Cyber Law Professional Training

I have the honor of teaching the SANS Institute’s Legal 523 course, the Law of Data Security and Investigations.  The course attracts highly intelligent people, engaged in some of the most interesting work in the world.

Value to Student Investigator

Here is a photo of me – after teaching five full, straight days, July 2012 – with  Sourav Mitra, who works for the government of India.  After the third day of the course, Sourav and I had a long conversation about the challenges he faces in his work and how, as of that point, the course was not helping him much.

I encouraged Sourav to hang with the course.  The course teaches many non-obvious ideas and lessons.  And it takes days for those ideas and lessons to develop fully.  As the humble instructor, I try to enable professionals like Sourav to change the way they think about law.  My goal is to help students learn how resolve practical problems and manage legal risk, for situations in the future that cannot fully be predicted.

To his credit, Sourav did hang with the course.  And he was intensely engaged.  He listened, he interacted and he contributed to the class debate and discussion.  

I believe that when the course was over, he felt he had learned critical insights into how to recognize and cope with the very difficult problems of cyber law.  I may not have solved all of Sourav's problems, but I do believe he came away with many tools that he did not have when he arrived.

Student Feedback

A couple of weeks after the class, Sourav said to me "It was really a nice experience in being in your class. In fact, it's helping me a lot in my jobs."

And through the process, I made a valued friend.
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