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While your points are good.. I am not sure if this is the correct meme.
Jono is upset because Ubuntu is attacked in a not nice way from Stallman. Title on his blog may be extreme on the other side from Stallman's but blog post is good. It is good that this  online search can be switched off -  users have an option. Yes I agree with you they could be warned in the system because a lot of them don't follow the news what is happening in Ubuntu every week like you and me. ... Considering Stallman - he is and always will be against proprietary software because it is against his believes and principles. That's why he is harsh (too much in my eyes)... Personally I think that Canonical is doing a great effort following the open source migration and adoption framework (sadly nobody touched that theme)... What I meant by last sentence that Canonical wants to help Windows or any other proprietary OS users to migrate easier to Linux world. I don't have evidence for that but that's how I see it because one of the steps to help proprietary software users to migrate easily to open source is to enable them to use something they used on proprietary side.  Stallman called Valve's Steam unethical which is something similar to the shopping lens now and that is just one step for adopting open source..... I've been questioned many times.. How come Linux distros don't support proprietary apps like Adobe Flash, Photoshop etc... It's a normal question.... Maybe that will happen one day.. who knows... It is visible that they use it and need it... running those apps in an emulator like Wine is a pain... for every app is better to run it natively because of a better performance.....Bottom line: You want more users, start from their background....(which is in most cases proprietary background)...
I have no problem with the shopping lens... although I turn it off myself.

But look for a second at anything similar from any large successful company, and you'll see that on install you are notified of what the software sends back and given a choice ... not opt-in or opt-out so much as a direct decision. Why? Lawsuits, that's why.

Making the shopping lens on by default, not notifying users, and having it difficult for a novice to disable are a perfect trifecta to open yourself up to legal action, and I certainly don't want to see that happen.
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