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Want to improve your Google+ posts? Here are some great tips!

Make sure your posts are engaging, relevant and helping to drive traffic to your website with these 10 tips from +Cyrus Shepard on +Moz!

Quick summary of the tips:

1) Create a clear headline for each of your posts
2) Use formatting to stand out
3) Consider using short and longer format content
4) Add an image before posting
5) Try targeting posts to circles
6) Add your own relevant hashtags
7) Aim for people to +1 your content
8) Add a Google+ commenting system to your blog
9) Consider promoting your posts with +post ads
10) Try creating interactive posts

Read Cyrus’ post at

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Benjamin Mangold

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Measure custom marketing campaign into Google Analytics using campaign tagged URLs.

Campaign tagging inbound links for your campaigns allows you to compare the performance of your marketing and also understand how people interact on your website.

Campaign tags include:

Medium – how the message is communicated
Source – where the message is seen
Campaign – the overarching name of the marketing initiative
Content – optional tag to distinguish different ad variations
Term – optional tag to use for non-AdWords CPC keywords

For a full rundown head to
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Benjamin Mangold

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Happy Earth Day!
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Back to basics: use Google Analytics to measure conversions

Goals allow you to measure macro and micro conversions, allowing you to understand which marketing channels are performing for your website (and mobile app). There are 4 different types of goals you can setup with +Google Analytics:

1. Destination for people viewing a particular thank you page
2. Event for triggering a conversion based on an interaction
3. Duration for how long someone spends on your website
4. Pages per session for people engaging with your content

Learn about the different goal types in more detail at

Get tips for measuring macro and micro conversions from +Avinash Kaushik at

#googleanalytics   #conversions  
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Thanks For Good Article +Benjamin Mangold  :)
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Cloud Storage Wars: Loving the idea of unlimited storage for $60/year with Amazon.

+Brian Barrett does a rundown of Amazon’s unlimited storage and some of the main competitors on +WIRED. Read Brian’s article at

Checkout Amazon’s offering at

#storage   #cloud   #backup  
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Do you have a smart watch? Are you getting one? +The Verge compares the Apple Watch, Android Wear and the Pebble.

Choices, choices! Checkout their comparison at

#watches   #toomanychoices  
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Moto 360!/
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Have them in circles
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Had a play with Apple's watches this week, including the Apple Watch Edition. Beautiful design. #applewatch
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Agree about the clock Nigel!
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Google launched 'Fi' wireless service in the US. Would you move to Google's wireless service?

Key benefits:

1. Ability to automatically switch between networks and Wifi depending on signal strength
2. Competitive pricing at $20 USD per month (plus $10 USD per GB for cellular data)

Read a quick rundown at

#googlefi   #google  
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I recently got a new non-N6 phone. If they were to relax that requirement and allow other devices to be used, I would be an Apple fanboy camping out in front of the store in sub-zero temps to be the first to get on... But for me, it's just a little to soon to drop like $700 on new hardware. Course that didn't stop me from putting an invite request in.
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Time to get secure! There are a number of ways to keep your Google Accounts secure, including these 3 tips:

1. Choose a strong password:

2. Set up 2-step verification:

3. Perform a security checkup:

You can also use a special USB security key for 2-step verification. This allows you to plug in your key instead of having to type in your verification codes from your phone. Read this post on Digital Inspiration for an overview ( and Google’s support section for more details (

#security   #googletips  
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Selling online? Using Google Analytics? Here's a quick comparison of Enhanced Ecommerce and the standard version of ecommerce tracking.

5 reasons why Enhanced Ecommerce is awesome:

1. Custom funnel for the full shopping experience
2. Report on brands
3. Measure product promotions on your website
4. Track coupon redemptions
5. Support for full and partial refunds

View a full comparison at

Need to setup Enhanced Ecommerce for +Google Analytics? Head to (or if you are using Google Tag Manager)

#ecommerce   #googleanalyticstips  
Still using the Standard Ecommerce reports in Google Analytics? Upgrading to Enhanced Ecommerce will help you gain deeper insights into your online store.
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Setting up a meeting with someone you haven’t met? This app helps you understand how to talk to them and gives you insights into their personality.

Learn how to use Crystal in this article on +The Next Web by +Owen Williams at

Apparently I’m “extremely perceptive, inventive, and forward-thinking, but lacks patience and might seem aloof at times.”

What does Crystal say about you?

#personality   #productivity  
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Benjamin Mangold

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Edit your photos on the go with Google's +Snapseed app! A new improved version has just been released.

You can download the app for Android ( and iOS (

Read Google's announcement about the update at
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Just downloaded; like the simplicity and the quality. Thanks for the heads up +Benjamin Mangold​​.
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Have them in circles
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In my role as Director of Digital and Analytics I oversee online marketing, digital analytics and optimisation projects for leading brands, government departments and non profits.

I look forward to connecting with you on Google+ and encourage you to add your thoughts in the comments of my posts!
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