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That's an unbelievably low price for a Skylake-U powered Chromebook with 2x USB Type-C.

I use one of these (higher specced version, with 1080p display) as my personal Chromebook, actually.
If you’re in the market for a Chromebook that has the power to deliver a great Chrome OS experience and won’t break the bank the Lenovo ThinkPad Chromebook 13 may be the device for you.
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No eraserhead pointer? That's not a Thinkpad...};-)

Seriously, I would consider a Thinkpad Chromebook just for the keyboard, assuming it's the same as on Windows Thinkpad laptops. But it has to come with the standard erasehead pointer.
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Benson Leung

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Breaking #USB #TypeC news!

The Nintendo Switch is confirmed to charge from USB Type-C. Very likely the Type-C port is also used with USB Power Delivery and Alternate Modes to support the Switch's display modes while docked.


Here's what to expect when Nintendo goes live at 11PM ET. Plus, watch the show with us right here!
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Benson Leung

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I was interviewed by +Glenn Fleishman about #USB   #TypeC  cables.

I tried to tell a little bit about how I started doing reviews of cables.
Helpful though they are, plucky small bands of testers can't make up for the lack of independent consumer-focused labs for tech equipment.
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+Arik Licholat I hope so. Though I'm not counting on it. It's been so long.
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Benson Leung

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Some news from my team at Google, the +Google Chrome OS team from #CES2017 . The new +ASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA has just been released!

It's a sleek aluminum body 360-degree convertible laptop with a Skylake-Y processor, but the cool part for my readers in that it has two #USB   #TypeC  ports, one on each side. It comes with a 45W charger, and like other Chromebooks, it supports USB 3.1 Gen 1, charging from either port, and DP Alternate Mode for display out at up to 4k resolution and 60hz.

This is actually the machine that I've been using for a few months now, and has quickly become one of my favorite Chromebooks.

Fun fact : I (along with some other Googlers) helped come up with the codename for this laptop : "Cave" for Cave Johnson, Founder of Aperture Science!

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+Benson Leung how does the Flip compare to the 2013 Pixel in terms of performance and build quality? I'm looking to upgrade in the near future.
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Benson Leung

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Curious why Chromebooks don't use Qualcomm application processors and have mainly stuck to Intel and some smaller ARM vendors?

See what two ex-Chrome OS Googlers have to say.
One difficulty is Qualcomm's reluctance to open-source and upstream the various drivers that make up Linux support for the embedded devices. If Qualcomm doesn't demonstrate ongoing support for their devices in the Linux kernel, then Google (or a Chromebook OEM) would best significant engineering risk if an update needs to be made in the future. Qualcomm seems to prefer the business model of Android where they can "ship it and forget it". 
Chrome OS has always been an OS that utilizes multiple SoC’s by multiple manufacturers with various configurations. Amongst those processors, there are a few names missing, though.
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This sounds similar to the purported reason that the Galaxy Nexus did not receive one more major Android update - TI did not/would not release updated graphics drivers.
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Benson Leung

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If you're a follower of this and my other collections, you'll recognize the Twinkie analyzer tool :

Up until recently, the tool has been slightly clunky to use. Getting to Twinkie's command line required a Linux distro running on a PC, and even then, the specific instructions included installing the "usbserial" driver and writing Twinkie's USB VID:PID into sysfs to tell the usbserial driver what Twinkie is.

Recent Linux kernels have changed that because Google's serial devices (of which Twinkie is one) have now been included in the usb_serial_simple driver, so it should just be plug-and-play for recent Linux distributions.

As of Chrome OS 55, the necessary kernel patches are now in live in stable channel on Chrome OS as well.

What does this mean? If you're a Chromebook user and a Type-C enthusiast or developer, it's now possible to use Twinkie's command line interface without being in Developer mode, and without using Crouton or anything else.

Instead, install BeagleTerm :

Then plug in Twinkie, and launch BeagleTerm. All works while the Chromebook is even in Normal mode (secure boot).

This will also work with +Plugable's USBC-TKEY version of Twinkie available here :

Hope this has been helpful!

