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I haven't seen any mention of this issue here.

Basically if you use beta/alpha, your users can't subscribe to the app testing from mobile unless they explicitly open the URL in their browser.
More workarounds on the reddit thread.

I hope someone can fix this very soon, it's super bad for getting valuable feedback from testers!

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Some people are assholes. Whining for a free product developed as open source by an individual in his free time.
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About Arch, when is this not going to be a lint error anymore?
Should I post an issue on the bug reporter?

protected SupportSQLiteOpenHelper createOpenHelper(DatabaseConfiguration configuration) {
final SupportSQLiteOpenHelper.Callback _openCallback = new RoomOpenHelper(configuration, new RoomOpenHelper.Delegate() {

../generated/source/apt/debug/com/xxx/yyy/db/ RoomOpenHelper constructor can only be called from within the same library group (

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25% = 0%
Taking it off the charger in the morning means 90% within minutes

So basically I start the day at 65% and I can't do shit about it.
Battery is glued so I can't swap with a new one.
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Je cherche à acheter une montre mais j'ai rien trouvé de bien.
Mes critères:
* capteur de fréquence cardiaque
* ronde et si possible esthétique (genre moto 360, huawei watch 1, fossil, etc)
* pas de souci si elle est grosse (je suis grand), au contraire si la batterie est plus grosse
* si possible compatible android wear 2

Jusqu'à présent je pense que seule la moto 360 II 46mm convient mais impossible de la trouver.
J'ai acheté le mois dernier une 42mm d'occasion sur amazon, mais elle est tombée en panne, et je vais la renvoyer.

Avez-vous des idées/conseils?
J'ai toujours ma vieille LG G Watch (carrée) donc ça peut attendre cet automne si besoin.

My 2nd gen Moto 360 died tonight. Looking for a nice round watch but there are almost zero other that I like. I would like the Huawei (1st gen) but it's like the 360: very old...

I don't know what to choose now...
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Why don't you have both? :-)
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Q: take a note something something
A: there's no note app installed

Then WTF is Google keep then?
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It's been one week with my new Moto 360 (2nd), over my old g watch. It's been a please to use.

It's been less than 24 hours with Android Wear 2.0 and this is beyond stupid.
- a keyboard? WTF. I know I can not use it if I want but still that's one button when replying to someone on a small screen, plus now the microphone has to be tapped if I want to dictate. Before it was just hitting reply and talking.
- I had a hard time canceling the keyboard. Swiping left didn't work, apparently I had to click the hardware button. What was wrong with swiping left like any other app on the watch?
- I have zero idea how to open an app. I used to swipe left and choose one of the last 3 apps, usually start fit workout. Now I still don't know how to list the apps, except swipe down, settings, apps. That has got to be the worst UX
- the play store on the watch? WTF? I twist my wrist and use the screen one handed for more than 15 seconds before feeling uncomfortable. I can't use this feature without removing the watch from the wrist and I'd rather use my phone for that. Again, I can not use it but what's the point? I'd rather like the engineering time spent on other features
- who the fuck changes watch faced every 10 minutes? Half of the topmost interaction methods (swiping) are bloated with a feature I have used literally 5 times in 1+ year. That is plain stupid. They could put app drawer on one side and maybe Google now/assistant on the other.

And of course the watch is slower.
This sucks.
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