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Ronald Reagan: Great American, or greatest American?
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Dan B
Even in his current state, he has a leg up on the current crop of candidates.
Given the sad response to this, either people are on to me or simply not paying attention to me... though I guess the first would result in the second anyway.
Politics are for people with way to much time on their hands and watch Colbert...the more you get so wrapped up in which side is doing what or which side is responsible for this you forget about the real issues and what needs to be done.....Congress is a bunch of grown up Middle schoolers trying to be the most popular by pushing the ugly kids down and winning student council
I know congress has nothing to do with the reagan comment but I dont care i said my peice
To be honest, I find Colbert obnoxious. In his attempt to satirize conservatives, he has become the liberal version of what he satirizes. For my money, John Stewart does the only entertaining political commentary out there.
Ben, I want to congratulate you on being the only person I know actually posting on Google+. Either I have no friends or mine all have lives off line.
Man, my feed looks like word train. You must not know many interesting people.
Dan B
Ben, just because people talk a lot, it doesn't mean that they are interesting. I mean, just look at you.
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