Just before I started to make today's #FollowFriday , news of the passing of Adam Yauch (MCA) of the Beastie Boys reached me. So here's today's G+ #FF list.

Friends that I've talked to about music at some length at some point:
+Bryant Seaton +Marcus Montgomery +Sylvain Dubrofsky +Michael Krehan +Christopher Rakowsky +Jeff Junio +John Diaz +Danny Bulla +frank silas +Anthony Gowland

Random Circle Search for "Beastie": +edwin rosell +Jason Risner +Cliff Baldridge +Timothy Hartkorn +Richard Brown +mendel lee +Bobbi Jo Woods +Líz Eberhardt

And here's Sabrosa performed live. This song made me think of the Beastie Boys in an entirely new light.
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Yeah just heard of this myself as well. I was never that big of a Beastie Boys fan to be honest. Not that I disliked them or went out of my way to not hear them, just that I never made an effort to listen to them.

My wife on the other hand will probably be sad as they are basically her favorite band/group/rappers/whatever in music.
the beastie boys were pioneers and visionaries in their craft of music. it is only right to pay tribute and honor to them for their powerful influence and contribution to our modern musical culture.

rip mca.
Cheers for the shout....shame about the circumstances of the theme though :(
That said (about not much liking Beastie Boys) Sabotage has always been an amazing song and the Alex Metric remix is fantastic.
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