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HTC will be announcing their new M7 Handset tomorrow (powered by Android).... Sorry to disappoint folks but there will not be a #Ubuntu #HTC tablet tomorrow (if there is gee would I be amazed).
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Are you saying the identical countdowns are a coincidence?
Yes. If you look at the page source code on their are comments indicating exactly what they are launching which is the m7 handset that has been rumored for quite some time.
Why did it crumble? HTC sucks anyways... I would much prefer a Samsung tablet but in reality I don't think we are going to see a top tier OEM carrying Ubuntu hardware from the get go.
It seems to me like they're unveiling a number of devices so i don't find it difficult to believe that one of those devices could be an Ubuntu for Android tablet. +Benjamin Kerensa are you speculating like the rest of us or do you know for a fact that it's got nothing to do with Ubuntu?
I like HTC hardware but, yeah, its been a day of hype over nothing. If a big oem was going to take on Ubuntu, HTC would be a good bet as they are really struggling against Samsung in the Android world. 
Doesnt even look like a tablet to me... Looks like two handsets they set close together to add more speculation but yeah there is almost no chance.
+Benjamin Kerensa For some reason i had you in my Canonical circle. Thought you might have inside info. My hopes remain undashed \o/
They will announce a windows tablet along with the M7/One.
+Andrew Craucamp Probably because I'm a developer and do have inside info often? ;)

Anyways its the M7One and they are not making any effort to hide it.
I agree with you, the HTC One is almost certainly going to be announced. I just think there's a good chance an Ubuntu announcement will accompany it.
+Andrew Craucamp I do not think any top tier OEM is going to make such a investment without a smaller OEM testing the water first and seeing some actual sales first. Just a small sampling alone would cost millions.
I hate when anything closely related to politics comes near the vicinity of Ubuntu :/
It's not political, it's an annoucement about a new phone/tablet and or a tablet OS from Ubuntu. How guns became involved is beyond me.
I decided to remove his comments because they were off-topic and spammy. :)
it still fun to add Ubuntu related comments to HTC's social networking pages. Maybe they should of went with Ubuntu and not Android ...
If its not HTC, whoever started this rumor really stole from HTC's hype. More people are stoked about the tablet running ubuntu, and not really HTC itself.  pretty good idea if you ask me
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