I figured some Linux Mint users might like this blog post.
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Nice post. I can see this being "useful" but can't figure out why Ubuntu needs the data in the first place.  I would be more comfortable with Amazon having control of data directly. What makes me more nervous is that its not only outbound search but inbound - files and programs on your computer.  Proud to be Ubuntu free since 10.04.
What about mint firefox only launching with search engines that share revenue with mint? I sure didn't have a problem with swapping back to google, but it still launches in this way.

What's really the difference? The fact that the information goes to canonical?

I really think this is much ado about nothing. Linux users have to stop thinking that Free/Open source means Free as in No Cost. Companies have to generate revenue, and if it's obviously not coming from the majority of the users, then it needs to come from something and I can't really gripe about this with ubuntu.

I of course use Mint now because I just don't like ubuntu, but still I Don't begrudge them, and I never really mind the search popping up.
I think data going to Canonical is big. The other that troubles me is it outbound data or inbound too. Are search strings on personal files uploaded too.

I totally agree with free not meaning no cost. I actually am only willing to pay for content that is free. 

This is very different from Linux Mint. Mint just gets a cut of revenue created from your use of search.  I never used it and always opted to give money to Mint directly.
+Michael Washington its not the money raising that is the issue, its the way they do it and the way they have decided to handle the data that is causing such a uproar.

Personally if you don't like it then don't use ubuntu, vote with your feet there are plenty of other fine distros out there.

As for it being spyware, well by lose definition it is and I would certainly be pissed off if any program was logging my searches from the desktop, it is bad. What has happened here is ever since the have announced the Amazon lens they have been on the defensive, some leading Ubuntu blogs made the nay sayers out to be moaners and freeloaders, everyone who is fanatical about Canonical and Ubuntu have been on the name calling defensive and this is just a slightly more high profile post aimed at someone who is a lot more high profile.
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