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There are moments in a nerds life when one gets a little TOO excited for an upcoming show. In the tradition of the Time Lords that preceded him, Matt Smith will be on Top Gear Sunday for the 'Reasonably Priced Car' segment. I love the BBC, I love Who and I love TopGear....nerdsplosion incoming.

Will he topple Ecclesten and Tennant?

My money's on 11.'s-matt-smith-to-race-on-top-gear-track
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The thing is that Ecclesten and Tennant had different cars in SIARPC, so the lapboard was reset, they need to bring all 3 of them back for the Cee'd to see who's fastest
While I'm looking forward to it, he has a point. You can't really determine the fastest or have one topple the other if they're on separate boards (even if the cars are semi-comparable). Either way, it should be enjoyable.
You guys are so depressing with your 'well actuallys'
Thanks, I didn't know that he was going to be on the show, I'm looking forward to it too
+Benji Hertel the top gear production office is 5 mins from my office at the BBC. I want to go one of their special trips
+Chris Smith BBC USA is separate entity away from the main BBC which is not allowed by charter to be involved in commercial activities (Public Services Broadcaster) and may fall within BBC Worldwide which is the legal entity through which the BBC is allowed to conduct commercial activities - don't ask it's too complex and involved to get in to here and I'm not familiar enough to comment in with authority, that being said .......

So it depends on if the production company that make Top Gear has a distribution deal in place with BBC USA that allows it to be broadcast in the USA and how long after that episode is broadcast in the UK.

You need to keep in mind that that Top Gear UK would have been commissioned by the BBC and effectively paid for through the license fee the UK public pay for so right of first showing in the UK with a minimum delay for broadcast outside the UK as part of the T&Cs of the contract that was issued when that series of Top Gear was commissioned.

And even then it depends on the deal BBC USA has struck with the many and varied analogue, digital, satellite and cable operators.

Well, thats my 2c worth.
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