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I thought this was funny, a play on Fight Club

Rules of Sandbox
The first rule of Sandbox is: You do not railroad in the Sandbox.
The second rule of Sandbox is: You do not railroad in the Sandbox.
Third rule of Sandbox: Someone yells stop, gets taken out, or concedes, the scene is over.
Fourth rule: minimum of two players to a scene.
Fifth rule: one scene at a time, fellas.
Sixth rule: no grudges, no reservations.
Seventh rule: Scenes will go on as long as they have to.
And the eighth and final rule: If this is the first scene in the Sandbox, you're part of it.

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So, something I've been at a while without any idea whether or not I've been doing it correctly. For stunts like Riposte that allow you to "inflict a 2 shift hit rather than take a boost" does the character taking the 2 shifts get to defend?

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The Fate Community is the best =)
Check out my Fate Character Sheet Kit. You can use OpenOffice or LibreOffice to modify my templates to create character sheets which have the rules on the bottom half. The template has instructions on how to make it form fillable, get the fonts you need, etc. Everything needed is free.

Download the PDF here:

Download the source file here:

I am licensing it under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Read the details at If you do something cool with this, post the PDF and source online and share it, giving Stan Shinn at a little credit. :-)

I'll be creating a space on the web site soon to host this permanently. 

Eventually I'll give my 4x6 Cards the same treatment and release the source code like this.

See some of my related posts on editable PDFs and such at
and and

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Does anyone have a free program to recommend for creating form fill-able character sheets?   

I don’t think it’s a secret anymore that I’m working on a massive, preposterous transplant of Exalted to Fate. Before that however I need to make sure the changes I make to Fate’s basic system don’t ruin it completely. I know the changes are not entirely within the spirit of Fate, but I’d like to know if you notice anything about them that will immediately break Fate into a complicated mess.

1st Change, action times and supplemental penalties. This one sounds worse than it is, I think. I’m going to allow players to try to reduce the speed of their actions, if they allow for that action to become more difficult. There are now three action types; Full, Standard and supplemental.
Full action replaces Full Defense, it allows you to focus on one action to the detriment of others. So while taking a full defense action you gain a boost to all defense actions until your next turn, but opponents trying to move past you (such as through athletics vs your physique) or trying to sneak past you (such as through stealth vs your notice) get a free boost to that attempt.
A standard action is about what a normal turn would equal in Fate. You may attack, use athletics to move as an overcome action, try to create an advantage, or generally anything else. Taking only a standard action awards no bonuses, but nor does it make anything more difficult.
A supplemental action uses the rules from the FST, taking a supplemental action gives your opposition a boost that must be used before the start of your next turn. Supplemental actions include things like drawing your weapon, moving one zone away when there are no obstacles in your path, etc. A character may take two supplemental actions as a standard action with no penalty.
Where this gets interesting is in the added rules for reducing the speed of Create Advantage and Overcome Obstacle actions, called making haste. A character may reduce the speed of a Create Advantage or Overcome Obstacle action from standard to supplemental by making haste, but this adds 3 to the difficulty of the action. The decision must be made before the dice are rolled.
I anticipate that such rolls would be very difficult for a standard fate core character, and would unfortunately encourage min-maxing stunts in order to take advantage of these rules, but I believe that this will become less of a problem when powers are added to the mix. This rule change has the benefit of adding more options to characters that focus on actions which are supplemental to the regular attack actions of fight, physique, and shoot.

2nd Change, Create Advantage adds more invokes. This one is already implied by Fate Core, but the numbers required to make it possible aren’t really present in vanilla Fate. This change allows a character that succeeds with style far above and beyond the regular difficulty to earn more free invokes. A normal success on Create Advantage creates an aspect with one free invoke. By succeeding with style+3 shifts, such as rolling six to eight shifts on a base difficulty of two, you get an additional free invoke of that aspect, a total of two. Rolling nine to eleven gives you three, and rolling greater than eleven (unlikely but possible) gives you the aspect plus four free invokes. Again, normal characters aren’t likely to see these sorts of rolls, but it becomes much more likely when tier bonuses are added.

3rd Change, Equipment adds invokes to actions. This one is comparatively simple. A character who succeeds with style when creating an item (or who can find and buy a superior item) may invoke that items superiority while in play. All items have a quality score of one to four, a character may “use” one point of quality as if it were a fate point applicable only to that item. To make sure items can’t overwhelm characters one can’t spend more than a single quality point on any one roll at a time. Lastly, quality points refresh at the end of the scene.
There are two catches, the first is that these sorts of items are very difficult to find or make, requiring characters to focus on these acquiring skills (larceny, resources, or craft) if they want to possess one of these items. Second, any quality item that you intend to make use of requires the investment of one fate point for items of one to two quality, and two fate points for items of three to four quality. Rather than added to the GM’s pool, this fate point or points are set aside until the scene after the character looses, discards, or destroys the item. The type of item crafted points to what it can do; so a dueling sword with an excellent cross guard could use a quality point on attack, parry, or disarm attempts. A character who is effective at making these items can give them to others, but the people they give these items to must pay for the items with their own fate point reserves.

Last point, I’m okay if these changes balance out to create a zero sum change to the system. The worry that these changes will cancel themselves out will only be present until charms (powers) are added to the mix.

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Benjamin Gold commented on a post on Blogger.
These are an excellent conversion, quick and efficient. Just a couple question. How did you implement magical tools, and does spending mana to invoke your high concept cost 1 or 2 mana?
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So I'm strongly considering a change to my Fate Core skill list for an upcoming game, and am posting to make sure I'm not finangling too much with the system by making this change.

What I'd like to do is replace the deciet, empathy, provoke, and rapport skills with a shorter list of merely Presence and Socialize. Presence would cover overt social applications and appeals to emotion, and socialize would cover more discreet actions and more likely appeal to reason (though not in all cases, see Iago & Othello).

This has two benefits, first it separates the charismatic character from the more subtle social operator, and second it makes characters roll the same dice for truth or lies, creating ambiguity until a player can match the words to fact.

As for actions, presence would basically cover provoke, rapport gets folded into socialize, deceit can now be done with either skill, and empathy actions can be done (with a stunt purchase) with investigation, notice, or socialize depending on the characters proclivity.

The unique ability of empathy to begin the recovery of mental consequences would go to either lore (with a "therapist" stunt) or socialize or presence if the would be healer can justify an emotional connection in game.

So my main question is, do you see any blind spots in such a rewrite?

I'm in process of turning a D20 Planescape adventure into a Fate Core game, and have been working on the premise that I could allow characters to fill themselves out through the standard Fate Core skills (with a few changes to setting) but writing up NPC's through attributes.  In theory it looks like it'll work, but I'd like to make sure I'm not missing any obvious problems before I get into the heavy duty play testing.

Can anyone think of any off the bat worries?

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Good Idea, great for Fate Games
Started putting together some playmats for key locations, printed to A3 (this is a smaller version). This way players can see aspects and areas at a glance. They can then put their token by the area they are in.
Images used in this one are from
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Those ARRPG character sheets are quite exciting
[Atomic Robo] Various Updates
[Atomic Robo] Various Updates
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