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+Nathan K. +Benson Leung We're updating the firmware on the next batch of USBC-TKEY and will make sure the new spoofing/injection features get in there, so that the buyer doesn't need to flash a stock firmware from Google (which does work too). Thanks again for all the work here!
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Benson Leung

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Review inbound. Aukey 5000mAh power bank and bundled cables and adapters.

It's not looking good for Aukey so far... Expect a more detailed analysis of what they did wrong.

#USBC   #USB   #TypeC  
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+Tommaso Ferri His teaser text says otherwise and the usb-c female to usb-a adapter is a huge spec violation which does not bode well for the rest of the device.
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Benson Leung

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I made a small error in reading and transcribing the USB Type-C spec when I edited this page last time.

I had previously wrote that 5V should only be applied when voltage vRd on CC is 0.85 < vRd < 2.60V. It turns out that 2.60V is the threshold voltage, and that the correct value should be 2.45V for the maximum voltage of vRd.

Page has been edited to reflect this.

Thanks +Nathan K.  for bringing this to my attention.
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+Benson Leung Roger, thank you for your patience! "Those who, like you, have leadership thrust upon them, and take up the mantle because they must, and find to their own surprise that they wear it well." - Albus Dumbledore
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Benson Leung

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A couple more announcements from the +Google Chrome OS team related to #USB   #TypeC .

The Samsung Chromebook Plus and Samsung Chromebook Pro have been announced. Both new convertibles have two USB Type-C, one on each side of the laptop, and support USB 3.1 Gen 1, as well as charging, and DP Alternate mode for display out.

The Samsungs come with 30W Type-C and USB PD chargers.

Fun fact : The Samsung Chromebook Pro is codenamed "Caroline", who avid Portal fans may recognize as Cave Johnson's assistant in Portal 2.

Great to see more Type-C gear hitting the market!

+Samsung USA 
Two new Chromebooks from Samsung bring together the best of Chrome OS and Android for a whole new experience.
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+Benson Leung have you verified these are 100% spec compliant?
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Benson Leung

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I quite appreciate that +The Wirecutter did a thorough analysis of the landscape of password managers, and I especially like that they point out that +Google Chrome OS support is VERY important too.

Spoiler alert: +LastPass comes up on top in part because of their exhaustive support of any and all operating systems, including Chrome OS.

In fact, a look at the competition shows that if you are a Chrome OS user, you don't have very many options if you want a password manager (outside of Chrome's built in one) that syncs between your devices.

If you're interested in starting #LastPass, here's my referral link. If you use it you'll get a month of Premium service for free (full disclosure, I get a month free too if you sign up) :
The Wirecutter reviewed the best password managers, including LastPass! Check it out:
If you’re not using a password manager, start now. As we wrote in Password Managers Are for Everyone—Including You, a password manager makes you less vulnerable online by generating strong ra…
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+Zak Kaufman I know when it launched it did not work with the passphrase, but the password site is giving me the option to enable it now. Not sure what that means. The docs still say it does not work with the passphrase.
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Benson Leung

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Huh. I was in a waiting room and flipping through +CNET Magazine (who knew they did a print magazine, by the way) and I found two full page ads from the USB-IF.

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Benson Leung

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+Android Central interviewed Total Phase about their new Advanced Cable Tester.

#USBC   #USB   #TypeC  
All of the things that make USB-C awesome and future-proof and versatile are the same things that make it incredibly dangerous and in need of regulation we've never had before.
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hi mr Benson leung you r doing great..i want to know which is better
type c otg cable or type c adaptor
i have recently bought nexus 6p mobile.i have kingston 3.0 otg pendrive without type c usb port.please guide me which company is best bcoz i have read ur article about how a cheap cable can damage the phone.plz do reply.links will be welcomed
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Helpful though they are, plucky small bands of testers can't make up for the lack of independent consumer-focused labs for tech equipment.

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Two new Chromebooks from Samsung bring together the best of Chrome OS and Android for a whole new experience.

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