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A car accident is a very stressful and traumatic experience. You may be thinking about lost wages, financial recovery, and your health.

The last thing you need is someone bugging you about insurance issues.

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Do you know how many people lose their lives in car accidents every year?
We found statistics that you should know...

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Attorney #JamesAbrenio  sat down to give you another update on #WashingtonNationals  player #JaysonWerth 's  #RecklessDriving  charge in #Virginia .

This case is important because it shows how seriously Virginia takes reckless driving charges.

To hear what James has to say, check out the YouTube video below.

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Often during meetings with new potential clients for a free consultation about their Virginia car accident case, they will ask the question...

"How long should I expect my case to take?"

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A couple of years ago, there was an attorney who was settling Personal Injury cases without even telling his clients and stealing all of their money. 

The truth is that your case is YOUR case. The lawyer's job is to provide guidance and advice on the next steps. Ultimately, the choice is yours whether to go to trial or to settle.

Learn more at our article below.

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If the #insurance  company has denied your #longtermdisability  claim, you have a limited timeline in order to #appeal  the decision. So, when should you hire an #attorney ?

Hire the attorney now.

If you are going to hire an attorney, hire them soon. 

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If you're searching for a lawyer right now, you're probably looking for the "best lawyer," right?

Here's the truth about searching for a singular best lawyer in Virginia. There isn't one. What you will find is that there isn't necessarily a "best" lawyer for you and your case, but there is the right lawyer for you and your case.

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All too often, a client comes in to see us who was the victim of an auto-accident. Some negligent driver struck the client’s vehicle causing #personalinjury .

In many instances, the negligent driver was uninsured (or under-insured). One of our first questions is to ask the client, “How much insurance do you have?” And all too often, their response is, “Why does that matter? It wasn’t my fault!” 

In reality it absolutely matters.  Learn more at our article below.

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