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YYYYAAAYyy that was pretty Go google!
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The Wes Anderson version of Episode VII .. enjoy!
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Me too!! 
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Benjamin Larson

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The Final Nuzlocke update PART 1 ::
{The Idea of a Nuzlocke run is that if a Pokemon faints .. it is instead dead and can not be used again}

After catching Yveltal I headed back to Couriway and went into the terminus cave and did some hunting around. I just wanted to level up my guys... re-group and get some newly acquired team members into fighting shape.  I had dodged catching anything on rt.18 the first time and went back and caught a Gurdurr. In the terminus cave I got a pupitar. Both VERY VERY solid pokemon. In Couriway town proper I caught a floatzel. 

Recent additions::

I made my way to Snowbelle City and along rt 19 caught a quagsire. A decent bulky pokemon. Not one I typically use but I went with leveling up my Yveltal, Tyrunt, and Gurdurr. I went about my business .. almost lost my Tyrunt & Furfrou to surprise moves from Pokemon rangers. 

Upon reaching Snowbelle City I run around and realize I have to go to pokemon village to get the trainer back. I make my way down there. and on rt 20 get a Jiggly puff... THIS IS AMAAAZING because I can trade it in game for a Bisharp. 

I get to the Pokemon village (where abused pokemon go .. kinna dark here guys) and get a Zoroark. Wow.

The beginning of the game was fraught with missteps and poor luck and dead pokemon and bad encounters. This has been nothing but good sturdy pokemon. I head back into Snowbelle City and make my way through the Gym.... Before heading in I trade away my Jiggly puff for a Bisharp {woo Woooo woo} do some cursury leveling and go in there to win it. This is going to be cake .. but my guys are poorly typed so I have to be extra extra careful.

My Team prior to the Gym
Bisharp (50's)
Yveltal (Low 60's)
Furfrou (70's)
Tyrantrum (60's)
Florges (70's)
Barbacle (70's)
{Gurdurr is in the wings}

This team has a pretty hard time of overcoming any iceteam despite its level advantage. Its just weak against that sort of coverage. It has a bunch of guys that take neutral hits, and only two that resist (bisharp being the supposed MVP). Granted I had not done my home work on this... I figured this can be organic.. and Also Bisharp will just bring my through he will be amazing for this. 

Also Now remember I am bad at Pokemon typing. With fairy type being a thing.. it has really mixed up a player who has been doing the same thing since the original Red / Blue days. So I assume there are no changes to the Pokemon I grew up with .. or I guess wrong on how things really are. If I had been careful I am 100% sure From now till the end of the game I would have had zero casualties... but I wasn't. I was sleepy.. or lazy .. or tired; and it cost me dearly. 

We go through the guys at the Gym with little problem and I get to Wulfric and Lead off with Furfrou.... Abomasnow's "snow warning" starts to wreck havock and Furfrou almost ends up in the dirt. He was one of my best guys. I am not sure who to send in. So Yveltal goes in and aces him but takes some heavy damage along the way. I shuffle him out.. Unsure I send in Barbacle. He gets a little fucked up but takes out the target. So I rotate him out and place in Bisharp. 

At this point I am a little sleepy. I Dont want to place in Tyrantrum, Florges.. because I think they will go face down in the dirt. Furfrou, Yveltal, and Barbacle are all in rough shape .. 

Bisharp is put in and out of bad luck .. killed by an avalanche crit with snow warning in effect. WTF. He was supposed to be the stunner. I toss in Florges and Mop the floor.

Ouch. That was painful.  The loss of Bisharp hurt. Gurdurr enters the team. We head off to the E4 .. and run into a grandbull. Grandbull for a long long long long long time was normal type so I shove in Gurdurr .. and it is instantly killed =.= FUCK ME ... Gurdurr dead ?!?!?! All that work leveling him. 

UG.. I get to where I am going.. "the trail of tears" and save my game and shut it off. 

What a night. 

