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Jono put out one big bowl of word soup topped off with some ass kissing. But I read through it carefully. And I understand what Ubuntu is trying to do. I also understand where Stallman is coming from. I think its a healthy little spat that should help keep Ubuntu in line through this project. Because they really can open the gates of spyware if they cross a certain boundary.
+Lee Forest Word soup or not I don't think Jono laid a very valid argument for his claim that Stall man was spreading FUD. The privacy and security issues remain and there appears to be limited interest in addressing them despite plowing forward on other features.
Stallman kinda did spread FUD in telling everyone to shun Ubuntu. But clearly he had a legitimate concern for the open source community. And no I didn't see any real response from Jono about how Ubuntu is handling these security concerns. He did seem to kinda dance around it trying to smooth the tensions. Maybe Shuttleworth will step up and defend his position.
Spywares? In my CLI? It's more likely than you think.
There is much we can blame on unbuntu. RMS was being nice.
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