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I didn't find the time to watch #London2012  yesterday, so I have to ask:
Was it as good as the opening ceremony back in 1984?

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Just like that, but with better music.
and the pigeons rode in on their bicycles (disclaimer: I'm NOT on drugs, prescription or other!)... ;D
Those things on the bicycles were doves. Geez.
they all come out the same on the other side of the fire (1988!)...
Flying rats are referenced to pigeons, not Doves. Arctic Monkeys and Cirque du Soleil-esque performers appeared to be an odd combination, but it worked. I enjoyed that sequence of the opening ceremonies very much. 
I always thought that doves and pigeons are one and the same (both translate to Tauben in German).
Well here in Canada we refer to pigeons as flying rats and try our best to rid them from "homing" on city buildings and residents. Don't see too many doves flying around here except as caged pets.
i think this year's broadcast had at least more pixels...
That is one of the coolest animated gifs I have ever seen! Brings back such good memories. I'm going to fire up the old C64.
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