Gurdurr {strongman lvl 55}
Bisharp {Pierce}

#pokemon #nuzlocke #pokemonXY  
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Benjamin Larson

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This is quite impressive .. I will have to do this. 
Step-by-step recipes and baking tips from America's oldest flour company: King Arthur Flour
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Benjamin Larson

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TIL there is a subreddit called r/tinfoilhat for conspiracy type stuff dealing with electronics and what not.
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Benjamin Larson

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Nuzlocke update # 3 ::  After my last Nuzlocke post I took a break for a little bit. My Team felt underpowered and out gunned. After leaving Cyllage city I headed north to rt 10. 

I got a Golett .. I was really really really hoping for a Hawlucha but that didn't happen. Instead I just furthered my 2x grass weakness. On the flip side he is immune to fighting types.  

Geosenge town held nothing really important for me as this was my second playthrough the game. The town upon further inspection just has an ominous air about it...

Rt.11  - My failing .. I left Geosenge town and walked into some bushes I got a Stunky. Not bad decent typing for the fairy heavy game ahead. I saved and went forward, no problems. Then I met Sky Trainer Yvette ..  I had two guys at 38 and went into it thinking no problem I can deal with those guys. NOPE. Lead off with my Pidgeot;  it is almost immediately reduced to less than half health by Emolga. Emolga barley receives a scratch. I switch in Mothim an manage to poison him and start to grind him out .. Mothim dies to a Crit. Pidgeot quick attacks to kill emolga.. bring out staravia . Staravia attacks and gets back to back crits and my two guys go down.  Here is where I shut off the DS and walked away. After about an hr or so turned it back on and pretended like nothing happened. 

This goes against everything that Nuzlocke stands for, but fuck everything about that. I need those two guys .. they represent hours and hours of game play and that was a cheap trick. To this day I am not even sure what qualifies a guy for a sky battle but henceforth I will not do a sky battle. It's not fun.. and you're always outgunned and out played.  That wasn't luck or lack of skill that's Bull-shit. I kept those two guys on the team and just never did that sky battle.. and pretended like nothing happened.

Going into the reflection cave I caught a Mr.Mime .. Boxed him, he will probably not come out ever. Inside the reflection cave I encountered some horror. I am minding my own business walking through a cave when BOOM .. wobbuffet. Shadow tag means I can't leave the battle, and I can't switch out guys.. WTF. Okay I can do this still.

Opening move by wobbuffet :: Destiny bond  .. Charmeleon killed him in two attacks. Destiny bond means my charmeon died with him. 

RIP Charmeleon

Shortly thereafter while trying to run out of the cave, I ran out of repels... I was horrified and I had every right to be. My first encounter with a wild pokemon .. Wobbuffet. 

RIP Mothim

Two guys to the same thing. Nothing I can do to save them, no running away.. no fleeing.. nothing; just two guys dead in the reflection caves. 

Heavy losses. I save my game in Shalour City Get the badge with no losses and get mega evolution ring along with Lucario. Head onward to Rt. 12 and try to forget the pain.. I get Miltank & Lapras

Save and shut my 3DS off .. That was a painful evening. I broke the rules and still ended up with two guys dead. 

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Benjamin Larson

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When can I buy my ticket?!
I never thought I'd say this, but I'm really excited to visit a Starbucks.
The 43-year history of Starbucks can be now be traced along a one-mile stretch in Seattle. It starts at the famed Pike Place Market downtown, where the com
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Benjamin Larson

