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My 2nd gen Moto 360 died tonight. Looking for a nice round watch but there are almost zero other that I like. I would like the Huawei (1st gen) but it's like the 360: very old...

I don't know what to choose now... 

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Why don't you have both? :-)

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Q: take a note something something
A: there's no note app installed

Then WTF is Google keep then?

It's been one week with my new Moto 360 (2nd), over my old g watch. It's been a please to use.

It's been less than 24 hours with Android Wear 2.0 and this is beyond stupid.
- a keyboard? WTF. I know I can not use it if I want but still that's one button when replying to someone on a small screen, plus now the microphone has to be tapped if I want to dictate. Before it was just hitting reply and talking.
- I had a hard time canceling the keyboard. Swiping left didn't work, apparently I had to click the hardware button. What was wrong with swiping left like any other app on the watch?
- I have zero idea how to open an app. I used to swipe left and choose one of the last 3 apps, usually start fit workout. Now I still don't know how to list the apps, except swipe down, settings, apps. That has got to be the worst UX
- the play store on the watch? WTF? I twist my wrist and use the screen one handed for more than 15 seconds before feeling uncomfortable. I can't use this feature without removing the watch from the wrist and I'd rather use my phone for that. Again, I can not use it but what's the point? I'd rather like the engineering time spent on other features
- who the fuck changes watch faced every 10 minutes? Half of the topmost interaction methods (swiping) are bloated with a feature I have used literally 5 times in 1+ year. That is plain stupid. They could put app drawer on one side and maybe Google now/assistant on the other.

And of course the watch is slower.
This sucks.

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Gotta love the comment section
We’ve got the feels 💙 for #AndroidO’s new emoji. Find out how Google's designers reimagined over 2,000 emoji characters (and invented 69 more) all in the interest of expression:
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Me watching +yiğit boyar​'s talk
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I loved the previous emojis, the ones from O are HIDEOUS. Looks like Facebook's, only worse.

The new update notification is really nice.
How can you tell if the update has rolled out to the device?

Is there a plan/way to compete without opening the app? If the app is not opened for a day I will lose even if I walked more than my friends. Unless I am mistaken.

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