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Helping you take your social media and content marketing to new heights through thoughtful strategy and storytelling.
Helping you take your social media and content marketing to new heights through thoughtful strategy and storytelling.


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Personal Brands Are Not Corporate Brands
by +Jeremy Miller 

Good post on the differences between a corporate brand and personal brand.

They are distinctly different.

Yet, many people write blog posts about branding, such as 5 ways to better branding or 10 tips to make your brand stand out from the pack.

But many fail to differentiate between personal branding and business branding. As Jeremy points out, the brand building process is quite different between the two.

Read it here:

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How to use Social Media to Optimize Your Next Event 

This infographic from +Gryffin Media offers tips that will help you maximize your marketing efforts and have people buzzing about your event. 

You’ll learn what to do 1-3 months prior to event, such as:
➤ Start with ORGANIC Promotions
➤ Advertise with PAID Promotions
➤ Reap in EARNED Promotions
➤ Promote, Measure, and IMPROVE!

Then 1-3 weeks prior to the event, you’ll want to ramp up with teaser content and promotions, and engage with attendees. 

The infographic also goes into what to do on event day and after the event.

See all steps and tips here:

#socialmediamarketing #eventpromotions #events #socialmediatips

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Social Media: 15 Ways You’re Doing It Wrong
by +Bob Cargill via +ClickZ

Social media is certainly not new. Facebook is a decade old and next year Twitter will turn 10 years old. Sure there’s new shiny objects popping up all the time and social media is fast moving, but new it is not.

Regardless of platform, there are key elements that can help brands be successful, such as having a plan, knowing when to hire help or using social media to help others and remembering to thank people for sharing or liking your content.

Despite good intentions, some brands still don’t quite get social media. Don’t be one of them. 

Are you making any of these social media mistakes?

See all 15 mistakes here:

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#socialmediamarketing #socialmediamistakes #socialmediatips

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How to Build a Loyal Audience on the Web
by +Neil Patel 

There’s no denying that Neil has a loyal following (us included...we love his content). Why? Because he consistently gives us quality and actionable information.

In his latest infographic he explains what it takes to create a loyal audience, which includes:

➤ Focusing on quality, not quantity by tracking metrics that matter
➤ Focusing on owned audiences (email lists) and not borrowed audiences (social media)
➤ Partner and leverage with influencers who have an audience you want
➤ Always test, test, test
➤ Create high-quality and targeted content
➤ Invest in design*

See Infographic Here:

* Visual communications and design are key elements to add to your marketing mix. It will help with attracting and building a loyal audience. If you’re looking to up your visual communications game and get design savvy then you need to know +Andrea Beltrami. Like Neil, Dre gives her readers and followers compelling and engaging content that makes us better visual communicators and marketers.

#emailmarketing #blogging #digitalmarketing #visualcommunications #design

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8 Types Of Visual Diarrhea That Plague DIYers 
by +Andrea Beltrami 

Nowadays, visual communications are a key part of any social media and digital marketing strategy. 

Andrea helps us avoid creating cringe worthy visuals; and instead, helps us create visuals that are eye-catching and create pause so we get noticed (and shared).

She offers great tips and tons of examples.

Read It Now:

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#visualcommunications #contentmarketing #imagetips #smallbiz

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The Role of Facebook Hashtags in Your Marketing

Does your Facebook marketing strategy include the use of hashtags?

This infographic by +SignalMind (via +Pragmatic) offers tips on how Facebook hashtags can help your brand.

#hashtags #socialmediastrategy #FacebookMarketing #socialmediamarketing
Facebook Hashtags' Role In Your Marketing Efforts

Though  #Facebook  has become difficult to fully promote your #business , a big way around the new algorithm is the use of Facebook #hashtags ! Take a look at this #infographic  and see the benefit of using hashtags on Facebook.

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Want to Increase Your Google+ Engagement?
+Plus Your Business! shows you how to create Super Engaging Google+ Posts

Learn key formatting tricks and why it’s important to be strategic about what you write in the first few lines before the “read more” kicks in.

