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Well I gave up waiting for time to drive 3 hours to buy a single misalignment spacer for the rear pass. shock and fabricobbled one together from a leaf bushing sleeve and bronze bushing. The bushing probably won't survive, but whatever. I'll deal with it later.
Finished welding up the back and have a plan for how I'm going to build the soft-back. I'll weld in some 1/2" tube around the inner pinch seam of the original door area, rubberize it, and build the soft-back to snap in between the tube and the door frame. Should seal. Who knows.
Also started thinking about the cage today. Pictured is roughly the direction I think I'll go. I want to keep the cage/bumpers tight to the body all around. Lower bumpers will be frame width and rise up and back to just under the headlight and a few inches out from the body to turn into the tube flares. Upper tube is obvious for the most part, except the center will stick out about 10" from the hood. Will be very square looking.
Both bumpers will have a hitch receiver for the winch, but I'm thinking the winch will live on the back for regular driving because I desperately need some weight back there. As it sits, it'll peel out all the way to second gear on dry, clean pavement :|

Gettin' excited. Just cage, soft-back, and deck left before I can drive.
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+Paul Gatling might enjoy seeing this project.
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Well, she's alive again. Tacked on the shackles this time and checked out the articulation for shocks. Looks like the 12 and 10 swayaway racerunners I picked up will fit perfectly.
Didn't flex as well as on the 1st gen and totally not sure why. I did have to throw my anti-wrap leaf under the pack in the front due to the slight increase in weight, which may be the issue. Don't care. It's better than my Jeep by a mile.
Turning sucks with the super flexy front leafs. Guessing it'll need a track bar.
Somehow the front axle actually came back from the original location (on the 1st gen) by about 1.5-2". Rear axle moved back about 1". Somehow my wheel base is still longer though. Hoping the cage will make up for the added length. If not, I'll build a rear steer axle for a few extra degrees.
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So as it stands now, the only thing I'm not impressed with is the turning radius. The soft front leafs just can't keep the frame above the axle. Hoping a track bar will solve the issue, as steering is a HUGE part of wheeling out here in the PNW and the XJ already feels like a bit of a boat in some trails. Right now, the runners radius is easy 30% larger than the XJ's, which just won't work unless I wanna Austin powers 24pt turn every 30 seconds.
Thinking I'm going to use GM 1 ton TRE's for the track bar as I already have several spares, as well as a couple threaded inserts. Heims just don't survive the silt out here.
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Not much progress last night as we discovered that our ignition source from the key was super weak, so when we spliced it to trigger the fuel pump relay, it dropped to 3V and thus couldn't even trigger the ECU relay. I'm so confused by the Toyota side of things.
But, we figured out the rest of the toy harness and got our running/park/marker lights working finally, then I installed the fuel tank (which required a good beating to fit by the frame rail as the leaf mount was in the way), fuel pump and filter, and it's all connected and feeding the rail.
Also spent a few hours just walking around the truck deciding how I wanted to tie the bob and deck together. Sealing the back of the cab has been eluding me but I think I've got it now. I'm thinking I'll cut the back off again and just fold the edges of the roof/walls in and weld a small tube around the perimeter, with snaps all around. Then on the bottom, I'll weld a small flat lip. The lower part of the top will actually get sandwiched between the lip and another plate, with a bunch of foam to keep things sealed up, because realistically, I'll almost never need to fully remove the soft top. If it can come down to the floor, I'm happy.
First picture is roughly where the spare will sit. Directly below it will be the slide out tool box between the rails and about 4-6" thick, but wedge shape so it's deeper past the diff. The whole thing will slide out and slightly down out the back.
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I honestly thought I was the only one who referred to it as "adulting".
"It’s not “adulting” to be able to create and stick to a budget or change a smoke detector battery, it’s “what people do because we all have to live life and exist in the world as something other than really tall toddlers.”"
I don’t know how to do a lot of basic shit. I can only barely use a cordless power drill, and most baked goods I attempt come out with a texture somewhere between sand and the compressed wood chip material inside an IKEA end table. I still struggle with understanding a lot of financial concepts, and the … Continued
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Sounds like barking. I love it anyway.
Kaskade - Disarm You ft. Ilsey (PURe! Remix) by PURe!
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This is pretty much exactly as I pictured him. Epic.
Because I just went through Snow Crash again.
Sushi K's rap was painful to read, but in audiobook form it's downright cringe inducing.