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Bless Their Hearts

At Steak ‘n Shake I learned that if you add
“Bless their hearts” after their names, you can say
whatever you want about them and it’s OK.
My son, bless his heart, is an idiot,
she said. He rents storage space for his kids’
toys—they’re only one and three years old!
I said, my father, bless his heart, has turned
into a sentimental old fool. He gets
weepy when he hears my daughter’s greeting
on our voice mail. Before our Steakburgers came
someone else blessed her office mate’s heart,
then, as an afterthought, the jealous hearts
of the entire anthropology department.
We bestowed blessings on many a heart
that day. I even blessed my ex-wife’s heart.
Our waiter, bless his heart, would not be getting
much tip, for which, no doubt, he’d bless our hearts.
In a week it would be Thanksgiving,
and we would each sit with our respective
families, counting our blessings and blessing
the hearts of family members as only family
does best. Oh, bless us all, yes, bless us, please
bless us and bless our crummy little hearts.
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Benjamin Larson

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Benjamin Larson

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Sunday  Pokemon Nuzlocke Update :: 

My Team from Laverre city to Dendemille was as follows ::

Tyrunt (Dead weight was low level)
(they were all in their high 40's low low 50's) Heading into the frost cavern I figured this was going to be super super easy. My team had decent synergy and was well rounded for a Nuzlocke team. We were kicking ass and taking names until I made a fatal error in the frost cavern. 

We were minding our own business and just working our way though then we came across this ass hole on the second floor. "blackbelt" Alonzo with a level 43 Scrafty and a level 44 Throh. I Have Greninja out and know he is faster after EV training etc. and decide to cast extra sensory ... big mistake. Scrafty is immune to the attack and high jump kicks my Greninja. 1 Hit KO. I bring in my Pidgeot and Fly  him to death. Throh comes out and I fly him too .. but sturdy leaves him with 1 hit point enough to rockslide my Pidgeot to death. 

Two of my best guys lost in the frost cavern.. to bull. 

I mop up the rest of the Frost Cavern and keep trucking on to Anistar Town.  Things are rough..but my team is re-assembled with ::
Blaziken (lvl 43)
Ledian (lvl 59)

We mop up the Physic Gym and head on mop up team flare. Over the course of the next few hours ... long hours of silly puzzles and bad grunts (who hires all these fuckers and doesn't do any training with them??!?!?) 

I mop the floor with Lysandre a couple times (first at the entrance to his lab, then his secret weapon, then his secret weapon round two). and Finally come to Yveltal. So far since the mishap I have lost zero guys .. Nothing has gone wrong. Shit was about to get real. Mega Blaziken goes in against Yveltal and goes down in one Hit. WTF. A single hit with Oblivion wing and its dead. I send in Ledian not realizing what type of move it is.. DEAD. Finally I send in Furfou and throw out a master ball.

I save my game.. close the game boy... and walk away.

For the weekend I lost:
Golurk (lvl 49)
Greninja (lvl 54)
Pidgeot (lvl 56)
Ledian (lvl 59)
Blaziken (lvl 49) 

Holy hell that's quite the casualty list. I paid the iron price for Wraith (Yveltal) .. I paid the blood price .. I paid every price there is to pay. 

My team ::
Yveltal {Wraith} (lvl 50)
Florges {Felurian} (lvl68)
Barbaracle {Argonaut}(lvl 66)
Tyrantrum {BetterPlan}(lvl60)
Furfrou {Sovren}(lvl68)

Ouch. #nuzlocke  
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In Pokemon X/Y news My nuzlock run is once again a thing after not playing for almost 6 months after the crystal caves OKO'd two of my party via wobbuffet + Destiny bond....... My Current Team is:: 


I have completed the fairy gym since my last post and gotten a Golurk upto 54 and had it surprise KO'ed while just walking to the next city. My Casualty list is fairly low .. but still painful to lose such a key player. 

I think Kangaskan... but its level 15. I guess I just plow forward and hope that I can out predict the next two gyms and continue to pump up my guys. #nuzlocke  
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Benjamin Larson

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My Squad for the Plant Gym ::

Furfrou (lvl 44)
Greninja (lvl 45)
Pidgeot (lvl 42)
Floette (lvl 42)
Golett (lvl 32)
Binacle (lvl 37)

Of course my Team has a glaring weakness to plant type. I will have to look into my box and see what I can shuffle up to make the most of a bad situation.. 
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