See Now:

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h/t to +Carrie-Anne Foster 

#googleplus #googleplustips #socialmediamarketing

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Promoted Tweets Soon To See Significantly Higher Reach

Why? For the first time promoted tweets are going to show up outside of Twitter in places like Flipboard and other Twitter partner sites and apps.

The move will give Twitter access to a larger audience, which will significantly increase reach for advertisers and more revenue for Twitter. 

Get the details from +Garett Sloane’s +Adweek article: Twitter Finally Reveals Its Plan to Make Money From All Those Free Tweets Posted Everywhere

h/t to +alittlebranding

#Twittter #PromotedTweets #advertising #paidsocial
Promoted tweets going outside the Twittersphere?

Looks like we will be seeing promoted tweets on selected partner's sites and apps

Ads will appear on apps like Flipboard.

See +Garett Sloane​'s article in +Adweek

Twitter Finally Reveals Its Plan to Make Money From All Those Free Tweets Posted Everywhere

Read More:

#Twitter #Ads #PromotedTweets

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10 Key Factors That Will Determine the Future of Google+
by +Eric Enge of +Stone Temple Consulting

Eric takes a close look at the arguments people make against Google+ and arguments people make for Google+.

What do you think? Should you invest time into using it?

Here’s what Eric has to say on the matter:

#GooglePlus #socialnetworking #socialmedia

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Helpful tips from +Kim Beasley on how to switch between Google+ Pages; switch between connected Google+ Pages when using YouTube; post privately on Google+; report a fake account; and pin a post.

h/t to +martin shervington 

#GooglePlus #Googleplustips 
This Week In The Google+ Help Community

A few tips that focus on Posting, Handling fake accounts and switching pages on Google+ or YouTube!

I’m excited that I get to share tips and techniques for the latest Google+ Help Weekly Report, where we discuss a trending topic within the Google+ Help Community!

Switching between Google+ Pages

If you have more than one Google+ Page, then you may be faced with needing to switch between your pages. There are a few ways to do this.

☑ One of the simplest ways is to hover over the Google+ logo in the top left so that the sliding left sidebar can display.
☑ Then click on Pages which will take you to the section on Google+ where you can access all of the pages you have created and also to create new Google+ pages.

Learn more about Google+ page management:

Switching between connected Google+ Pages when using YouTube

When using Google+ as a page, sometimes you might need to view or manage a YouTube channel. If you have multiple pages that have their own channel then you might need to switch between channels or pages.

To help you learn more about switching between channels for your pages, there’s a Google Help Guide that can be found here:

Also, if you need further assistance with YouTube, please visit their product forum:

See the full discussion here:

Posting privately on Google+

Sometimes a need may arise where you need to post privately to a single person or a group of people.

☑ In order to do this, you would need to edit the “TO” field at the bottom of the post.
☑ Remove everything and then start typing the name of the person or persons that you want to post privately to.
☑ Remember to re-edit the “TO” field to select Public when you are ready to start back posting publicly.

Learn more about posting to Google+ by visiting: 

Reporting a fake account

A common question about accounts is how to handle things when you are faced with someone impersonating you are someone you know. Where they have created a fake account on Google+ and proceeded to pretend to be someone they aren’t. 

Learn more about reporting fake accounts here:

You can read the full discussion here:

► Tip of the Week

How to Pin a Post:

Occasionally, you might want to draw attention to a specific post that you have shared. One of the ways you can do this is to pin it on your profile.

☑ To do this, click on the arrow (or chevron) in the upper right of the post.
☑ You will see “Pin post” and when you select this option, your post will be pinned at the top of your profile, just below your profile header area.

Original announcement on Google+:


Thanks for all of your questions and insights this week. Special thanks to everyone who helped respond to these trending topics and all the other help questions this week. Make sure to check back again next week when +Luiz Fernando will help to highlight the best questions and answers on the community.

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