Warning Light on Google Glass | Recording Without Permission

Google Glass proposes to allow the wearer to record what they see and hear.  

Smart-phones allow the user to do the same things.  But the Google Glass form factor is different.  Normally, to record, the smart-phone user raises and points the phone with a hand.  This posture warns bystanders that they are being recorded.  If they don't want to be recorded, they can shut their mouth, run away or both.

Google Glass is hands-free.  The wearer uses voice commands to tell Google Glass to start and stop recording.

Privacy & Eavesdropping

A hodgepodge of privacy laws regulate the recording of people without their permission.  In the US, the laws tend to be more restrictive on the recording of voice conversations.

I'll bet that when Google Glass is sold to consumers it comes with a warning similar to that with consumer spy cameras:  "You should know and comply with all eavesdropping and wiretapping laws."

Design Suggestion

Google should also outfit GLASS with a light visible to bystanders.  It would be similar to the light next to a webcam.  The light would illuminate when GLASS is recording.  

The outward-shining light might show one color for audio recording, another color for video-only recording and a third color for recording of both.

As Google Glass and its ilk become common, the public will naturally come to know what the lights mean.


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