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Anyone out there use google voice as their primary number? Experiences/thoughts? +Laura Chin is considering switching over (as am I!)
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i do and i def recommend it. its very easy to give out one number and then connect any new phone to the service.... no more losing contacts or sending out new numbers.... at least not until they start charging for the service.
Any outages / disadvantages?
i got rid of my unlimited sms att plan and use GV as my SMS number with the mobile app... the app itself sucks though with slow connections (i really think someone over there made it bad on purpose by using blocking http api requests or something just as mischievous) can't wait for iMessage

also big benefit of GV is the voice transcription of voice messages. amazin'. can't live w/o it once you get used to it.
obv it works best if you have an android phone, which i do. but the only big issue i have seen is some calls going straight to vmail instead of ringing. doesnt happen often for me though... (i live in los angeles)
using nexus one (not rooted but unlocked) on tmobile network. no roms or mods, all default everything...
i get annoyed with it for SMS... but love the transcription and voice parts.
If you're willing to jailbreak your your phone it can be completely seamless. There's apps which pipe phone calls/sms in the default apps though GV so I don't notice. The biggest problem with this is when iOS 5 comes out who knows how long until there's a JB for it, and then whether the JB apps will work on iOS 5.

If you don't want to do that GV can give you a unique number for each person, if you store it in your address book you can text/call that number and it'll appear as though from your GV number. The biggest pain about this is texts/calls appear from their actual number so you have to remember to reply to their GV number. Also that number expires occasionally so you have to be able to update it.

I haven't had any outages or issues with not getting the info. A really nice side effect has been I do half my texting from my computer now via GV's web app.
I tried for awhile, but didn't really like the connection lag. Eg, after picking up the phone, there's about second delay before it connects me to the other caller. And by then, usually the person on the other line missed my first "hello?"
I tried going all on GV a while ago on my iPhone 3GS with the people I tend to communicate with the most. GV integrates seamlessly with Android, but the iPhone integration left much to be desired. The app was really buggy and crashed on me all the time (~ 2 out of 3 times at startup) and all GV calls/sms had to go through the app. Another problem I had was that sometimes I would receive texts through GV and the notification would pop-up, but the app would never be updated for missed calls or unread texts so I would just completely miss the call/text. The app has probably improved by now, but I haven't checked.

I had a work BlackBerry at the same time and I actually found GV integration with BB to be much better. I could actually call/sms people with GV from my contacts list (though texting just redirected me to the app), but the number that appeared for people on the phone and in the Blackberry call history was still the GV assigned number as it is on the iPhone. GV texts also could not push to the BB app (they can push to the iPhone app), but you can convert GV texts to plaintext emails pushed to your BB.

On the other hand, among all the Android users I know, they've found the GV integration to be completely seamless. Overall, I think switching to all GV is great for Android users, but not so great for everyone else except under very special conditions (e.g. I had a coworker who had a work BB with unlimited data and voice, but no texting. She ended her personal cell phone plan and just used GV on the BB.)
I use it as my primary number. I trust Google more than my mobile carrier. Plus the answering machine transcription is hilarious.
I use Google Voice and I love it. Mostly for the cheap long distance and centralized text messaging.
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