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Somebody knows how to turn the touchpad of the X220 into something usable ?

The buttons at the bottom are part of the "sensitive" part of the touchpad, so click & drag is impossible, and I keep getting random things happening such as workspace switches because I have my thumb resting on the left button while trying to move the pointer with my index.

That and it's terribly imprecise with an odd acceleration curve...

I suppose I could try to learn to use the little knobby thing instead, but I've been happy with touchpads for the last 20 years or so, using one is pretty hard wired in my nervous system :-)
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get the driver from git ( as of yesterday) it contains a whole bunch of clickpad patches.
+Peter Hutterer So I tried and ... it's worse :-) Actually what happens is:

- Movement overall feels better (but that could just be placebo)

- "tapping" no longer triggers a click at all (a different default ? some setting to change somewhere ?). This is annoying as this was a "workaround" I was using for the button problem.

- The whole touchpad actually is a button (yeah I hadn't noticed before :-) I was just pressing on the bottom part. But that means my original problem is still there in that you can't "click" and do movement at the same time with a different finger. It's hard enough to "click" that clicking & moving with the same finger is not usable (it works tho).

So ideally, what I need is to find some kind of configuration where I can make a portion of the touchpad completely insensitive to fingers, ie, dedicated as buttons, for example the bottom part (maybe still use the "finger presence" to differenciate left & right), so the natural way of having the thumb resting on the button & pressing it works while the index can do movement.

Is there a way to do such a setting ? BTW. Is there a more user friendly config tool than figuring out the magic value of all the knobs in xinput ? :-)

Overall, those touchpads do suck... but of course it's not your driver's fault :-)
tapping should still work but your DE (GNOME?) may have disabled it. Check with synclient if it's enabled (TapButton1), that's more user-friendly than xinput.

Also make sure that the ClickPad option is set (depends on INPUT_PROP_BUTTONPAD for automatic setting), because otherwise you won't see the new goodies. If it is set, you should have the right half of the bottom be a software-emulated right click.

If you have to manually enable ClickPad through synclient, you'll also have to disable middle mouse button emulation but I can't remember off-heart what the name is (set the timeout to 0). Alternatively pop the ClickPad option into an xorg.conf file and fix your kernel ;)

The insensitive area option is available through the AreaTop/AreaBottom/etc settings.
So clickpad is 0 by default, I'll have to look at the kernel (probably just old ubuntu), tho the difference with setting it to one doesn't make any "obvious" difference :-) I'll look at the code to figure it out. Overall it seems to react a bit better. Thanks !
the biggest difference you should see once ClickPad is enabled is that you can actually use two fingers, one for the button, one for actually moving around. if you don't see that, then something is broken somewhere. I found that some 3.3 kernel versions break MT on that touchpad, but not narrowed down yet. try to see if you do get the MT events properly (xinput set-prop "device name" 'Device Enabled" 0 first to disable the EVIOCGRAB)
Allright, so this is some 3.0-something from ubuntu, I'll build by own later today and try again. I can definitely not use two fingers if what you mean is having a finger (thumb) resting on the rounded lower left part of the pad (to use as a button) and another one (index) trying to move around.

The minute the thumb approaches the pad (anywhere) the second finger starts doing scroll wheel, even when explicitely setting ClickPad to 1.

MT itself somewhat works since two finger scrolling works. I wonder if that's just another bad setting. I'll play with mtview etc... and see if I can figure something with a newer kernel.

Thanks !
see +Peter Hutterer So I updated to precise with it's "bastard" X, hacked as discussed to get HAVE_MULTITOUCH & mtdev linked in, and things appear to still do the same thing :-)

I've tried mtview, I'mnot sure what the output is supposed to be but here's what I observe:

- When I touch with one finger, it "draws" in a given color, following my finger movements

- If I lift my finger then touch again, it "draws" with a different color,

- If I put a second finger on the trackpad, it gets confused, it stops "drawing" and display some dots here or there, but that's about it, I don't quite make sense of it.

If what it's supposed to show is two fingers drawing two different traces then that's certainly not happening, but I'm not certain what it's supposed to do so .. "basic" MT operations such as 2-finger scrolling seem to work.
So the ClickPad option is still unset and setting it doesn't make a difference? Time to get gdb out then, sorry.
In case anybody else is following ... kernel 3.3+ have a bug preventing enabling of the multitouch features on those trackpads, I've sent a patch that should hit upstream soon along with 3.3.x
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