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Always Learning
I've been working on my web design skills. You can see a page I've been working on at See what you think.

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Political Rant
Warning, unsolicited Political Rant: Healthcare hasn't been a free market since WWII. That's why the prices will continue to spiral upward. Health providers and insurers both benefit from higher prices and they have no incentive to restrain medical cost inf...

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I'd Rather Be Ministering to the Lord
This Sunday the sermon was a reminder that our primary purpose in life is to worship God. In American church culture we often talk about serving God, ministering to others, studying the Bible, prayer, evangelism-- all good things. All things that help us in...

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I joked with my church the other day about the pronunciation of Bible words. If you didn't grow up in church and you came across the word "Malachi" how would you pronounce it? Mah-lah-CHEE might make sense. Mah-lah-KEY. MAL-uh-she, maybe. There are many pos...

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The Root of the Toot
My six-year-old son had a bike wreck (he's okay), and amidst his tears he asked me why, if God can do anything, do we have owiees? That's really the question that sums up all of life, isn't it? How you answer that question sums up your religious beliefs. I ...

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Father, You are a great and awesome mystery to me. Ageless, not merely old. Distant, vast, resounding, overwhelming, Yet so near. Near like the atoms that make me. Near like the blood that flows through my body. Close like the sound of wind in my ear. Close...

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The Female Computer
Annie Easley As promised, here is some info on an interesting person you may never have heard of. I'll admit, most people might not be that interested in the accomplishments of Annie Easley. She wrote or contributed to such riveting works as  Effect of Turb...

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Okay, so here's the deal. One of the things about being white is that every year there's this thing called Black History Month. As a white man no one has ever told me what I'm supposed to do during this month. What generally happened each year growing up wa...

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When I see unspeakable evil...
How do you feel when you read the news and see that human beings are doing profanely evil things? The response I see on social media is usually outrage. We get angry. We ask "why?" and we seek to place blame. How could someone do such a thing? Then we go on...
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