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Everything that every person in this video says is 100% true.

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F1 fans, have you seen this?

F1 2013 Kimi Raikkonen onboard Singapore

It's a bike.

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Flight delayed by an hour due to maintenance on the SFO instrument landing system. Fun.

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If England had access to a fraction of the kind of information that the US military does, they would have easily caught and executed Paul Revere well before war broke out. It's likely there would be no United States today.

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As we come to terms with the idea that our military is watching and recording everything we do, many people will take a mental shortcut. They will punt on the issue entirely, saying "if you have nothing to hide, what do you have to fear?".

Privacy is not about hiding something wrong. People do not need privacy because they are bad.

Privacy is about maintaining your dignity. Privacy is a fundamental aspect of freedom. Privacy is about not being forced to give up your thoughts, your relationships, and your ideas to people who can use them against you. To people who will judge you without cause. Your thoughts are yours alone. What you choose to read and say is for you to decide. Where you choose to travel, who you choose to meet, and why you choose to do it is your business alone. Not mine. Not the military. Not the government. Not a corporation. Nobody but you.

If you want to know more, read this:

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Only 1 day until the Space Needle Convergence Ingress Event in Seattle! I hope you're excited if you're coming. If you're not coming, I hope you will watch the event on your scanner!

Your friendly Seattle Enlightened team want you to know that even though this is a competition, we want everyone to be safe and to have fun. To help with those goals, we will have name tags and an Event Guestbook for everyone from both teams to sign in with. More importantly, we will also have a comfort station with a First Aid kit, shade, chairs, ice water, coffee and a few goodies for those who run into low blood sugar issues. Everyone, no matter what team they are on, is welcome. The location of the comfort station will be announced.

Over here at Enlightened HQ, we have some advice on what you might want to bring to the event.  Notice how the first three items are sun related? Heat stroke and sunburn are not fun! We'll take care of you at the comfort station, but lets try and avoid needing it. :)

* Sunscreen
* Sunglasses
* A wide-brimmed hat
* Water bottles
* Comfortable shoes
* A backpack to carry your goodies
* Snacks

We are not offering medical services, however we will try to find help if we can. We will also have printed maps with directions to the closest local hospital. If you will be at the event, are trained in First Aid or CPR and can share your phone number, please contact me. I hope we don't need it, but if we do end up needing it we want to know who we can call upon to help.
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