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Buttoned up the steering, a little more trimming, and got the shocks installed. Little flex test to check for interference. Front of rear well is bang on, but the tire rubs on the frame when fully stuffed. Will probably just bumpstop a little. Front tire is still rubbing on the back of the well, but another inch off the bottom and back, as well as some bumpstop to stop it right where pictured, and should be good.
Steering isn't great but isn't terrible. I don't have the space to give it a proper test. Just navigating between obstacles on the driveway. Jeep definitely squirms around better, but not by a huge margin. I think ultimately I'll need to just give it a drive on the trail before I know if I'm happy with it. I'm loosing a little radius due to frame/axle shift but I don't want a track bar. I'm hoping the ram assist will help with that. Worst case, I'll just build some rear steer.
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Just testin' out the flex.
p.S. It runs! (again)
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Robot and boat friends! I'm looking for suggestions for a small 24vDC UPS. Load is under 2.5A, doesn't need to run very long. Requires a few analog triggers to tell us when the AC has failed as well as the ability to send a trigger at certain times of day (to force a machine online). IP67/69 rating idea, but not required.
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Wiring up the runner.
The LS harness is nice and self contained, but even once you've pruned all the extra junk you no longer need, it's still ugly and enormous. Why did they run the harness over and up and down the intake? No one knows.
Spent the day gutting and reworking the entire engine harness, as well as the Toy body harness. This is the first time I've bothered. With the Jeep swap, I just stuck in the stock LS harness and left the XJ body harness alone, thinking there wasn't enough benefit to cleaning it all up to justify the labour. I was wrong. In the second picture, you can see whats left of the LS harness, and the body harness is no longer even visible. By the time we're done, this will be the cleanest harness I've ever seen. - Big thanks to +Steve Afuken Saurus  for the halp! He also gutted and converted the XJ PDC for the job.

We just have to wire in all the IGN powers (pink) to the new PDC, and then figure out why I don't have marker lights.
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It's really not too bad. The toy wiring is the hardest because none of it makes any sense, and a headlight wire might start at the switch, then go all the way across the engine bay to the PDC, but not actually terminate there and instead wrap back over to driver side, then back to the PDC (terminate), then the power wire leaving the relay/fuse goes to driver again, then passenger, then back to driver and terminates on the light. I still haven't figured out why we lost our grounds for the headlights, but I just tapped into another ground and they now work.

The engine harness is easy, just tedious and you have to be meticulous. Started by tearing the harness apart while labeling bank1 and 2 stuff. Then put the ECU where I wanted it, plugged in the harness connectors and start cutting and shortening/lengthening wire to go where I want. The only wires not cut in the new harness are ... Actually, there isn't a single wire that wasn't modified. It's just all about being methodical. Nothing at all complicated about it.
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Updated review as things have changed. Several employees here really suck. Ask for a part, they tell you the part doesn't exist and never has, even if I'm holding one in my hand. One guy just laughs at you for asking for parts that he doesn't know about. But, they've hired a few decent people now, and the manager and asst. manager know their stuff and are usually pretty helpful. Since I started refusing to deal with some of their employees, and only deal with the people who know what they're doing, all of a sudden their inventory just expands by about 1000% and parts can be ordered in same day instead of several months. Experience here depends entirely on who you talk to.
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Phone system and IT infrastructure is atrocious. 4/5 calls get directed to the wrong department if you talk to the operator. Thankfully, their voice recognition is working better now, and you can just talk your way to where you need to be. Unfortunately, while the phone system routes me correctly, I've never had someone pick up the phone, or return my calls when I leave a message. I've also had multiple issues with scheduling. They forget to call me to notify me of an appointment that's been made, or they notify me but when I show up, they forgot to book my appointment so I just wasted a trip and plugged their insanely expensive parking meters for several hours ($30). On the medical side however, their facilities are generally well equipped and clean, and the medical staff are fairly knowledgeable (compared to other labs I've been to).
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Excellent customer service, good prices. Spent all day calling around to every spring/4x4 shop in the area trying to find some u-bolts. Nothing special, but no one had anything. Called these guys at 0800, showed up, they took 5 minutes to make the u-bolts and I was on my way for $40 for a set of 4.
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