Online Legal Terms of Service

For a tech company, a crucial tool for managing legal risk is the contract that its customers must enter. For a software company the contract is typically a license (e.g., end user license agreement). For an online company the contract is typically called terms of service and/or privacy policy.

Keeping the contract(s) up-to-date is hard work. Tech companies are constantly changing what they are doing, and their lawyers must scramble to ensure the contracts disclose how data is being used and the conditions under which services are being provided.

Facebook has a huge legal team. But FB is a big, fast-paced organization, and even a large legal team can fail to comprehend everything that is important. Apparently FB started researching the behavior of its members before disclosing the research in FB’s terms of service. 

Had the legal team updated FB’s terms of service earlier, it would arguably have obtained from its members “consent” to research.

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Now this is interesting. So they didn't even have passive consent? Let the class action lawsuits commence...
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