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When power plants begin capturing their #carbon emissions to reduce greenhouse gases – and to most in the electric power industry, it’s a question of when, not if – it will be an expensive undertaking. But a new #computer model shows that less expensive technologies are on the horizon. #climatechange #utilities
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EXAMPLE: (Coal:) It takes about 3 million tons of coal (costing $120,000,000 at US $40 per ton, delivered) to make 1,000 megaWatts of electricity for a year.(Thorium:) "Once up and running, 800 kg [1,760 pounds] ofthorium (costing $50,000 at US $28.40 per pound), would produce 1,000 megaWatts of electricity for a year [using a molten salt reactor]." (Stated by Dr. David LeBlanc, Ottawa, Canada, Ottawa_Valley_Research_Associates_Ltd. in a Google lecture on Feb 19, 2009.) Comparing 3 million tons of coal priced at $40 per ton delivered with 1,760 pounds of thorium priced at $28.40 per pound, we have$120,000,000 for coal [divided by] $50,000 for thorium. This shows that heat from thorium is 2,400 times cheaper than heat from coal.Dr. LeBlanc's Feb 19, 2009, Google lecture on this subject: Liquid Fluoride Reactors: A New Beginning for an Old Idea
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