PSA : Take a look at the cable in the picture below. If you find a deal online for a cable that looks anything like this on Amazon, Ebay, or a site like Alibaba, don't buy it. AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS.

I've looked through my history of reviews online and I have in the past purchased at least 8 different variants of this cable for review. I dug up each of these cables from my collection of bad cables since the SurjTech cable (which looks exactly like the one in the picture) fried my equipment and did some additional testing.

With some exceptions, most cheaper cables you'll buy on Amazon aren't manufactured by the brand that sells them to you. They typically go to some common suppliers with specifications and put their brand on it. (as an aside, that's why cables from iOrange-E, Cambond, F-color, and other brands are so similar in a good way).

In this case, there is a common manufacturer for the following brands that I can see on Amazon today : 
* SurjTech

What's troubling is that when I examine the different variants of the cables from this common manufacturer, none of the variants are correctly configured using a 56 kΩ resistor, but their errors are also not consistent!

Here are the types of errors I found with this kind of cable : 
1) No CC termination
2) 5.1kΩ pullup 
3) 5.1kΩ pulldown
4) 10 kΩ pullup
5) Swapped Vbus and Gnd + 10kΩ pulldown

The last kind of cable killed my equipment. It almost seems like the manufacturer is just trying random permutations of settings and pushing out the result into the market. Scary...

Furthermore, and here's the coup de grace, EVERY one of these cables claim to be SuperSpeed 10gbps USB 3.1 cables with the logo (the SuperSpeed trident below), the packaging, and the Amazon listings.

Every single one of these "strong" braided cables are missing the 4 additional SuperSpeed wires + 1 ground return needed by SuperSpeed. This is such a terrible deception. :(

I urge anyone to keep an eye out for this kind of cable and simply ignore it. I will leave as many negative reviews as I can, but it seems like random sellers pop up on Amazon and elsewhere selling this deceptive product every day.

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