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Looks like Netflix on Ubuntu is a reality now... Albeit unofficial... Keep yours eyes peeled on OMG! Ubuntu! as I will likely be covering this new development there!
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Finally, first Steam, now (almost) Netflix.  I now only need Windows partitions for my lady friend's iTunes, and IE testing.
Don't mean to be a downer, but I am not very excited by the use of Wine to achieve this. At the end of the day, this solution is merely a band-aid.

Reminds me of Picasa - how excited everyone was when Picasa ran on Ubuntu/Linux. It did fill a major void in the photo management space at the time. But the user experience was so sub-par, that it died a slow death. Google decided to abandon it - maintaining it was obviously a hassle.

IMHO, nothing can replace a proper native solution. If Netflix works on Chromebook, I refuse to agree that there is a technical reason that keeps it from working on Linux in general.

There's got to be a better way...
There is a technical reason... DRM can't work on a open platform while on Chrome it is closed.
This is excellent news, for a couple of reasons. First, Netflix has been a major obstacle to many people using Linux, and this will make a portion of those users happy. Second, the tutorial is very clear and easy to follow. Add a few side-notes for people who arent super tech savvy and it will make a lot of people happy. And it also narrows down the technical components that make Netflix un-linux-friendly.

Of course, Netflix still using Silverlight is ... Grrr. Almost as bad as Flash :/
I wonder when will +Netflix will be a reality in India! I enjoyed it while I was in Canada, especially browsing more time for which movie to watch than actually watching one.
+Benjamin Kerensa I don't understand that technical reason since Netflix works on Android/Linux, which while not a free platform, is an open platform
I tend to think using Wine to get it working would result in a sub-par user experience. But hey, I still would appreciate the guys putting in the effort to try out and make things work on Linux :)
+Christopher Adams Wine. Is. Not an. Emulator.  (It's a native Linux implementation of the Windows API). Which means in theory better performance than a VM or an emulator -- when it works.
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