going.”

“It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS,”
-Les Moonves


So the important thing to note is that the motivation for covering Trump wasn’t about giving the constituents of America a view into the numerous candidates running for office. The motivation was about profit. This is not surprising to most American citizens as trust in corporate media is very low. In fact according to Gallop, only 32% of all Americans trust Mass Media.A more detailed look into the findings are in the link below.


When trying to understand why trust in the media was so low Gallop stated:

“The divisive presidential election this year may be corroding Americans’ trust and confidence in the media, particularly among Republicans who may believe the “mainstream media” are too hyperfocused on every controversial statement or policy proposal from Trump while devoting far less attention to controversies surrounding the Clinton campaign.”

So with the insane amount of free coverage that the Corporate media gave Donald Trump combined with the distrust in media, is it any wonder that Donald Trump is our president-elect? There comes a point where the decisions you make in the fourth estate come back to bite you. 

Focus on sensationalism and profits have have been the rule for corporate media for years. The importance of informing voters and journalistic integrity have been on the back burner for so long that there is no trust in CNN and other corporate news outlets.

The natural result is what you had yesterday. Trump utterly dismissing CNN (and likely other outlets in the future) and branding them as “fake news”. It's hard to garner a lot of sympathy for not being able to execute your responsibilities as the fourth estate when you have largely neglected that role prior to that moment. In other words, "The chickens have finally come home to roost."
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