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Web Development enthusiast since ever!
Web Development enthusiast since ever!

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Photosphere at ngEurope

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HTML Imports are now in the Firefox Nightlies! Another big step forward for Web Components.

To enable, grab the nightlies and head on over to about:config and set dom.webcomponents.enabled to true. Here's a demo to test it out:

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mmmh unlucky guys :D
For the unlucky folks that still support IE8, here's a few resources on helping to make the case on dropping support:

It's a massively slow experience has data on how different IE8 is in performance issues. (We could still use more data)

You gain critical features when you drop

Here's a decent view of what you gain:
*,ie+9  (so useful) 
* (this includes some stuff in ie8)

(In some cases this means you  no longer need polyfills, in others it unlocks real practical use).
If you have any other resources or techniques that have helped you drop IE8 support at your spot, leave a comment.

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RT Aaron Saunders: angular-cache has a few extras which make it better than the default angular cache #angularjs

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Tickets for the workshop are now available to everyone! 

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Les slides de ma conférence à Devoxx France 2014, sur les bonnes pratiques avec AngularJS.

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Hello everyone, we're very happy announce ng-europe, the first +AngularJS  European conference in Paris!

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"Entretien exclusif: Ebuzzing fusionne avec Teads et prépare une entrée en bourse au Nasdaq en 2015"

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AngularJS 1.2.12 cauliflower-eradication has been released!

1.2.12 is primarily a bug-fix release which takes care of some bugs in $http, mocks, ngResource as well as some infrastructural fixes to the docs content and testing scripts. All is well in the land of NG. Here is a link to the CHANGELOG:

A special thanks to the developers who assisted in the release. Angular wouldn't be where it is without the hard work and dedication without the community.

Below is a list of all the developers who helped craft together AngularJS 1.2.12:
Brian Ford
Caitlin Potter
Daniel Luxemburg
Franziskus Domig
Igor Minar
John Kurlak
Kamil Pekala
Kasparas Galdikas
Matias Niemelä
Nicolas Leger
Thomas Belin
Tobias Bosch
Wes Alvaro

Next week's release will hopefully handle some of the pending animations bugs and make ngAnimate work as close as possible with CSS3 transitions.

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