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Me? I really dig the new layout as does my little friend below.

#googleplusupdate #whitespace

Edit: Over 1k shares! Time for a 8-bit remix
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That would be an awesome plugin :)
Thx you all for the +1 and reshares. Painting smiles on faces all over the world feels great :-)

+Andrea Gimblett Hours of research, work and skill ... kiddin', I've just added the bottom bar to the existing Jumping Elephant gif ( which had been extracted from this cute short film (
Probably the most worthy What's Hot entry ever! Very nicely done sir! :)
wow, i view the ripples and some Googlers inc. Vic shared this post :)
Awesome! My favorite gif I've seen yet on Plus =)
Nan C
Love elephants one of the cutest things i ever saw for sure.
Wow! Your post has become independent (or an elephant herd ;-))...!
Absolutely stunning. The jumping fake info bar even more so … respect!
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , , , ,
It actually looks aerodynamically plausible! LOL thanks for sharing BW
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