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+Texas Instruments put together this blog post last year, and it's an excellent resource for questions that are bound to come up this year about Power Delivery 2.0 versus Power Delivery 3.0.

Critically, it addresses the common misconception that the new PD Power Rules only applies to PD 3.0. That's not true! The 5/9/15/20 rules started applying to all PD 2.0 adapters in January of 2016 as well! See my post about that here :

The rest of the post goes to explain what the real difference between PD 2 and PD 3 is. It's subtle, but basically PD 3 builds in additional infrastructure into the protocol. Since TI's blog post, there's actually been a few new features added to PD 3.0 due to the expanded messages support. Perhaps later, I'll explain what these are (hint, something called Programmable Power Supply)


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Nintendo's UK site released more information about the Switch today.

Of note is that they confirmed the #USB Type-C connector on the bottom of the Switch is the interface that links with the Switch dock.

This strongly indicates that +Nintendo implemented USB Power Delivery (in order to swap power and data roles with the docking station), as well as some Alternate Mode for video out (I'm crossing my fingers for DP Alternate Mode, as that's the one that we use exclusively in the PC industry today).

I'm very excited about the Switch. Here's hoping they did Type-C right, and we have a healthy interoperable ecosystem of accessories that can cross pollinate from PCs, phones, and game consoles!

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Great to see another Internet giant support Fido U2F!

I can now use the same physical security key that I use every day to log into Google to log into Dropbox, Github, and now Facebook!

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This is absolutely true, and it's what's been keeping me very busy at work these days.

Chromebooks come from platform families, most of which derive from common reference platforms defined by my team.

Starting in 2016, we decided that all new reference platforms must be designed with USB Type-C charging, data, and display out.

Since then, we've debuted systems based on reference platforms using processors:
Intel Skylake-Y
Intel Skylake-U
Intel Apollo Lake
Mediatek MT8173 ARM

Any Chromebook that uses one of the processors above also share the same common reference platform, and therefore must use USB-C for charging, data, and display out.

There may be a few other systems shipping this year that are based on older reference platforms and won't use USB-C (Intel Braswell comes to mind), but the vast majority of new systems will use USB-C because they are based on the work that my team did last year.

#USBC #USB #TypeC +Google Chrome Developers

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This picture didn't come through clearly on my Aukey Amazon review (, so I will post it here.

On the left is normal dual-role toggling with nothing attached to the power bank. Both CC pins are pulled up to about 3V, and then pulled down to 0V.

Upon attaching a USB-IF certified C-to-C cable with an e-marker, the power bank starts exhibiting this weird sawtooth pattern as you can see on the right. Voltage is WAY lower on the highs than it's supposed to be, and way higher on the lows.


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As promised, here is my review of Aukey's PB-Y8 power bank.

The battery pack has serious issues with Type-C compliance, causing it to behave incorrectly when used with C-to-C cables with e-markers, which will become much more common, especially now that Apple ships them with every MacBook Pro.

Furthermore, both of the little adapters that are tied onto the cable violate the Type-C specification and should not be used.

Aukey. Fix your product. In the meantime, stop selling it on Amazon. Amazon has strict rules about compliance now.


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#USB   #TypeC  news from my team at Google, the +Google Chrome OS team.

We are announcing a new line of Chromebooks designed for education based on the Intel Apollo Lake processor from Acer, Asus, and others. Every one of these new Chromebooks support #USBC  charging from two ports (one on each side of the laptop).

This has actually been my "day job" for much of the last year to work on the software that makes these new Apollo Lake systems work.

There are interesting features to the USB Type-C architecture we used on these Chromebooks too, perhaps I'll give more details at a future time when these are out on the market.

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That's an unbelievably low price for a Skylake-U powered Chromebook with 2x USB Type-C.

I use one of these (higher specced version, with 1080p display) as my personal Chromebook, actually.

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Review inbound. Aukey 5000mAh power bank and bundled cables and adapters.

It's not looking good for Aukey so far... Expect a more detailed analysis of what they did wrong.

#USBC   #USB   #TypeC  

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Breaking #USB #TypeC news!

The Nintendo Switch is confirmed to charge from USB Type-C. Very likely the Type-C port is also used with USB Power Delivery and Alternate Modes to support the Switch's display modes while docked.


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